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Party Dresses for Wedding Season

becca is the wedding party queen. I've been to three bridal showers that I remember: mine, which was a surprise and I still always think bridal showers are surprises because of it; our friend Rachel's, whose party was sort of over-shadowed by a crazy weekend and a car accident; and one for a college roommate who had a relaxing weekend getaway. I'm sure there were church basement affairs with sad balloons in there somewhere, but my brain might have purged those memories to make room for Lost trivia.

When a close friend gets married, you often find yourself buying lots of things for the big event. Even if you're not in the wedding party, you still drop some money for a new dress for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Wear the new dress to one event, to someone else's wedding, and to a date of your own.

Top: red ruffle dress, Anthropologie $168
blue colorblock faux wrap dress, Nordstrom $108
draped polka dot retro frock, Mod Cloth $97.99
embellished hem shift, ASOS …

Project Design: Fruit

My favorite think about spring is the coming abundance of fresh fruit and veggies, especially fresh berries. When berry season hits full swing, I eat little else. On top of being tasty fruit is also pretty. I love the bright colors mixed in a salad or the rich berries mashed into my yogurt. Nothing is happier to wake up to than a bowl of strawberries and cream. Now I'm hungry. Which fruit do you find cute?

Cherry Print Dress by MichelleTan

Fruit Tart Bobby Pins by Zjakazumi

Summer Fruit Silk Scarf by ArmeniaOnSilk

Oranges Earrings by polishedtwo

Pink Grapefruit Leather Pouch by LaLisette

Strawberry Necklace by DanglingJewelry

Mixed Fruits Clutch by RiRuDesigns

Strawberry Circle Skirt by whispylove

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Etsy Shop of the Week: Riordan Roache

Shop:Riordan Roache

Why We Love It: While I've never been a fan of minimalism as a trend, I love minimal, well-structured clothing as a blank slate for bold accessories. These basics are all about structure and detail.

Price Range: $28 - $150

Links: Facebook / Website / Vintage Shop

Favorite Items:
(click through the slide show below to see our picks)

$150 Challenge: Rainy Day


Budget Sport Swimsuits Under $50

I'm not the biggest fan of exercise or sports, but I love swimming and water sports. Recently, I gained access to a lap pool so I can actually workout by swimming (which I find much more pleasant that working out any other way). However, I need a one-piece sport suit. One-piece is a pool rule, and really the best way to go for athletic swimming. They said I could wear my tankini, but it floats up and gets in the way during a good swim. I don't want to spend much on a sport suit though because I'm trying to get back into shape, which means the suit might not fit in a few months. These budget-friendly buys under $50 are perfect .

Budget Sport Swimsuits Under $50 by fashionbeccafabulous featuring a racerback bikini
Juniors Zipper Racerback Suit, Target, $24.99
Starburst Tank Suit, jcpenny, $42

Paisley Print Crisscross Back Suit, Target, $34.99
Crisscross Stripe Tank Suit, Walmart, $15
Basic Blue Trim Crossback Suit, Target, $29.99
Mesh Detail Tank Suit, Walmart, $15

Grunge and the Girly Girl

I spent a week revisiting the 90s for a couple posts and people's rose-colored hindsight has me stirred up. Like all the decades before it, the 1990s was only a great time for people who fit in. Here's a controversial statement: The 90s weren't a time of innocence. It wasn't a no-pressure time for girls. People weren't open-minded about your appearance.

People were talking about Prozac, slackers, and the seemingly in-stasis Generation X. Post-modernism was questioning everything and if you held on to any "old" belief, you were just out of touch. Everyone was dripping in their own angsty sadness, which from this side of a decade long war and horrible world tragedy was a self-indulgence. (If you doubt me, please read some of Douglas Coupland's 90s work and you will absolutely understand.) Starting in 1997 -- my first year of high school -- with early morning gunfire in Paducah, Kentucky, school shootings became a staple of the decade's end. …

Love or Loathe: Socks with Sandals

Jael Paris touched on this a little bit back in 2008 when she asked about ankle socks, but I've been seeing more and more socks with sandals and open toe shoes so it warrants it's own post. The pairing has been on the spring runways for a while. I saw some people listing it as a trend the past two years, but now I'm really seeing it everywhere. Ankle socks, cuff socks, mid-calf socks, crew socks, knee socks, thigh-high socks and tights are becoming a constant pairing with sandals, peep toes and the like. Vogue Italia recently posted a street style slideshow of socks and sandals.

