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Etsy Shop of the Week: Nervous System

Shop:Nervous System

Why We Love It: Who knew science could be so pretty!? Nervous System uses computer programs to create jewelry from patterns that occur in nature. Not only are the designs unique and interesting, but the materials are also creative like laser cut silicone (pictured).

Price Range: $15 - $105

More Info: Follow Nervous Systems work on their blog and twitter. You can also follow the artists behind Nervous Systems on their twitters--Jessica and Jesse.

Favorite Items:Radiolaria Necklace $75 (pictured); Radial Necklace II pink $66; Conifer pendant $66; Dendrite I Earrings $30; 2-layer center ring in stainless steel $30; Algal Bloom pendant $50

Pick Of The Week: Delicate Earrings

What are your go-to earrings? Many women are addicted to their diamond studs or gold hoops -- classic, subtle. Well, there's a new kid in town who wants to be your favorite pair of earrings. These carved mother of pearl calla lily earrings are hung on 18k gold wires. They're perfectly dainty and perfectly feminine. Such a high karat of gold makes them ideal for everyday wear, and if you consider price per wear, the $135 tag at YLang 23 isn't too bad. (Be sure to mention that when you hint hint your husband.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We're taking a long weekend. See you on Tuesday! (In the meantime check out our gift guide guide and some sales we found in our email inbox.)

P.S. What do you think of the new look?

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

We've been getting sale alerts in our inbox all week and we thought we'd share them with you:
girlie by debraRODMAN is a fragrance and is on sale now through Monday with a buy one get one free sale. Diamonds On The Hour is giving away diamonds every hour on Cyber Monday. Nyla Noor offers a great selection of bags. Get 15% off your total purchase from Black Friday to December 3rd with the promotional code HOLIDAY15Visit H&M stores on Black Friday for great deals, like dresses starting at $5 and denim starting at $10.
Vibrant Jewelry has a wide array of jewelry that will all be on sale from Thanksgiving through Monday for 20% off an entire purchase with the code VJBF10Naturalizer has free shipping for online purchases now through Christmas.There are a ton more deals out there, but we thought we'd take the time to share a few with you from companies that contacted us directly.

**Disclaimer** FMF is not receiving any compensation to post these sales. We are also not guarantee…

$150 Challenge: Double Clutch

One of the few bummers about fancifying for a party is that the shoes and bag will see little use beyond the nightlife. For this week's $150 challenge, I've put together a cute party look featuring a trendy little black (velvet) dress as well as a casual day look using the same shoes and bag. The two outfits total around $270.

$150 Challenge: Stretching the Accessories by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring a v neck tee
crystal clutch, Magid on Endless $43
booties, Madden Girl "Reiina" at DWS $49.95
velvet dress, Mod Cloth $52.99
rhinestone hoops, Forever 21 $4.80
flare jeans, Forever 21 $14.50
wool jacket, Anthropologie $69.95
modal tee, Old Navy $16.50
wool bow hat, Urban Outfitters $34.99
cocktail ring, Forever 21 $3.80

A Guide To Our Gift Guides

We've covered fashionable gift giving a lot over the years. While some of our product links may be out of date, we have some great gift ideas for your holiday shopping.

For the Do-It-Yourself-er out there, we've got lots of links to Fashionable DIY gift ideas. (Also, check out our DIY web round-up for more DIY tips).

Last year we did gift guides for a variety of fashionable ladies (and girls). Find perfect gifts for that stylish teen, fashionable friend or magnificent mom (or aunt or grandma) in your life.

Movies and books are popular gifts, check out our guide to fashion movies and fashion books (for even more fashionable books, check out our book reviews).

We've got lots of ideas for stocking stuffers and little trinkets. These are great affordable gifts on their own, and they are also great for a gift basket (or jewelry box) full of fashionable odds and ends.

