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This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Seaside Chic by Fashion Me Fabulous

Support Issues: Jael Paris began the week with an open letter to the bra industry. Then, she rounded up lightweight and lovely summer bras.

Summer Skin: Are you scaling back your makeup during the heat wave? Take our poll. Also, check out the first post in our new Skincare 101 series about reducing the number of products we use.

Hippie Chic: Jael styles ethereal hippie looks for our reader Nora Bradshaw. And becca found 10 stylish maxi dresses under $100.

Runway: Season 9 of Project Runway started this week. Read our recap, and check out this bridal Etsy shop from season 7 finalist, Carol Hannah.

Project Runway Season 9: Return & Redemption?

Considering last years winner, a list of not 16 but 20 designers, and these horrible ads staring Tim and Heidi, I approached this season of Project Runway with extreme caution. After all, last year was such a let down that many vowed never to watch the show again. Well, if they checked in last night, they might be giving the show another chance. I actually find myself hopeful for what the future brings. (Pictured top left: What I believe Tim thought of last season.)

Before the episode even began, Project Runway let us have a peek at their casting process. Maybe they did this to justify the number of designers they had, or maybe they did it to give past contestants (Hi Seth Aaron! Hi Mondo!) lots of screen time. Either way, it was fun to watch.

At the beginning of the episode Tim welcomed us and the designers to the best ever season of Project Runway. If Heidi, Nina or Michael had said it, I wouldn't believe it, but I trust Tim. I hope he's right. Then all four of them, including…

Summertime Bras

In case Monday's rant didn't clue you in, I've have a frustrating time shopping for bras lately. Not only do I not want padding shaping me, I don't want padding trying to kill me. It's hot! No smothering foam, please!

Last summer I rediscovered the joy of unlined bras, and this summer unstructured bralettes are my wardrobe must-have. They're perfectly sufficient for a woman my size without the bulk I want to avoid in summer. Some are indistinguishable from a cami, so they look cute peeking up from under a breezy top. Plus, they're super comfy for jammies.striped bralette, Betsey Johnson $10
chartreuse silk bra, Anthropologie $70
orange halter bra, Free People $38
ribbon trim jersey bralette, Undrest $30
aqua ruffle triangle bra, Shopbop $14
berry lace bralette, Bluefly $21

Is anyone else in love with barely there bras?

Etsy Shop of the Week: The Wedding Collection by Carol Hannah

Shop:The Wedding Collection by Carol Hannah

Why We Love It: Project Runway Season 9 starts tonight! This Season 7 finalist has another Etsy shop full of cute dress, which we featured before. This shop features lovely bridal (and mother of the bride) gowns and accessories.

Price Range: Accessories: $58 - $98; Dresses: $485 - $4225

Links:Carol Hannah's Other Etsy Shop / Website / Twitter / Facebook

Favorite Items:Legare Street Dress $1050 (pictured); Hasell Street Gown $2800; Chalmers Street Gown $3215; Beaufain Street Gown $3475; Champagne Wishes Shoe Clips $58

10 Maxi Dresses Under $100


Ethereal Hippie

Our reader Nora Bradshaw asked me to dress her. She gave me the sentence "Ethereal hippie who radiates goodness and light in the least patchouli way possible." to work off of. Nora, this is what I came up with:

My first thought was pale colors and either natural or floaty fabrics, but I wanted to avoid the music festival feel of broomstick skirts and peasant tops. The bow shorts below dress up the sheer blouse. The structured straw clutch, rope headband, and beads keep the tone laid back chic.

Relax. Unwind. by Fashion Me Fabulous

The ethereal hippie wouldn't have a problem with mixing glamour and casual. Here I layered a denim jacket over a sparkly chiffon cocktail dress.

Dressing Up & Down by Fashion Me Fabulous

For a casual denim look, add an element of airiness with lace. The print flats are both fun and light.

Shaking Off the Dust of Sleep by Fashion Me Fabulous
Maxi skirts are in right now, but you can wear one for a casual summer look without looking like a Dead Head…

Skincare 101: Stop Using So Many Products

I am endlessly amazed at the number of products women put on their skin before they even get to makeup. I'm a minimalist when it comes to skincare (and makeup). Soap, moisturizer, eye cream (when I remember it) and a little rubbing alcohol or zit cream for the occasional blemish--that's my entire arsenal. I have to credit some of my minimalist tendencies to excellent genes (thanks Mom & Dad)!

