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Project Runway S10 E11: Oh Baby Baby

In order to promote her new line of baby clothes at Babies R Us, Heidi forced the designers to make looks for babies to fit her line. She announced that there would be two winners--one boy look and one girl look--which would both be produced and sold with her line.
The challenge had two twists. One twist made sense--they had to create a companion look for the moms. The other twist was ridiculous. The designers were give those fake, creepy robot babies they make high school students take care of. Seriously? Sure, it was really funny. Yes, Dmitry had a thousand hilarious quotes. It was good television, but it was annoying in light of the ultimate goal--fashion!

Anyway, the designers didn't do a terrible job. Most of them really did the best they could with having to take screaming robot babies home at night. (They were even given cribs for this. Seriously? Dmitry just stuck his in the bed next to him. Unlike Fabio, he was very aware that this was not a real baby.) Also, the mom'…

Fall Inspirations


$150 Challenge: Apple Picking

Right now, if I weren't frantically packing for a trip to Japan while trying to make my blog posts publish on spotty internet, I would totally be headed to a cider mill for some fresh apples. I can't wait to go to Japan, but I hate packing so I tend to dream of things like picking apples. And I know what I would pack for apple picking--a cute apple print dress, cozy cardi, a purse that could double as a basket, and boots for navigating the orchard. You can get this whole look for under $150.

$150 Challenge: Apple Picking by fashionbeccafabulous
Apples All Day Dress, Modcloth, $84.99
Ruffle Cardigan, Target, $17.99
Straw Basket Tote, Alloy, $14.99
Brick Tights, Forever 21, $4.50
Buckle Boots,, $24.78

London Fashion Week SS13: Meadham Kirchhoff, Louise Gray, Kinder Aggugini

Who:Meadham Kirchhoff
What it made us think of: Child prostitutes in Louis XIV's court but not in a gross way.
What we liked: hips, lace skirts, knee socks, gold nails, jackets, corsets, glitter tights, hats, brocade, bows
What we didn't: too many bows, too lolita, gaudy jewels

Who:Louise Gray
What it made us think of: Pop art and what Lady Gaga will wear when she promotes ARTPOP.
What we liked: graffiti prints, mirror jewelry, wild makeup, abstract mirror fastinators
What we didn't: The wild layers often detracted from how nice some of the pieces are.

Who: Kinder Aggugini
What it made us think of: Illustrations in 1950s edition of Treasure Island
What we liked: sailor tattoo prints, freckles, gingham, burn out velvet octopus, blazers
What we didn't: clogs

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Pick of the Week: Sweatshirt Blazer

My coworkers are baffled by my clothing. It can get a little dirty where we work, so they wear tee shirts and jeans. I wear dresses, blouses and skirts, and jeans as well. "I don't know how you can wear that here," they say. "I'd be too afraid of ruining it." Look, I'm not wearing anything fancy. I'm wearing cotton and jersey in less casual cuts. Most importantly, all of my clothing is machine wash.
Right now, I'm really excited about this bright jersey blazer. It feels like a sweatshirt. Bonus, if you roll up the bracelet length sleeves, you can show off the chevron print lining. It's machine wash. It's available in teal, bright pink, purple and black. Best of all, it's only $25 at Target. Why don't I own four of these?

Trench Coats for Three Budgets

Saturday, I was caught in a can't-see-worth-crap-wipers-on-high-oh-great-hail storm. Thankfully, I was driving and not biking or playing a soccer tournament unlike the poor, sopping people I was passing. It's still too warm for a coat, but a classic trench would have been very welcome. Here's three for three budgets.
faux leather trim trench, Kensie at Macy's $99.99 ($50 off!)
contrast trim trench, Target $49.99 (Also available in black and brights)
leather trim trench, Baukjen $275.40 (40% of! Also available in navy)

While working on this post, I found a coat that cost more than my house. It's certainly breathtaking, but I think I'll keep my roof and heating.

London Fashion Weel SS13: Fashion Fringe

Fashion Fringe is like the ultimate Project Runway challenge--only better because its just about fashion and not about making a top rated TV show.

Teija Eilola presented the most commercial line of the three. Many of the pieces could walk right off the runway and into my closet (they should totally do that). She present sort of remixed basics that looked both editorial and wearable.

Vita Gottlieb drew from a in fine art and the film industry to create dramatic shapes and textiles. She mixed creative, yet classically theme prints with futuristic shapes and jacket that could have some from video games. (Bowser Shoulders!)

Haizhen Wang, however, was the winner. He presented a collection of geometric prints, architectural shapes and the kind of clothes we'll all wear in the future when we in space.
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London Fashion Week SS13: Marios Schwab, Christopher Kane, David Koma

Who:Marios Schwab
What it made us think of: The car wash.
What we liked: corset belts, pleating, leather, cutouts, crystal harness
What we didn't: plasticy fringe, lacing, mustache shoes

Who:Christopher Kane
What it made us think of: A Project Runway challenge wherein the contestants must make a "Sunday Best" look using $50 of fabric and whatever they can find in the junk drawer.
What we liked: spirals and other texture, embossed leather jackets,
What we didn't: tape, droopiness

Who:David Koma
What it made us think of: Abstract scales and fins.
What we liked: triangular pleat skirts, lattice, color, sequin designs
What we didn't: crop tops, shoes

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Fashion Doesn't Make Me Dumb