If you're on a tight budget, see what you can find for $10 or less. (This gift guides is from 2008 so some items …

The Horror: Too Much Shoe

These pumps are from Yes Style, which specializes in Asian designers, and I can imagine these worn in Tokyo with layers of excess to the point that the visual noise cancels itself out. Stateside is a different story.
The ankle cuff and chain detail are fine (unless, I suppose, you have a living fear of cankles), but the print's a deal breaker. If it were stripes or dots or anything at all, it would still be too much. But denim print? Blech! Didn't Baby Phat do this a few years ago? And now that Baby Phat's been mentioned, I can only picture these worn with really tight pants, a gold embellished tee, and a hot pink puffer coat.

Pick Of The Week: Everyday Skirt

You need a workhorse skirt. A skirt that is the office equivalent of a pair of jeans, unassuming and reliable. One that won't show too much thigh or any stomach. One that, on the dreaded day your alarm doesn't got off, can be grabbed at a moment's notice and paired with whatever top you happened to have grabbed in the dark. Urban Outfitters is selling just such a high-waisted, a-line skirt. It's available in black and dark teal (which they strangely call navy). It's knee length in one photo and above the knee in another, so you'll certainly want to try it on if you're tall. Being rayon, it's pretty wrinkle free, so on that day your alarm fails you, you won't have to look like it did.

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Shoe Week by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring stamped jewelry
Shoes! Check out this season's colorful boots as well as a virtual shoe museum (try not to drool on your keyboard). While you're thinking about shoes, we've got tips to get them ready for winter.

Gift Ideas: We've found unique soaps on Etsy, as well as some adorable arm warmers from our Etsy Shop of the Week. Cute and cozy pajama sets are also a great gift idea.

Classy & Trashy: Jael Paris put together a classy retro party look to get your through your holiday parties for under $150. On the opposite end of the spectrum, she is fighting Top Shop's urge to let Ke$ha's garage chic go mainstream in this week's Horror.

Project Design Gift Guide: Unique Soaps

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

We all have the person on our Christmas list, the one who has everything. Over the years you've sent her every gourmet food, every latest gift gimmick and you still rack your brain for something she will use, maybe even need a little so you can offer her a gift as thoughtful as the cards and gifts she sends you. Bath sets always seem like a nice idea, but they also seem like such a cop out. The bath set is the gift you give when you don't know what to give. However, Etsians have an offering of unique soaps so broad you're bound to find one (or several) to fit her personality and surprise her with something she hasn't seen or tried before. (Also, most of these are very affordable so you could easily assemble your own unique mix for a bath kits that is sure to delight.)

Candy Cane Cupcake Bath Bomb by CandiedBeauty

Winterize Your Shoes

As much as I hate to see the end of fall, winter is coming. It actually snowed two weeks ago, which reminded me that my shoes had yet to be winterized.

As a fan a suede shoes, I learned quickly that proper cleaning and waterproofing are the only ways to keep winter from killing my footwear. Every fall, I use these handy Kiwi leather clean and shine wipes (Amazon $4.49) so I have a clean, dust free shoe before lotioning to keep the leather soft and supple (with Kiwi Leather Lotion, Amazon $4.99*) and waterproofing with Kiwi's new Universal Super Protector (Amazon $8.49, pictured) which works on all shoe materials**. For suede I use Kiwi Select Suede and Nubuck Cleaner (Amazon, $6.49). (I try to remember to do this whole routine when I put my shoes away fro the summer, but it usually only happens with the really dirty ones.) Jael Paris wrote about her shoe care process a few years ago.

There is nothing worse than cold feet in the winter. If an old pair of boots has worn down and no lo…

Virtual Shoe Museum

Shoes aren't just clothes; they're architecture. Heels have to balance. Soles have to resist streets. The vamp has to fit the foot just so. The shape of a shoe has long intrigued many with the delicate heel, smooth arch and ankle detail. But stunning design can't always coexist with functional architecture. That's why we have the Virtual Shoe Museum. Part avant garde shoes, part concept art, the website will absorb hours of the shoe lover's time.

Rather than page after of images, this website is well organized. You can search by color, focus, material, usage and more.

But why am I still talking when there are wild shoes to look at?

