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Love or Loathe: Unrealized Potential

The back view of this heel is gorgeous. I love the ankle strap. I love the shape of the heel. I LOVE the tortoiseshell. If Seychelles' "Music To My Ears" pump continued with such promise, I would buy them right now.

The front, however, fails to live up to the promise of the back. What a giant thud! It's like a cross between a mule and a hoof. Adding color might make the design uglier, and that's not something I often say.

Am I being too harsh? Are these perfectly lovely or do you agree that they look a little clunky?

Pick of the Week: Casual Summer Pant

I love an easy summer pant. While I tend to default to skirts during the warmer months, some summer events really lend themselves to a garment that requires less careful or ladylike movement. Wide leg linen pants have been my go to for years. However, they are often too full to wear with billowy summer tops. This is where these cropped chambray pants from jcpenny come in. They are light, 100% cotton and loose enough to move in without being too baggy. Also, the draw string waist allows them to fit a variety of shapes. They cost $29 and also come in coral.

Etsy Shop of the Week: BlueBirdLab


Why We Love It: I'm a writer/editor/blogger type. Math really isn't my thing. However, it used to be. I once considered majoring in math or engineering in college. I used to be pretty good at it too. (Not the adding and subtracting parts, just the abstract concept-y parts. I don't numbers). Geometry was always my favorite so maybe that's why these geometric necklaces from BlueBirdLab really caught my eye.

Price Range: $18 - $52


Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see some favorites)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: BlueBirdLab by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Yellow and Light Blue $36; Boho Circles $42; Blue and Beige $42; Single Mint $32; Ocean Blue Mixed Media $51; Light Multi Color $30 (also pictured above)

Linen & Cotton Blazers

Summer clothes and work dress code are sort of polar opposites. Not only does your sundress show more skin than Human Resources is comfortable with, but beyond all explanation, the air-conditioner has a pipeline straight to the Arctic. Don't worry, relaxed and washable blazers in linen and cotton literally have your back. (Click for a bigger image.)
Top: dove gray peplum, Charlotte Russe $30 (sale)
navy military jacket, ASOS $73
chambray blazer, Nordstrom $69 (Available in 6 more colors)
plaid linen tweed, Rebecca Minkoff at Saks Fifth Avenue $298 (sale)
Bottom: metallic moto jacket, Macy's $69 (sale)
olive with contrast trim, Mango $80
red swing jacket, Target $35
striped blazer, Gap $59 (sale)

Pick of the Week: Perfect Wedding Shoe

It's a pink heel with a bow and rhinestones. Could it be any girlier? Usually nearly $180, Pour La Victiore's "Blissa" is just over $40 on Amazon! This is a great shoe for weddings whether you are a guest, a party member or the blushing bride.

Metallic Sandals

I have a pair of gold booties and a pair of silver oxford flats. They have made me believe that all shoes should be metallic. Metallics are a super neutral. They go with everything, but they also pop. I want to expand my metallic footwear habit to summer with shoes that will pick up the sparkle in the glistening water or shimmering sunset. Pictured:
Color block strappy sandals, J.Jill, $79.99
Metallic Combo Born Sandals, 6pm, $44.99
Cut out Sam Edelman Sandals, $139.95
Bronze Suede Brigitte Bailey Sandals, 6pm, $41.99
Kitten heel Born Sandals, Sierra Trading Post, $87.85
Silver Crisscross Sofft Sandals, Zappos, $89.99
Gold Crisscross Franco Sarto Sandals, Lord & Taylor, $89
Patent Leather Pewter Sandals, Topshop, $96
Slingback Sandal, Barneys Warehouse, $109 (sale from $380, WANT!)
Cutout Donald J. Pliner Wedges, Neiman Marcus, $152
Faux Leather Strappy Sandals, Forever21, $19.80
Studded Wedge Sandals, Guess, $89

