FMF Reader Poll: Project Runway Season 7 Designers

Maybe I'm just too attached to my favorite fashion show, but I have high hopes for Season 7 of Project Runway. Here is a quick look at the designers and some of their past work along with my quick thoughts (I read their Q&A, watching their casting videos and looked at their previous work). Vote for your favorites at the bottom. And tell us what you think about this next season in the comments. I think we are in for a much more interesting season. What do you think?

Amy Sarabi is a 26-year-old designer from Texas who has been making garments in her aunt's tailor shop since she was seven. Her favorite designers are Christian Wijnants right now with all-time favorites Hussein Chalayan and Martin Margiela.
Snap Judgment: Her previous work (below) has a flare for the fabulous and her favorite designers are a good sign that she'll try unique things. Expecting some great detail and risks. She's already a favorite for me.
Anna Lynett is a 23-year-old self taught designer from Wisconsin who likes to create screen prints on her fabrics and favors the colors dove grey, midnight blue and ivory. Her favorite designers include Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and Band of Outsider.
Snap Judgment: Her previous work is limited and simple. She hasn't worked in a design house and doesn't have formal training so I don't expect many risks from her. However simple, well made clothing (maybe with some creative prints) can do well depending on the competition.
Anthony Williams is a 28-year-old designer from Alabama who says he likes to dress curvy women. His favorite designer is Zuhair Murad (who makes gowns like this Miley Cyrus dress). Anthony seems to share Murad's flare for designing gowns.
Snap Judgment: His previous work (or examples of it) are also limited. He seems like like making gowns so I expect him to do well on those challenges. I'm not sure what to expect elsewhere. I worry about his originality.
Ben Chmura is a 30-year-old designer from Connecticut who says he has a retro-futuristic style and would love to design for Rihanna. His favorite designers are Nicolas Ghesquiere and Marc Jacobs.
Snap Judgment: His previous work doesn't really show the a retro-futuristic theme he references. He has party girl dresses and baby doll dresses so I'm not sure what his style is. He seems to be really good at construction, which will serve him well.
Christiane King is a 30-year-old-designer from Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire who has auditioned for the show many times and finally made it. Her favorite designer are Marchesa and Balenciaga.
Snap Judgment: She makes some pretty dresses, but something about several of them is just a little off. If she gets the details right, she could do well. Emilio Sosa is a 43-year-old designer from the Dominican Republic who works as a costume designer. His favorite designer is Charles James (who made very tailored, artistic pieces).
Snap Judgement: I didn't care for his style in his casting video, but he knows how to sew and construct a garment. He might have trouble making things look current, but he shouldn't have trouble creating well-made pieces.
Janeane Marie Ceccanti is a 28-year-old designer from California who prefers the color black and works exclusively with natural fibers. Her favorite designer is Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy.
Snap Judgment: She has incredible structure to her garments. Her clothes aren't over the top, but they aren't simple either. She will probably struggle to work within the time and material constraints of the challenges, but she has some great previous work so I'm hopeful for her.
Jay Nicolas Sario is a 31-year-old designer from the Philippines who currently works as the isual merchandiser and lead stylist for Gap Inc. in the kids' division. His favorite designers include Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Rodarte.
Snap Judgment: This is another designer with great construction to his pieces. He makes things fit the body very well. And he has a clear point of view with his designs so far. He could be an early favorite of mine too.
Jesse LeNoir is a 25-year-old designer from Ohio who is an actor and fashion designer for House of Kilroy. His favorite designers include Thom Browne, Tom Ford, Tomas Maier, Balenciaga, Dior, Hedi Slimane.
Snap Judgment: He's seems like he has pretty put together personal style, but some of his designs are a little too costumey. However, some of his clothes have real potential. We'll have to wait and see.
Jesus Estrada is a 21-year-old designer from Mexico with a flare for fabulous gowns. His favorite designers are Alexander McQueen and Dolce and Gabbana.
Snap Judgment: I like his huge gowns and I like the tops and jackets he makes. I don't like his idea of leggings as pants, but everything else looks pretty good. He loves to be over the top, but he'll probably have to real it in a bit to make it work.
Jonathan Peters is a 29-year-old designer from Rhode Island who is not afraid of ruffles. His favorite designers include Herrera, De La Renta, Mouret, Galliano, Viktor and Rolf, Marchesa, Elie Saab.
Snap Judgement: I don't know what to think of this one. A love the braided piece below, but some of the other pieces make me question his taste level (as Nina would say). Could be great, could be terrible, but isn't that what we love about Project Runway?
Maya Luz is a 22-year-old designer from New Mexico who's favorite colors are black, white and red. She designs clothing and accessories. Her favorite designers include Raf Simons for Jil Sander, Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren in the '70s.
Snap Judgment: Her casting video had some amazing pieces. I love that she's quite avant garde, but also makes pieces people can wear. I want the spike bag. She could be a favorite too.
Mila Hermanovski is a 40-year-old designer from Texas who works as a stylish. Her favorite designers include Helmut Lang, Preen, Courreges, Balenciaga and Ralph Rucci. She made all the clothes in her casting video that week.
Snap Judgment: She seems to know who she is as a designer, and she'll be able to style things well since she works as a stylist. I like what I'm seeing so far.
Pamela Ptak is a 47-year-old designer from Massachusetts who is also a college fashion design instructor. Her favorite designer is God "because looking at God's creations in nature teaches such perfections." In her casting session Tim said "These are among the most beautifully constructed clothes I've ever seen."
Snap Judgment: Tim is right. These clothes look amazingly well made. He noted a contrast between her architectural pieces and her flowing pieces and recommended she combine them. I would love see that. She intrigues me.
Ping Wu is a designer from China. She also works as a physical therapist. She loves pieces that transform and believes that fabrics speak to what they want to be. Her favorite designers are
Issey Miyake, Hussein Chalayan, Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulemeester, Raf Simons and BLESS.
Snap Judgment: I like that she does different things. The pieces in her casting video were very interesting, but the items in her photo album were quite dissapointing. I wonder what side of her we'll see on the show.
Seth Aaron Henderson is a 37-year-old designer from who is also a stylist. The designs he showed in his casting video he said are sold in stores. His favorite designers are Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior.
Snap Judgment: I'm not sure. The stuff in the casting video was pretty good and the black and white dress below is lovely, but I don't care for the rest of the stuff. I hope it's old work.


Lizzie said…
Wow thanks for this!

I REALLY hope this next season is good, because the last one was kind of a disappointment...
Michelle May said…
wow alot of work her in your post. thanks. amy s is definately myt fav. can't wait for more!

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