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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pick of the Week: Basic Circle Skirt

A basic skirt is a wardrobe builder, a must have. But not every skirt suits every figure. Recently, I picked up with Old Navy skirt. It's just a basic black circle skirt, which would really help my wardrobe a ton.

Last year when I tried on several similar skirts, they just didn't sit right on me. They looked offand hung poorly. This one, was perfect. I was shopping with a friend who also tried it on and loved it. We are rather different shapes. I have wide hips, full tights, junk in the trunk and a bit of a tummy. She is a slimmer, straighter build. We both bought one. Later that week, I showed my skirt to another friend who tried it on right away. She actually doesn't own any skirts because she has a hard time finding them to flatter her figure. She went to Old Navy the next day to buy this skirt.

The skirts trick for hanging so nicely is the heavier material. It's heavy enough to wear in the winter, but not too heavy to sport to the office in August. Also, this skirt isn't trying to get fancy. The waistband isn't oversized. There is no gathering. It just flows. Because the waist is stretchy, you can choose where it sits. I bought my usually size (which is big because Old Navy runs big) so it sits lower like I prefer, but you can buy down a size for a natural waist fit.

It's $27 online and, I believe, $25 in stores, but there is a sale online for 25% until May 3rd. Black, blue are available online. Black, blue, pink and grey are in stores.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pick of the Week: The Perfect Black Skirt

Mod Cloth has named this skirt "Essential Elegance." I just bought this full circle skirt in black an am planning to also purchase it in red, green, and white. It's the perfect weight for staying cozy with leggings when the cold blasts, yet the cotton is breathable enough for all but the hottest summer days. The fabric is heavy so it retains a nice shape. The two-layer construction keep underwear hidden. The high waist is so flattering and great at hiding bloaty days. I am 5'4", and the hem hits right above my calf. It's a great length for work. Yes, the skirt is $70, and will probably be so unless you can procure a Mod Cloth coupon. If you've been looking for the perfect everyday, full skirt with a vintage vibe, you can't go wrong with this.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Travel Must-Have: Crinkle Skirt

Summer, with its sunshine and lack of school, is generally thought of as vacation season. But travel can be a beast even without heat. For my husband and I, traveling means we're driving at least a state away. I stay comfortable and cute with a crinkle or broomstick skirt. They are light and breezy to combat the heat. Their length protects my skin from the sun, keeps my legs from sticking to my seat, and allows me freedom to wiggle around without showing the passing trucker my bum. Bonus, because they are supposed to be wrinkled, all that creasing that happens on a long car trip won't matter. Are crinkle skirts the chicest thing on the planet? No. But I didn't get into the car looking like Karlie Kloss, and four hours of roasting in the car won't make me any more of a supermodel.
floral print skirt, Sierra Trading Post $20 (sale)
linen bag waste skirt, ASOS $48*
neon yellow skirt, J. C. Penney $45
orange Ikat print skirt, $40 (sale)

*While the linen skirt isn't a crinkle skirt, if you twist it after washing, it will dry as crinkle skirts.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Trend: Geometric Prints

Some prints end up dated; usually today's latest design becomes tomorrow's kitsch. But it feels like we cycle between two basic prints -- floral and geometric -- every few years. This spring is supposed to have a strong 1960s vibe, so it follows that bold geometric prints are on the market.

I can't get enough of these. From basic black and white to a color riot, geometric prints are easy to wear and work into everyday life (unlike this). If you're on board, buy these up now. They'll still be wearable for years. (I've even included some geometric-abstract prints for those of you who loathe stripes.)
Top: blue and black fitted dress, Dorothy Perkins $35 (sale)
green and navy boat neck dress, Kohl's $66.50 (sale)
yellow and black pleated grid shift, Kenneth Cole at Amazon $108
black and white large dot dress, Macy's $53 (sale)
Bottom: black and white print shift, Nordstrom $118
yellow and black skater dress, ASOS $49
blue print shirtdress, The Limited $80
cap sleeve peplum dress, J. C. Penney's $40

Top: orange abstract a-line, Mod Cloth $65
black and white grid pencil skirt, Banana Republic $89.50
modern art pencil skirt, J. C. Penney $17 (sale)
Bottom: pleated dot skirt, J. C. Penny $30
green stripe midi skirt, ASOS $63
green circle pencil skirt, J. C. Penney $13 (sale)
Top: pintucked circles blosue, J. C. Penney $22
layered shapes top, Mod Cloth $38
pink circles top, J. C. Penney $16
Bottom: striped peplum top, Mod Cloth $35
ruched hexagon top, Macy's $30
navy and aqua lattic top, J. C. Penney $22