Lilac and Lavender

Hubby and I recently took a road trip. I had a hard time carrying on conversation because I was so entranced by the blooming lilacs, and the purple trees, and the other purple trees. (Precision botany!) It was so very romantic. I wanted to lay under the trees and daydream in my petal bed. This got me thinking about romantic purple clothes. Any of these purple panoplies would be perfect for summer's upcoming romantic weddings, anniversaries, dates, and anything else you want to celebrate.
Top: floral Betty Draper dress, Mod Cloth $156
pleat sleeve top, Top Shop $68
lace and pleat dress, Urban Outfitters $40 (sale)
beaded sheath dress, Darling $160
ruffle maxi dress, Jessica Simpson at Zappos $168
Bottom: bow sweater, Shabby Apple $48
ruffled shirt dress, Mod Cloth $53
lace peplum top, ASOS $64
floral print tie waist dress, Darling $95

Drop Waist Dresses

Right now, most dresses in stores are fit and flare. They are adorable if you can wear that kind of thing, but I can't. My natural waist is a little too high to line up with most of the waists on the dresses. This means the dress floats upward, bunches and tends to make me look wider than I am. Thankfully, The Great Gatsby has inspires some 1920s styles so the drop waist is becoming easier to find. Nothing about my shape suggests a drop waist would look good on me, but it does. (I just bought one at T.J.Maxx while shopping with Jael this weekend). What dress shapes works best on you? Have you tried drop waist? Pictured:
Pleated Drop Waist Dress, Loft, $89.88
Nugget Print Drop Waist Dress, Loft, $69.88
Lace Drop Waist Dress, Nordstrom, $99

Striped Drop Waist Dress, Modcloth, $34.99
Fancy Pleat Drop Waist Dress, Nordstrom, $52.80 (want!)
Textured Drop Waist Dress, jcpenny, $40

Gathered Drop Waist Dress, ASOS, $59.40
Wide Stripe Drop Waist Dress, Forever21, $22.80
Drop Wa…

Love or Loathe: Gameboy Swimsuit

Fashion Me Fabulous presents A Conversation With Myself.

"Gameboy swimsuit?! My little nerd heart is going pitter patter!"

"Remember when you used to play your Gameboy so much that grounding you involved simply taking the game away?"

"Yes! And Dad was so worried about me playing it on late night car rides that he got a clip-on light and magnifier for it. It was so old it didn't even have a backlight! This swimsuit brings back happy memories."

"Too bad the fit is terrible. You have to be hyper-fit or 19 in order to pull this off."

"But, Gameboy!"

"It doesn't even say Gameboy. It's sporting the name of the store -- Black Milk. That's a very minor problem though when you can safely assume that pervs and drunks will come up to you on the beach and try to touch your buttons. The start button is in a particularly risky spot."

"Why won't you let me have nice things?"

"Because I control the wallet.&…

Project Design: Star Trek

The new Star Trek movie came out today. I'm traveling to see Jael this weekend (yay!), and we have plans to go see it (more yay!). Which of these Trekkie accessories has you wanting to boldly go where no fashion enthusiast has gone before?
Star Trek Quotes Necklace by CobwebCorner

Blue Star Trek Apron by Jordandene

Star Trek Engagement Ring by VaLaJewellery

Star Trek Insignia Felt Brooch by afraidofmonsters

Star Trek Vulcan Salute Earring by sakosculpts

Star Trek Cartoon Dress by FashionWhore

Starship Enterprise Pendant by HoraEffect

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$150 Challenge: Amusement Park

Thursday, my hubby and I took the day off to have a date at Cedar Point. Because I didn't want to carry around my usual large bag, I carried a cross-body bag. With the spring wind blowing off Lake Erie, I thought I should take precautions and layer a breezy long sleeved top over a modal tank and longer shorts. Comfy shoes are a must for all that walking. With jewelry, this look rings up at just over $150.

Amusement Park by fashionmefabulous safari shorts, Mango $40
polka dot top, Mod Cloth $33
bow sneakers, Keds on Amazon $50
cross-body floral bag, ASOS $17
headband, Forever 21 $3.80
orange chevron ring, Forever 21 $4.80
orange flower ring, Charlotte Russe $3

Fashion Rant: Pervasive Polyester Tees

I'm being haunted. I've been shopping to find summer tops (with sleeves) for work. However, one tee has been following me, and it seems to have scared all the cute blouses off the racks.