Last year, when Zooey Deschanel began starring as Jess on New Girl, I wasn't quite sold despite how much a adore Zooey. The show took some time to fall into a rhythm and I wasn't sure I was a fan of Jess at first. Then she said this:
“Okay, hey! I have something to say to you, man! I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children, and I find it fundamentally strange that you're not a dessert person. That's just weird, and it freaks me out! I'm sorry I don't talk like Murphy Brown. And I hate your pantsuit, and I wish it had ribbons on it -- or just something to make it slightly cuter. And that doesn't mean I'm not smart and tough and strong! I'm about to go pay this $800 fine, and my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!”
--Jess, New Girl, S1 E11, "Not A Dessert Person" In case you hadn't guess from reading our blog, Jael and I are kin…

Our favorite Emmy 2012 Looks

Tina Fey has appeared in my "Dress the Nominee" posts several times both because I love her and because she's struggled to get this red carpet thing. That's sort of bothered me, because I want a smart, funny woman to be able to dress herself. Understanding a cultural symbology does not make a person less or dumb or vain. The last couple of years, Tina's looked nice on the red carpet. Not best dressed or anything, but nice and safe and capable of dressing herself. This year The color. The cut. The hair, makeup, and accessories. I don't know if she hired a stylist or if she is just more comfortable on the red carpet, but this Vivienne Westwood gown is is the best thing I've ever seen on Tina Fey. I love her. Did I mention that? Love.

Considering that I suggested Zooey Deschanel wear this dress for the Emmys, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I loved Ginnifer Goodwin's orange Monique Lhuillier. I love the texture and the way the ora…

London Fashion Week SS13: Giles, Sass & Bide

What it made us think of: A haunted beach house in ruins.
What we liked: shattered glass prints, leather cut outs, bright wedges, full skirts, boxy 60s shapes, retro sunglasses,
What we didn't: I love Giles more each season. Even when I don't like something, it still works in the show. Lovely.

Who:Sass & Bide
What it made us think of: Origami napkins
What we liked: sharp folds, tail coats, cut outs, contrast trim, sequins, shoulder caps, metallics
What we didn't: Random orange

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Rate the Red Carpet: Emmys 2012

Last week, Jael picked out her ideal dresses for Emmy Nominees.  Now that we know what they've actually worn, we're putting it to a vote. Who chose better? Us or the Stars?

Zooey Deschanel is a fashion favorite of mine. I love her girly dresses, tights and cute shoes. It's similar to (though more twee than) parts of my own personal style. However, this red carpet look did nothing for me, and, really, it didn't do much for Zooey. She has a unique sense of style, and this bland poofy dress didn't express it. Also, the edges of it looked frayed. I don't know if the fraying is on purpose or if it's because she kept getting caught on things (which happened while I was watching the red carpet coverage). I feel about this dress the way Zooey looks wearing it in this picture.

poll by
Mayim Bialik is awesome on Big Bang theory. And, actually, this color looked pretty good on her The dress fit nice, and she looks very very pretty. But the whole thing just loo…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Sprout Wings, Little Bird by fashionmefabulous

Fall Colors: Oxblood is a color, not a cult thing so shop for Oxblood clothes and accessories. Grab a fall-colored jeans and tee look for under $150 (with money left over for pumpkin spice lattes)!

Style Opinions: Jael Paris chooses her ideal looks for Emmy Nominees (tune in next week to rate the red carpet with us). Tell us if you love or loathe this Bear Skirt. And vote for your favorite sheer tops for fall.

Creativity: Express yourself through science and fashion by wearing Made With Molecules jewelry. Watch the Project Runway designers get glitzy designing looks for the Rockettes.

New York Fashion Week:
Donna Karen, Monique Lhuillier, Thakoon Proenza Schouler, Threeasfour, Mandy Coon Rodarte, Chris Benz Anna Sui, Jason Wu, Marc JacobsVera Wang, J. Mendel, Suno, RuffianCreatures of the Wind, Douglas Hannant, Libertine, Marc by MarcFollow us on Facebook and Tumbler for even more fashion week coverage.

New York Fashion Week SS13: Creatures of the Wind, Douglas Hannant, Libertine, Marc by Marc

Creatures of the Wind is a fairly young line making a big leap forward with this collection. Their play on menswear shapes paired well with their signature mix of bold prints and vivid colors. Plus, the shoes are amazing. 
For Douglas Hannant, spring will be about whimsy. Hannant played with bright colors, adorable accessories, a variety of floral prints, iridescent fabrics, ruffles and lace. It was a joyful collection.

Libertine was a bit like a fashion acid trip with prints layered on top of prints then mixed with other prints. The collection gave you a sense that it was moving while standing still. (Though it apparently was presented as confusingly as some of the clothes look). But a closer examination shows a collection of delightful and unique pieces that would each stand out on their own.

Marc by Marc Jacobs drew its inspiration from 1982--all the varied parts of it. It may a slightly scattered collection, but the retro references still felt fresh and modern.

Image Sour…

Project Runway S10 E10: 36 High Kicks

This week the designer's headed to Radio City Music Hall where they sat front row center for a short, private show from the Rockettes. At the end of the performance, Heidi joined the dancers with high kicks herself (and did quite a good job). She was clearly giddy about and honored by getting to share the stage with these iconic dancers. After the performance the designers were challenged to create a costume for the Rocketts. The winning design will actually worn by all 36 Rockettes during performances, which is a pretty cool prize.
Many of the designers struggled with this because "dance costume" is usually an insult Michael uses during judging so it's not something they seek to create. Dmitry was more than ready for the challenge after spending over a decade as a ballroom dancer where he started out by designing costumes. (I wish the producers would dig up a picture or video of a dancing teenage Dmitry. That would be awesome.) Christopher seemed to take right to t…