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love or Loathe: Bear Skirt

Context can be everything with clothing. The bear hat I posted about last year is bad for work but fun for a festival. Uggs are good for winter, not for wearing with a miniskirt in LA in August. So what is the context of this plushie bear skirt? Kindergarten teacher? Harajuku girl? Katy Perry? In a fire? At nearly $250, can it even have a context?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get the Look: Versace Skirt

Versace's Spring 2012 show was beachy and sexy without being trampy (except for the stripper shoes, but it is Versace). The pastel leathers with gold studs managed to to be bright and classy with a Mediterranean touch. Victoria's Secret has a Versace-inspired studded pencil skirt available for $98. It's a very spring/summer skirt when worn with a crisp cotton blouse*, but I think it would wear nicely in the winter as well, especially come Christmas time. Can't you just picture it with a red sweater and booties with gold hardware?

*Does anyone else feel the lace blouse and thick black belt aren't the best styling choices? Too much statement on a statement piece.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Four Fun Full Flouncy Target Skirts Under $30

The full flouncy skirt is my summer favorite. It's breezy, light, cute, girly and perfect for everything from a picnic to a day at the office depending on how you style it. In fact, these skirts have so many style options, I've included a few below. What is your favorite way to wear flounce?

Four Fun Fresh Flouncy Skirts Under $30

Drawstring Skirt, Target, $22.99
Colorblock Skirt, Target, $19.99
Navy Eyelet Skirt, Target, $29.99
Print Pocket Skirt, Target, $17.99

Wear Two Ways: Drawstring Skirt

Wear Two Ways: Colorblock Yellow

Wear Two Ways: Navy Eyelet Skirt

Wear Two Ways: Print Skirt

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An Ode to Men's Dress Shirts

I have one of my dad's old white dress shirts. It's a little too worn to be the crisp white dress shirt he'd wear out, but it's just right for me. I can throw it on with a pair of dark wash jeans for a classic, easy look. It's the best "jacket" for summertime, looking great over tank tops and sundresses. My white shirt was a fashion savior after a recent sunburn by being soft enough not to scratch, light enough not to overheat, and protection enough to keep the sun from burning me any more.

I have a couple other men's dress shirts, mostly purchased second hand. They layer well over tees and under vests. Whether tucked in and billowy or loose and unbuttoned (my favorite) it's the shirt that can be worn a million ways. Jael Paris tried some unique styling several years ago, and we've even considered men's shirts as skirts.

What is your favorite way to wear a men's dress shirt?

Pictured: Men's Long Sleeve Shirt, Target, $22.99

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

High Waisted

I have short legs and a long torso. When I wear my shirts untucked, it often makes my legs look even shorter. For a change of pace, I'd like to buy some high-waisted bottoms. With my shirt tucked in, they'll shorten my torso and lengthen my legs. (If only they would actually lengthen my legs. I'm tired of hunting for step stools. Is 5'6" really so much to ask for? I've been 5'4" since 4th grade.)

High Waisted Skirts

$119 -

ASOS crochet skirt
$57 -

Polka dot pencil skirt
$37 -

Forever 21 hi low skirt
$20 -

$23 -

Ball skirt
$50 -

High Waisted Shorts

High-Waist Shorts with Belt
$22 -

Othermix shorts
$52 -

Nishe pleated shorts
$78 -

Short shorts
$64 -
High Waisted Pants

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love or Loathe: High Low Skirts

I've often referred to them as mullet skirts--short in the front, long in the back. They've never been my favorite look on celebrities or runways. Most of the time, it seems like a better idea just to commit to a skirt length. However, the most recent crop of high low skirts is more casual coming in jersey knits and summer prints at stores like Target and H&M. Something about them makes the pig-tail-wearing, dress-up-playing little girl inside me squeal, "Pretty! Princess!" I keep trying them on, but I just don't care for how they look on.

What do you think? Attractive as a mullet or princess pretty?

Pictured: High-Low Knit Skirt, Target, $17.99

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pleated Skirts

Over a year ago, one of our readers asked us where she could find an accordion pleat skirt. Trouble was that at the time, all the accordion pleat skirts were expensive designer items. This season, they've finally trickled down to the reach of more shallow pockets. I can't wait to buy the heck out of this trend.