Cute & Cozy Pajama Sets

There's nothing better on a cold winter evening than cuddling up in cute pjs, sipping some hot coco by the fire place, and reading a good book before dashing under the covers for a cozy night's sleep. These cute and cozy pajama sets can help make your winter nights a little warmer (and a bit more fabulous). Top Row:
Thermal Long Janes, Victoria's Secret $49.50(These can double as long "janes" under clothing)
Handpainted Butterfly 100% Silk PJs, Amazon $129
Toile Print Satin Pajama, Victoria's Secret $59.50
Bottom Row:
Modal Sleep Separates, Kohl's $13 a piece
Owl Print Flannel PJs, Target $24.99
Three Piece Pajama Set, Target $19.99

$150 Challenge: Retro Party Romantic

If you're looking for a dress to get you from Thanksgiving to New Year's and beyond, Target has a black, retro inspired dress on sale. My roommate owns this in burgundy and it's stunning, but it's not so fancy that you can't pop a blazer over it for day. Speaking of work, these t-straps transition nicely from work to play. Add a pop of color on the finger and sleek clutch for sophisticated wow. Finish it off with a bright white coat and textural scarf.

Winter Party by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring a platform pump
black party dress, Target $31.99red t-strap brogue, Target $32.99
rosette scarf, The Limited $16.99
coat, Forever 21 $24.80
faux croc clutch, Forever 21 $15.80
faux ruby cocktail ring, BCBG Max Axazria $19

Etsy Shop of the Week: Zen and Coffee Designs

Shop:Zen and Coffee Designs

Why We Love It: Wren from Zen and Coffee contacted me to let me know about this adorable little Etsy shop full of fun arm warmers and fingerless gloves. I love these accessories because they can take a very normal outfit to a whole new level. I also love arm warmers because they let me wear short sleeve and three quarter length sleeve tops in the winter without having to cover up interesting shoulder details with a cardigan.

Price Range: $16 - $60

More Info: Zen and Coffee will do custom designs. Also, the last day to order for Christmas arrival is December 10th (or November 30th if the order is international).

Favorite Items:Moonlight Over Pemberley Arm Warmer $32 (pictured); Monument Long Arm Warmers $24; Late For An Important Date Clockwork Arm Warmers $24 (so cute!); Stampede on the Plains Long Arm Warmers $26; Wake the White Queen Arm Warmer Wristlets $24; Whispering Spirit Lace Fingerless Gloves $21; Citadel Elegant Soft Black Stretch Cuffs $35

The Horror: Stop It While You Can

No. Top Shop, you cannot legitimizes Kesha's pleas for attention. Do not contribute to garbage chic. This cannot be a thing, only a disease.Do not style girls wearing so much face glitter that it actually looks like dirt. Do not encourage the wearing of feathered headdresses. You may not be aware since you're a British store, but that's an issue here in the States. While we may have lost the fight against pantslessness in certain metropolitan areas, AT LEAST CLOSE YOUR FREAKING LEGS. You can't deny your plot, Top Shop. A combination of tie-dyed fringed leggings, a torn shirt under a mangy vest, and a bizarre and possibly culturally inappropriate hat, lead to one place, and I don't want to crawl in that dumpster.

Colorful Boots


This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Alexander McQueen in Red by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring alexander mcqueen dresses
Comment Box: Tell us what you think about barrettes and how you would run a fashion show.

Personal Shopper: We've rounded up romantic dresses, crocheted jewelry on Etsy, boots for wide calves, and perhaps our best pick of the week ever, which was chosen by Jael's bunnies.

Gift Guide: I still think it's a bit early for the stores to put up Christmas decorations, but it's not too early to be working on DIY gifts or shopping for the perfect gift wrap.

Project Design Gift Guide: Wrap It Up

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

It appears to be Christmas Shopping Season again. The stores and ads just won't let me forget. If you're looking for a fashionable and versatile gift for a friend, look no further than the wrap. This simple piece of clothing can function as a scarf, can jazz up a skirt and can keep it's wearer warmer everywhere from the office to the holiday parties. (I've even seen wraps used to wrap other presents--clever).