I might not have a lot of company on this, but I love it. I love my sandals so I really like the idea of extending them behind the short Michigan summer. Fun socks are actually pretty cheap so its an affordable way to add a current trend and pops of color to my wardrobe. I love all those cute lace socks I've seeing in stores, and it seems a waste to hide them in a shoe. After my friend who live…

Pick of the Week: Chic Pony

My hair is touching my shoulders. My shoulders. That hasn't happened since 2007, and it's kind of freaking me out. My hair's been so short for so long that I have to relearn hair styling. A brush? You mean my fingers won't do? Why aren't two pins enough to keep this out of my face? OMG WHAT IS CRAWLING DOWN MY BACK?!?! Oh, shedding. Yeah.

Rather than dive right into the Victory Rolls (which I rocked often in college), I'm starting simple. Ponytails. It's been five years since I could make a ponytail so now it feel very new. I'm not making messy gym ponys either. I'm combing and defrizzing so it lays nice and flat then gathering it at the nape of my neck. Unfortunately, my old scrunchies are ruining the chic effect. They're not, thankfully, large fabric relics, but they do sort of stand out. This gold-hinged ponytail holder would also stand out but in the best way. It's the sort of thing you wear with a little black dress, strappy black heels…

Spring's Blank Slate

It's ironic that at a time when all the magazines are screaming color and all the stores have special showcases of brights, that I -- a color queen -- would be so excited about white. With so much neon and so many patterns and so many bold accessories being on trend all at once, I feel white provides a calming tie to what could be a very noisy, Salvador Dali sort of look. In case you're craving white dresses after last week's style post, here's a helping of blank slates to pile your trends on. (And they're almost all cotton, so you can clean them with Oxi or bleach in the event of living.)

Top: full-skirted shirt dress, Lauren by Ralph Lauren at Nordstrom $158
cotton kimono sleeve dress, H&M $17.95
pleated dress, Adrianna Papell at Nordstrom $178
Bottom: loose cotton frock, J. Crew $69.50
t-shirt dress, Target $18
bra-top maxi sundress, Victoria's Secret $88
textured cotton sheath dress, Calvin Klein at Nordstrom $128

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Prairie Takes The City by fashionmefabulous

Remember: Jael Paris remembers an era when "fashion icon" was a title reserved for awesome women with awesome personal style instead of being just a title to aspire to. Our Etsy shop of the week reminds becca of the heirloom initial and nameplate jewelry in her family.

Shop: Go apple picking with our pick of the week apple fascinator. Rock a classic denim jacket. Stay cool with warm weather scarves.

Tell: Let us know if you love or loathe the typical two piece swimsuit. Jael Paris is fixated on white dresses, what do you think of them? Vote for your favorite nail art find in this week's Project Design

Project Design: Nail Art


Etsy Shop of the Week: lala Design Studio

Shop:lala Design Studio

Why We Love It: I have a nameplate necklace that I love. It's written in Armenian. My mom has one. My grandma had one. My aunt has one, and several other women in our family have them. I also have an initial necklace that belonged to my grandmother. It's an "e" so people always ask why I'm wearing it because my name is Rebecca. I get to tell them about my grandmother and how my mom and I both share her name as our middle names. Initial and name jewelry is special. My grandma's costume "e" necklace is one of my favorite possessions. Any of these lovely initial, name or specially designed pieces from lala Design Studio could easily become a special heirloom like the "e" necklace or a tradition like my family's Armenian necklaces.

Price Range: $20 - $110

Favorite Items:Calligraphy Initial Necklace $65 (pictured); Personalized Initial Bracelet $70; Custom Script Name Necklace $50; Custom Initial Pendant $50; Oxidized C…

We're More Than The Sum of Our Closets

A few months ago, designer Hedi Slimane posted a series of pictures he'd taken of Frances Bean Cobain. She was decked out in grunge attire, tattoos, and a dense layer of smoke. To me, the images looked like a girl trying to connect to this god-like figure the public has made of her father, Kurt, who died while she was still very young. But that's not what other people saw. Other people were excited that she was "bringing grunge back" and were a-buzz about her potential as a fashion icon.

Most fashion icons are icons because people noticed their styles while they were busy being good at their other jobs. Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn were both fantastic actresses who had distinct fashion senses. Coco Chanel was a good designer who pushed her vision onto the masses. Jackie Kennedy's purpose was more than looking nice. But now we make people fashion icons because they model nice or because they paid a stylist to push them and their fledgling careers i…

Spring/Summer Scarves

I've come to love scarves, which is strange for me because I don't like anything too close to my neck (like chokers or turtlenecks). I do love a great scarf though. I love how versatile they can be. A pretty silk scarf looks just as great around the handles of my purse, tied around my wrist, or in my hair as it does in a pretty knot around my neck. I also love my pashmina-style scarves because they can act as a pretty shawl on cool summer nights. There are endless ways to accessorize with scarves. What is your favorite way to wear a scarf?