But even though I have pretty good skin naturally, I am tempted to fix minor problems with creams, lotions, potions and all sorts of other concoctions. Every time I go to a dermatologist, they come up with a long list of products (that they sell or just had a drug rep promote) for me to start using, stat. I've tried them and never had my skin improve overall. Sure, that cream make my cheeks less dry, but it gave me zits elsewhere. Yeah, that pore strip helped with the blackheads a bit, but it made my skin raw & itchy (I have sensitive skin).

Every product seems to have a side …

Poll: Summer Makeup

It's bloody hot! Last week, it was over 110 (degrees, not heat index) at work everyday. Thursday, after drinking two liters of water, I still wasn't sweating and started to hallucinate. A big thanks to the people who make popsicles for keeping me alive.

Up until this time, I'd scaled back my makeup routine to spf infused moisturizer and blush. Now I don't even do that. (I should still be wearing the spf moisturizer, but I feel like even that gets sweated off during the walk to the car.)

poll by

An Open Letter to the Bra Industry

My breasts are fine. I do not need to be pushed up, mashed together, padded, va-voomed, or otherwise altered. There is nothing wrong with being a B cup. It's a dandy size. In fact, there's nothing wrong with being an A or a C or a D or beyond. Your primary purpose is to support so stop trying to make us feel like we're insufficient.

Flat-chested concerns via Post Secret.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Best Budget Blog Nominee: Fashion Me Fabulous
We've been nominated for a Polyvore Blogger Award in the Best Budget category. Above is a collection of the votes you wonderful readers have made for us. Thank you, and please keep voting!

Opinions: Take our poll and tell us if you sleep in your earrings. Also, do you love or loathe this strappy slip. I think we can all agree that we're obsessed with these turquoise loafers.

Project Runway: The premiere is Thursday! Get to know the new designers in our two part post: Part One and Part Two. Also, catch up with Valerie from this past season on her Etsy Shop, Yellow Cake.

Poll: Take 'Em Out!

My sister-in-law likes stud earrings because she can sleep in them. This blows my mind. It's never occurred to me to sleep while wearing my earrings. Of course, I also prefer wires and dangles to studs, and I've made a habit of removig my jewelry as soon as I get home. Even so, posts are a little stabby for bed, and I can't imagine wearing them to bed saves that much time in the morning.poll by

Bonus question for those of you who wear earrings to bed: Why?

Project Runway Season 9 Designers: Part 2

Yesterday, I covered the first batch of Project Runway designers. Here are the rest.

Gunnar Deatherage
Age 21, Louisville, KY
Fabrics: Leather, baby! But I use a lot of silk. It takes a certain person to wear a lot of leather, so I don't end up using much of it.
Designers: Rodarte, for sure. How fantastic that two sisters who were completely self-taught, and were the weird kids growing up, grew up to blossom into a fashion revolution
Colors: Black, gray and white. Bland, I know, but if your personality shines, your clothing should just frame it.
Style Icon: As cliche as it is for a gay male to say Lady Gaga, I have to hand it to her. She has opened the door to pure creativity.
Snap Judgment: He is a self-taught designer, which kind of showed in his casting video, but the pieces in his portfolio show otherwise. I don't know why he focused on gowns and prom dresses for his casting because his day wear is a lot more fun. I hope he doesn't think he needs to do gowns for all …

Love or Loathe: Strappy Slip

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know we love honest-to-goodness slips. Urban Outfitters is one of the few stores that still sells them, but this strappy number? It's being sold as a slip, but it looks more like a dress. The bustier top is fun, but I certainly don't see how it will help smooth things out. With the distinct waist, it would bunch oddly unless your overdress has the same silhouette. So let's just call it a dress; plenty of the reviewers have worn it that way. Do you like it as a dress? As lingerie? Does this look work better in black or pink (or the not pictured black on black)?

Project Runway Season 9 Designers: Part 1

This Season Project Runway has gifted us with not 16, not 17, but 20 designers. Why? (Other to make this post and part 2 super long?) I don't know. I see a few clear eliminations here already, and this is only half the cast. There are also quite a few promising designers who I can't wait to see on the show. After last year's disappointing (outrageous?) win, I think the judges have quite a few gems here with whom to redeem themselves by giving us a wonderful winner. Who are your favorites from this batch? Stay tuned for the rest tomorrow. (To read and watch more about each designer visit Lifetime).

Amanda Perna
Age 24, New York, NY
Fabrics: Chiffon, Organza
Designers: Valentino, Alber Ebaz
Colors: Pink, Red, Orange
Style Icon: Carrie Bradshaw
Snap Judgment: She seems like a personality casting rather than a design casting. Her portfolio has a lot of puff, poof and pink. During her casting video she revealed she can make very cute, simple dresses for herself, but her desi…