Fall in Love Shawl by Mucar
Jersey Screen Print Scarf/ Wrap by Analogue People
Hand-painted Silk Peacock Shawl by Silk Scarves Colorado
Rocket Science Apollo Cockpit Pashmina by Toy Breaker
Rococo Wool, Alpaca and Silk Knit Shawl by Tickled Pink Knits
Nuno Felt Ruffle Scarf by Fullenstar
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Etsy Shop of the Week: Irregular Expressions

Shop: Irregular Expressions

Why We Love It: I've always attracted to jewelry made from fabric, but Irregular Expressions takes fabric and makes you do a double take--What is that really made out of.

Price Range: $78 - $158

More Info: All of Irregular Expressions pieces are unique. See more on her Flickr.

Favorite Items:Eurystomella Aupouria Freeform Beaded Crochet Necklace $128 (pictured); Grace Beaded Crochet Necklace $95; Fortune Free form Collage Necklace $88; Potentilla Indica Freeform Crochet Flower Scarflette $128; Galactic Filaments Beaded Crochet Flower Necklace $95

Romantic Dresses

Much as it makes my mother clutch her pearls, I've always really loved clothes with a retro lingerie vibe. Lately, I'd been ogling beaded silk dresses with a whiff of flapper. Much as they can be a romantic or sexy thing, I'd love to wear them with grandpa sweaters and slouchy boots. Of course you can always dress them up again for the holidays.Top: white lace dress, Mod Cloth $57.99
drop-waist silk sheath, Banana Republic $49.99
black lace overlay dress, Free People $128
pink dress with black lace, Urban Outfitters $69
Bottom: navy drop-waist dress, Free People $128
bead lattice dress, Topshop $135
shoulder puff dress, French Connection $288
black chiffon smock dress, Mod Cloth $79.99

Where to Find Boots for Wide Calves

I've always had a war with knee high boots. My calves are just too wide for the average circumference. I am forever zipping up cute boots only to stop 3 or 4 inches from the top. Last year, I discovered "extended calf" boots. (These are also a great option for women who can wear the traditional calf sizes, but can't tuck their jeans into them.) Here is a guide to brands for wide calves:

Naturalizer: This is perhaps the easiest to find wide calf boot brand since you can occasionally try them on in department stores and Naturalizer stores. This is the brand I purchased on clearance at the end of last year. They come with all the benefits of Naturalizer--style, comfort, quality. (Also, I couldn't find the style I wanted to buy in stores in the wide calf so I tried on the regular one to see how the foot fit before buying it online--perfect fit.) Cost: $70 (on sale) to $150Natrulizer Online Store

Fitzwell: This brand has perhaps the largest selection of wide calf boots …

Poll: Show It Off

Runway Style by Fashion Me Fabulous on
The styling of a fashion show is always a stickler. How elaborate can the hair and makeup be without overwhelming the clothes? Can you style the models in funky layers or will that cover up the potential the pieces have as separates? Will your basics be too basic to be remembered if you don't punch it up with the correct accessories? Should the models even walk around? Some designers just have the models sit around while others make their own editorial shoot with one model in each outfit.
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Fashionable DIY Gifts

My income has been nonexistent to pitiful for the last three years, which puts a huge damper of my favorite time of year--Christmas. I love Christmas partly because I love gift giving, but gift giving is tricky when you don't have any money. Handmade gifts have been my standby for a while now, and I'd like to think I'm getting better at keeping them from looking too handmade. Also, some of the best gifts I've received have been handmade by my friends.

Here are some fashionable DIY gifts, make of which can be made without advanced crafting skills or a sewing machine. Some of these can even be fashion from materials you may already have.

Katie if Interrobangs Anonymous, made a shredded jersey circle scarf out of a jersey dress. The people at Method had a similar idea with a variety of results.

Turn an old sweater into a fun and comfy skirt. If you have any sweater leftover, you can even make upcycled sweater boots or sweater mittens.

Keep your friends and family warm with gi…