I love a good tee, but lately t-shirts are all I find. They are either basic cotton blends for layering or they are this new, boxy, poly-blend tee. Some are cute and can be styled nicely. I actually tried on this city striped shirt at Nordstrom thinking it might be the exception (I was desperate), but it suffered from all the common problems.

They are made from yucky, cheap, synthetic material. Some are silky; but most are scratchy. These synthetics don't breath making them horribly hot despite their light appearance. Speaking of lightness, most are sheer so you have to layer them, which will make you hotter.

Even those in the higher price point seem made wrong. This one has a "cotton-like" back so the seams pucker because one fabric is stretchy and the other isn't. Most hav…

Love or Loathe: Retro Flower Wedges

On the one hand, these are very 90s. I imagine wearing them with a tight maxi skirt in a hideous pastel print, sparkly spaghetti strap top, and this hair. They are so very muley too, and I loathe mules. On the other hand, I rather like the sculptural aspect of that massive heel, and the tatted flowers are so lovely for spring. Does knowing that they are $60 at J. C. Penney sway your opinion at all?

Etsy Shop of the Week: The Butterflies Shop

Shop:The Butterflies Shop

Why We Love It: Science fiction author, Robert A. Heinlein termed butterflies "self-propelled flowers." While the unmoving flowers make me sneeze, I've never had a problem with butterflies. I love how they lilt past on sunny days as their wings flash a variety of colors. The Butterflies Shop captures the whimsy and beauty of butterflies in clothing and accessories.

Price Range: $2 - $259


Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see some of our favorites).
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: The Butterflies Shop by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Tiny World of Butterflies Ring $80; Butterfly Leather Hair Barrette $11.50; Mint Leather Scalloped Obi Belt $52.50; Fabric Butterfly Brooch $32.50; Butterfly Dress $55; Black Butterfly Dress $65; Butterfly Wings Dress $259; I Will Fly Away Butterflies Necklace $49 (also pictured above)

Closed-toed Summer Shoes Part 2

I could have edited this selection down to one post, I suppose, but who wants less shoes?

colorblock t-strap d'orsay, Seychelles on Amazon $67
ankle tie espadrille, Mod Cloth $33
mint print mary jane, Seychelles on Amazon $79
fabulous red retro pump, Miz Mooz on Amazon $105
black and white studded flat, J. C. Penney's $40

navy wedge, ASOS $48
red t-strap, Seychelles on Amazon $54
orange woven pump, DSW $110
blue t-strap, Urban Outfitters $39
coral d'orsay flat, J. C. Penney $40

*When you buy shoes that are woven like this, buy at least a half size smaller than usual depending on the cut. They stretch! I have some woven ballet flats I have to tie to my feet with ribbon.

Close-toed Summer Shoes Part 1

Not everyone is crazy for sandals in the summer. Some people may have to cover their toes for work. Some women are persnickety about the state of their pedicures. Some people just don't like toes. Whatever your reason, here's how I beat the heat while keeping my toes covered in the summer.

yellow pointy toed flat, Restricted on Amazon $38
blush flower ballet flat, Jeffrey Campbell Urban Outfitters $130
black and gold cage heel, Macy's $112
blue cut-out oxfords, Trashy Diva $58
blush smoking slipper, Urban Outfitters $39
lime ballet flats, Mod Cloth $30
grey cut out heel, Mod Cloth $80

crochet ballet flats, Mod Cloth $45
wood trimmed mauve flat,Mod Cloth $105
lace oxford, Not Rated at DSW $35
blue wedge, Nordstrom $70
studded mesh ballet flat, Aeropostal $24.50
yellow patent capped heel, ASOS $125

Expect more great summer shoes on Monday!

Tights Buyer's Guide Spring 2013

Tights make up a major part of my wardrobe. Now that I report to an office every day for work, I wear them more than ever. Even though we are going into summer, I'm still wearing and buying tights. The office is chilly and tights add some summery color to my darker office clothes. Also, tights tend to be on sale this time of year so it's a good time to stock up for the fall. (Bonus, tights are great for that day you don't have time to shave your legs but don't feel like pants/own pants that fit properly).