Spring Summer Scarves by fashionbeccafabulous
Blue Retro Squares Scarf, Target, $14.99
Pastel Planets Scarf, Modcloth, $17.99
Floral Print Scarf, Forever21, $8.90
Vivid Floral Scarf, H&M, $9.95
Hand Painted Silk Scarf, Etsy, $75
Mixed Pattern Scarf, Anthropologie, $48

Easy White Dress

Maybe it's because I can't wear white at work, but lately I've been fixated on the white dress. I look at a bold necklace or a strong pair of shoes and say, "That would be perfect with a white dress." Evidence:

Bold Angel by fashionmefabulous

Summer Cocktails by fashionmefabulous

Wearing an Obi Belt by fashionmefabulous

Nice Shoes by fashionmefabulous

Midnight in Paris by fashionmefabulous

I'm especially fond of an easier cut like a shift or a t-shirt dress. Without figure-hugging curves, the dress becomes more of a blank slate.

How do you feel about white dresses?

Love or Loathe: The Typical Two Piece Swimsuit

Crawling through the racks of suits at Target, jcpenny, Kohl's and such (I need a cheap suit for swimming laps), it seems like they all mostly carry the same suit: two triangles that turn into straps tied behind the neck and a pair of bikini bottoms. Sure, they have tankinis and a few one-pieces, but they mostly sell some variation of that suit and call it a halter, bikini, triangle or whatever. There are more of these suits than all the other styles combined. And I find that a little odd.

Sure, some women look great in these suits. And its seems to be the most popular choice so people must really like them. But I've never fit into them. Even as a thinner teen who played sports, the suits didn't sit right or offer enough support. Plus, I love to actually swim, which would kill any of these suits right away. Maybe they are only popular for those who enjoy laying out. (Although I still prefer the Ester Williams look for all my swimwear needs).

Every time I'm in a swimsuit…

Denim Jackets

My 90s heavy week last week got me thinking about denim jackets. They're a classic in the American closet, but in the oh-so-casual 90s, they became a fashion must-have. I wanted one so badly but for some reason never found the right one. You know how it goes. This spring I'm loving them over a floral mini, gauzy black tee or anything neon.
Top: the right one, Nordstrom $58
neon pink moto crop, Urban Outfitters $89
puff sleeve jacket, Yes Style $37.80
Bottom: navy moto jacket, Macy's $79.99
button detail mandarin collar, Mango $74.99
taupe crop, Forever 21 $24.90 (Available in 4 colors.)

Pick of the Week: Apple Fascinator

This cute little apple fascinator looks like it's the topper of a Broadway costume or maybe even part of some kitschy roller skate diner uniform. I love it. While I wouldn't wear it to work, I'd wear it when going out, when running errands, and I'd even make the day of the elderly hat enthusiasts at church. Wouldn't it be perfect with a full skirted gingham sundress or black mini shift? It's $33 at ASOS.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous


Project Design: Gold Glitter

I've never been much of a glitter person, but I received some gold glitter nail polish for Christmas. Since then I've purchased two more gold glitter polishes, and I find myself wanting gold glitter that goes beyond my nails. Which of these gold goodies glitters for you?

Gold Glitter Rose Glass Necklace by smittenkittenjewelry
Gold Glitter Peter Pan Collar by ChryssiV
Gold Glitter Hoop Earrings by DesignsbyCher
Gold Glitter Feather Headband by JanineBasil
Gold Glitter Leather Spike Bracelet by KristyOneto
Gold Glitter High Waist Pants by hopeandjane
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Etsy Shop of the Week: MessQueenNewYork


Why We Love It: Anyone who grew up watching Punky Brewser can appreciate bright, over the top leggings.

Price Range: $16 - $78

Link:Website / Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items:Rainbow Streak Leggings $58 (pictured); Rainbow Brite Leggings $58; Gold w/ White Hologram Leggings $58; Pink Orange Zig Zag Leggings $58; Abstract Floral Leggings $58

Remixing Your 90s Wardrobe

A good number of you went to middle school/high school in the 90s. (Some of you are very young and think grunge is new. Shh.) If you're stoked about the 90s revival, here are some ways to dabble in your formative fashions without looking like a blast from the past.

Is anything more 90s than an oversized flannel shirt? As a key element of the grunge look, they were worn with torn jeans and boots (I had hiking boots. My dad thought Docs were too combat.). For a current casual look, try a flannel with skinny colored jeans and cute flats. For a trendier style, try a high-low skirt and heeled boots.

Updating Flannel by fashionmefabulous

The pants in the early 90s were loose and LOUD PRINTS. Eye searing. The least dated print you could work is a floral (because flowers are forever). In 1992, you may have worn floral pants with a floral top, denim jacket, and scrunchies on the wrist. That was 20 years ago. You can help this outfit grow up with a lesson from the 50s -- Match your top to on…