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The Target Challenge: Top 3 Accessories

Earlier I posted my dream picks in each category of Tim Gunn's top three must have accessories. These are things every women should have. Earlier I listed the picks for these top three items, but most budgets cannot afford these classic items. Great accessories can be found in any price range. Target has big style for the small budget. Here are the top three accessories Target style: 1. Classic watch Timex Black Leather Watch 2. Classic Handbag in a neutral color The Merona Execute Tote 3. Great Pumps Isaac Mizrahi for Target Riley Leather Pumps

Tim Gunn's Top Three Accessories

Last night on his new Bravo show, Tim Gunn listed his top three must have accessories. Here are some picks to fit Tim's catagories. 1. A classic watch: The Tiffany Mark is a great example of a classic watch that goes with everything. 2. A good handbag in a neutral color. The Hermes Birkin is the ultimate dream handbag and the ultimate classic. It will never go out of style. Now you just have to figure out how to get your hands on one. 3. A pair of classic pumps These Louboutin pumps are close to the perfect shoe except I would prefer leather over satin. These are the ideals for the perfect accessories, but, of course, you'll need an ideal budget to afford them.

Tim Gunn on Rachael Ray

Rachel Ray brought Tim Gunn on to restyle a viewers closet today. He didn't just go out and buy her new clothes. Instead, he looked at what she had and found things that she could wear differently. For example, he belted and otherwise baggy sweater making it look very nice. The only questions is: “When is Tim Gunn coming to save my wardrobe?” Hopefully, the answer is soon. He did present an interesting challenge though. Pull all those things out of the back of your closet and see if they're worth keeping and restyling. What can you restyle? Rachael Ray showed a clip from his show where he provides a wonderfully horrified reaction to leggings, stating that he is generally against them. Take Tim's advice. It's good. Speaking of advice, Rachael asked Tim to give his ultimate tip for looking fabulous. It was simple and maybe a bit cliché, but Tim told us to wear things that make us feel confident. There's nothing worse than feeling insecure in your clothing

Alice Temperley gets pretty for Target

Alice Temperley's Go International line for Target is in stores now, and it may be the best designer line for Target yet. Temperley's line of classic feminine pieces pays close attention to detail. Temperley's line goes beyond simply basics with a few signature pieces by making a collection of wearable pieces in great colors and prints with details that make them look more expensive than they are. Many of the pieces, like the print skirts and girly blouses, will work well with a lot of thing you probably already have in your wardrobe and will continue to work for years to come. My favorite pieces so far are this blue wool cropped jacket : This gray knit dress : And ruffled top : Also, a great sweater dress and some fun hats are coming soon.

Tim Gunn Tells Us What To Wear

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style has begun its first season on Bravo. Every Thrusday at 10 p.m. Tim Gunn and model, Veronica Webb give one lucky lady a new lease on her fashion life. Unlike, TLC's What Not to Wear , the fashion offenders on Tim Gunn's show aren't at outrageous. They make common fashion mistakes that we all make, and they don't know how to stock a proper wardrobe. Another major difference between What Not to Wear and Guide to Style , is that Tim Gunn teaches the women how to build a wardrobe on ten basic items every women should have. Gunn also guides participants through the process of clean out their current clothing. In stead of ruthlessly tearing away their favorite pieces, Gunn helps them see why pieces don't work and what they can do to improve a look. Participants usually end up keeping a couple pieces too. And in stead of fitting every contestant into what's popular at the moment, Gunn and Web help each women think about her persona

VH1 Wants the Most Smartest Models

Reality TV built its empire on stereotypes. Each show has its nice one, crazy one, bitchy one and emotional one. A lot of shows count on the demographic they are targeting to provide most of the entertainment with little coaxing. VH1's new reality show, America's Most Smartest Model , is hoping for really dumb contestants. If you think you can handle the poor grammar and endless babble, the show premiers on Sunday, October 7 at 9p.m. The show touts a prize of $100,000 for one winner out of the 7 male and 7 female models. Ben Stein and Marcy Alice Stevenson will host the 10 week series that tests the contestants on both brains and beauty. We'll see if there's any fashion involved or if VH1 just wants to laugh at really stupid skinny people. Either way, if the commercials are any indication, there should be plenty of fodder for entertainment clip shows and youtube commentary.

If You're in the Area: Macy's Chicago Showcases New Designers

Macy's on State Street in Chicago will premier and sell lines by new designers located in Chicago. The State Street store will kick off the promotion with The Designer of Chicago Fashion Show on October 12 at 6 p.m. in Millennium Park Chase Promenade North. This is part of Macy's second annual Fashion Focus Chicago 2007. Some of the designers included are: Cyndi Chan of Ori'en by Cyndi Chan Orlando Espinoza Michelle Tan

Vera Wang Appears on Opera

Vera Wang appeared on Opera Friday to promote her new line for Kohl's, Simply Vera Vera Wang. “It meant a great deal to me to bring a real design quality to the project.” said Vera as she began to explain her line to Opera. Vera showed most of her line in a small runway show where she talked with Opera about each look. Opera gushed over the cute clothes and great prices. For Vera Wang the prices a re amazing, but for Kohl's the prices are a little high. A lot of the clothes, including many amazing pieces form the ads and from Opera today, in the Simply Vera line have not come to Kohl's stores yet. Several Kohl's sales associates at various stores in my area said more piece are coming in little by little, but they do not know when or if all of the clothing will come to all locations. Vera then dressed several mother-daughter groups of different age groups, shapes and sizes showing the versatility of her line, which ranges in size from 2 to 16. Vera gave us the full de

A Model Life vs. Top Model

America's Next Top Model is about to begin it's 9th cycle on Wednesday, but it's not the only model show around. This summer TLC brought of A Model Life with Petra Nemcova, a very different look at starting out in the modeling business. Unlike America's Next Top Model , A Model Life doesn't eliminate one contestant a week. It doesn't give the contestants challenges where the winner gets prizes. They do not throw the girls in a house with too few beds or remind them not to be friends because this is a competition. A Model Life has much younger models, ranging in age from about16 to 20 when most model's begin their careers. The models were given chances to go out for real runway shows, and some even booked a few. The agency, NEXT, and Petra took time to really teach the girls about modeling rather than throwing them into shoots and later telling them they did poorly. A Model Life included several meetings, some individual and some group, but no big

Simply Vera by Vera Wang Debuts

Last week I went to see the much anticipated Simply Vera Vera Wang line at Kohl's. I quite liked the advertisements I saw in Vogue and a few other fashion magazines. There is a stunning yellow shirt and an adorable hat I quite want to try on. I was, however, disappointed when I arrived at Kohl's. I knew the clothes would cost a little more than normal Kohl's prices, but I didn't expect them to be quite so high. They are very well made though, and they fit great so the prices are only a little high for the quality. Plus, it's Kohl's so they'll go on sale. The most disappointing thing was that my Kohl's stocked none of the clothes from the ads. Sure they had pretty pieces, but not the ones I had my heart set on. They apparently released the line today, but aren't releasing it fully yet. They don't know when they will get certain pieces or if they'll them at all. Also, some of the pieces in the ads are not even up on the site. For anyone looking