Hue Hue tights have been my standby for years. I could always count on the fit and quality. They are still quality tights, and they still fit. However, they've done something to the waistband. In order to prevent rolling, many tights brands have gone to the "waistband-free" style. I find this annoying because I fall between tights sizes so I buy up for length. This means my newer Hue tights just fall down all the time (the size down is a bit short). I ha…

Favorites From The 2013 Met Gala

Unlike any other red carpet event we cover, the Met Gala has a theme. Also, guests sort of have a blank check to experiment and play with fashion. So it's confusing to me when so many women biff the opportunity and stick with a princess gown or simple cocktail dress. Enjoy playing dress up, ladies! That said, many women did decide to play with the theme. Below is a gallery of our most memorable looks from the red carpet. (Spoiler: Sarah Jessica Parker is the bestest best besty.)
View this collection on Polyvore Met Gala 2013 by fashionmefabulous

Check out our Facebook page for more looks we loved as well as a couple that baffled.

Etsy Shop of the Week: Tatianas Threads

Shop:Tatiana's Threads

Why We Love It: Next to shopping for pants, I most hate shopping for underpinnings. Everything is horrible. It's all nylon, over done, way too hot to wear in the summer and fits stupid. Plus, most of it is rather dull looking. Tatiana's Threads offers a solution with unique, cute, slightly retro underthings that are just too pretty to pass up.

Price Range: $12 - $75

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see favorites)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Tatiana's Threads by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: High Waisted Color blocked Panties $28; Pink Peacock Panties $25; Strawberry Field Panties $25; Grey and White Lace Panties $25; Red Heart Cutout Panties $22; Ivory Lace Brawlette $39; Feather Print Boho Bodysuit $65Lace Toe Socks $25; Black Lace Bralette $33 (also pictured above)

Punk: Chaos to Couture

Birthed in the mid-70s to dejected youth in New York and London, punk is about to celebrate it's 40th birthday at tonight's Met Gala. "Punk has been around so long it's now a just another item in the fashion vocabulary," sighed my husband, an anarchist disguised in horn-rims and polos, when I told him this year's Costume Institute theme. He added with a shrug, "An establishment celebration of an anti-establishment movement would have been offensive maybe even as late as the 90s, but punk itself is pretty mainstream now. It's in the mall."

Quick. Name some elements of the punk look. Leather. Spikes. Bondage pants. Doc Martens. Plaid. Unnatural hair colors. Mohawks. Safety pins. The list goes on. Perhaps its many distinct elements are why the look is still going on decades after many of those youth settled into the common routine of family and work. Anyone can work a little symbolic rebellion into their wardrobe when done correctly.

Does distinct…

Tea Party Dresses Under $100

Every year the ladies of my church have a tea. It's really more of a luncheon, but it always involves good food, good talks and fabulous decorations. I love to dress the part with a cute tea party dress. These dresses are all under $100. They work for a variety of spring and summer occassions and most of them can be dressed up for a wedding, dressed down for a picnic or even styled for work with a summer-weight jacket.
China lace dress, Nordstrom, $70
Fit & flare floral dress, jcpenny, $33 (on sale)
Rose print peplum dress, Target, $50

Paisley print dress, Loft, $98
Garden print dress, Forever 21, $25
Retro ribbon midi dress, Anthropologie, $70 (on clearance)

Etsy Shop of the Week: Cheryl Parrott Jewelry

Shop:Cheryl Parrott Jewelry

Why We Love It: Around here it finally looks like spring has sprung. I mostly know this because my allergies are going bonkers, my eyes are swelling shut and I feel miserable. Yay spring allergies! Despite the wheezing, I'm ready for the warm weather, even if I prefer my budding branches and blooming flowers in jewelry form rather than the real kind with pollen.

Price Range: $23 - $275

Links:Website / Facebook / Pinterest

Favorite Items:
(click through the slideshow below to see favorites)

View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Cheryl Parrott Jewelry by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Pink Branch Necklace $225; Pink Pearl Bib Necklace $150; Leaf and Pearl Hair Vine $72; Blue and Orange Flower Necklace $65; Peach Jade Necklace $72; Green Leaf Necklace $135; Golden Hair Vine $62; Teal Flower Necklace $99; Purple Beaded Necklace $72; Turquoise Beaded Necklace $69; Spring Budding Leaf Necklace $165 (also pictured above)