 Top: vintage style print skirt, Forever 21 $22.80
knife pleat color block skirt, The Limited $69.90
gold pleat skirt, Urban Outfitters $24.99 (Down from $70!)
 Bottom: knife pleat maxi skirt, Mod Cloth $47.99
box pleat color block mini, Mod Cloth $49.99
black tonal dot skirt, Mod Cloth $42.99
zig-zag pleat skirt, Anthropologie $79.95 (50% off!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pick of the Week: Leather Skirt

If you look at leather skirts longingly, then you really should think about investing in one. While their popularity rises and falls, they never really go out of style. The texture is so distinct it can really make our outfit pop. Minis are the most popular length for leather skirts, and floucey short styles are increasingly available. If you're going to invest in a leather skirt, however, the classic, knee-length pencil may be your best bet.* Jones New York currently has a dark brown pencil skirt on clearance for $139 (down from $279). I would wear this with a white silk bow blouse and these heels in red. How would you wear a leather pencil skirt?

*Unless you want the skirt for clubbing. In that case, I can't help you. I'm not sure I've ever even been in a club. I'm more of a sit at home and watch Masterpiece Theater while drinking tea sort of girl.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Flirty Valentine's Skirts

Hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Other people can if they want, but we prefer to just love each other all the time and spend February focusing on the numerous birthdays that fall this month. But this year Hubby wanted to take me on a weekend getaway and the only weekend that worked is right before Valentine's Day. Now I feel all romantic and squishy.

becca likes to dress thematically for holidays, but I don't. Because of that, I'd much rather buy my pink and red in separates. So if I'm feeling extra romantic, I can wear a pink skirt with a white ruffle blouse and heart jewelry. Not so festive? Pink skirt, saffron sweater, black scarf.

Top: red button bicycle skirt, Target $17.99
hot pink lace mini, Urban Outfitters $59
coral colorblock pleat skirt, Forever 21 $22.80
Middle: pink zig-zag pleat skirt, Anthropologie $148
burgundy mullet skirt, ASOS $71.62
pink full "Audrey" skirt, Pin-Up Girl Clothing $78
Bottom: blush lace-up pencil skirt, Victoria's Secret $49.50
coral wrap skirt, Anthropologie $98
red pleat sweater skirt, Mod Cloth $59.99

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pick of the Week: Black Professional Skirt

Some how, I ended up owning zero plain black skirts. That's like not owning jeans or a white tee. (Does a tutu count? I have a black ruffled tutu.) The search for a black, wear-to-work skirt unearthed this beauty from AGB. It falls at the natural waist, a major plus for any woman who is tired of her middle showing when she lifts her arms. It has cute little rows of buttons on the front (squee!). The back has shapely seaming and pleats for movement. The price? Under $30 at Macy's. Happy dancing time! The skirt is available in sizes 4-16 and you can even get it in blue.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shiny Shiny Magpie Time

A couple weeks ago, I sang the praises of a simple sequin tank. With all the holiday parties coming up, now's the perfect time to stock up on sequin separates to mix and match all year long. (Or it's the perfect time to find your prey and stalk it until it goes on sale.) I love a sequin mini with thick tights and a cable knit sweater; a sequin blazer with a slim button-down, skinny jeans and heels; or a sequin tee peaking out from the top of a v-neck blouse.

stripes and sheer tank, ASOS $72.72
sheer overlay tank, Macy's $26.99 (sale)
3/4 sleeve top, Calvin Klein at Lord & Taylor $47.99 (sale, available in 10 colors!)
sequin bib tee, Piperlime $46.50 (sale)
gold pencil skirt, ASOS $54.54 (sale)
pink wrap skirt, Victoria's Secret $98
leggings, Express $98
oversized sequin pencil skirt, ASOS $172.71

gold tux jacket, Victoria's Secret $178
purple shrug, Nordstrom $98
sequin sleeve blazer, ASOS $86.36 (sale)
moto jacket, Express $89.60 (sale)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tutu Tuesday Returns!

Since it's warming up, I've been breaking out the tutus once more. I don't wear them on their own. They're accessories to peek out from under skirts -- to add interest and volume.

That's how I wear what I have, but I'm in love with the sleeker, chicer version of the tutu. The Mod Cloth skirt above ($84) has a fragile grace to it that recalls tea parties and finger sandwiches. The longer skirt below available from Yes Style ($90 and also available in sage green) recalls more of an easy French style.