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Loved or Loathe? Spring's Big Hair

Several spring 2008 runways featured big, teased nests of hair. I don't know how well this trend will catch on in the mainstream. What do you think?

Model from the Marc Jacob's show

Do you like the trend of big, teased hair this spring? I think I'll flat iron my hair in protest. It doesn't matter. I'm not changing my look. I may use some volumizer and hot rollers, but no backcombing for me. Finally! I've been waiting for

Dress Up Your Curves: Fashion to Figure

Fashion to Figure offers fashionable clothing for women sizes 14 to 26. Most items are under $40, which means you can pick up some great trend and special occasion pieces at a low price. They carry everything from denim and dresses to accessories and active wear.

Fashion to Figure founders, Michael and Nicholas Kaplan, are the great-grandsons of Lena Bryant, the founder of Lane Bryant. Bryant created the first maternity evening gown in 1901 when pregnant women were not supposed to appear at public functions. Her maternity fashions took off, and she started creating plus size fashion as well. The Lane Bryant company sold to The Limited Brands in 1982. In 2004 the Kaplans, inspired by their family history, started Fashion to Figure. The company aims to provide quality, plus size clothing from a variety of brands so the customers are not limited to one fit, style, or brand. They work to offer all of this at the best possible prices.

Pleated dress with lace inset - $36

Buying Into Shoulders and Hips

Puff sleeves, lantern sleeves, barrel skirts, tulip skirts, bubble dresses. Spring 2008 is an update of the soft, exaggerated feminine proportions Dior rocked the world with in the late 1940s. Ladies, embrace (or create) your curves because shoulders and hips are big.
First row: navy cowl neck bubble dress, Thread Social, $134.70
pleated polka dot skirt, FCUK $129.99
vintage black party dress with striped sleeves, Endien of Paris, $49.99
Second row: navy jacket, Forever 21 $18.99
pink cropped cashmere sweater, Kcoline on Etsy $165
Third row: purple silk puff sleeve blouse, Victoria's Secret $48
green corduroy skirt, Ralph Lauren $69
red tulip skirt, Urban Outfitters $48

Etsy Shop of the Week: Retrograndma, A Blast from the Past

Retrograndma makes unique items out of old records, books, CDs and other items. The book and record bags are cute and playful. The record earring hangers are a fun and useful way to store and display earrings. The shop even carries hollowed out book safes for hiding valuables on your book shelf. One of the most unique items on the site is an accessories holder made from a bra. Retrograndma also makes custom orders. So if you've been wondering what to do with those Reader's Digest books or if that old record cover would make a cute purse, just ask Retrograndma if she can do it.

Pictured: Beegees Album Cover Purse

Head Scarves Like Beyonce in Dreamgirls

I finally got around to watching Dreamgirls. (And in two years, I'll probably see Juno.) Not only was Beyonce's character Deena Jones obnoxiously cherubic, but neither Jackie O nor mod is her look.
It got better sartorially when the plot moved to the 1970s. One of my favorite looks was the black suit with dramatic ruffled blouse and jaunty hat. (If the hat isn't jaunty, it's not worth wearing.)
But the look that got me thinking was the headscarf Beyonce was wearing while wailing "Listen." (The nipply jumpsuit from that scene is dead to me.) Even though I lopped off my curls for a pob six months ago, I think I could still rock the glam pirate look.
The key to pulling the head scarf off so elegantly seems to be picking a tone that is close to your hair color. Beyonce's scarf in the above picture was a deep purple which wasn't a shocking difference from her chocolate brown hair.

First row: gold flower, $34.95
russet flora scarf silk, fashionsca…

Sexy Lingerie for Valentine's Day


Fabulous Fashions Don't Always Translate

Poor Jane Krakowski. All the blogs have been bashing her choice of Malandrino gown for the Screen Actors Guild awards. Rather than pick at her, let's use this as an object lesson. Ladies, try things on. It might look great on the hanger, that model, or your best friend, but none of them have your body. This dress, for example, looks fantastic on the model who is considerably less endowed in the chest than Ms. Krakowski, thus all the bobbles and detail adds bulk where there wasn't any. It doesn't matter how great the dress is if it doesn't work on your waist, your breasts, your hips and your legs. Don't let blogger mockery happen to you!

Fashion Horror: Clowning Around is Serious Buisness

When other little girls were dreaming of being the first actress/ model/ astronaut/ president, I was longing for the day when a circus full of quirky Europeans would roll through town.* I would hide among the animals, and by the time they discovered me, it would be too late to take me home. They would just have to teach me how to eat fire and tame lions. American Apparel wants to make that dream a little closer to reality for a mere $16.

*Total lie. All of it save the hideous tights.

Vintage Shop: Michelle's Vintage Jewelry

Michelle's Vintage Jewelry shop offers a wide variety of vintage costume jewelry and accessories. The styles are diverse and include unique finds like this vintage 1940s squirrel pin. The earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, pins, lockets, rings and other pieces have clear pictures and good descriptions (although some lack information about what era the jewelry is from). You can even find vintage Christmas jewelry. The antique jewelry section also has some exquisite finds.

Buying Into Sheer for Spring 2008

Sheer clothing for spring is not as difficult to manage as you might think. First, unless you are some sort of sartorial superstar, remove the idea of wearing sheer pants. Second, be mindful of proportion. You'll notice in the runway pictures from the previous sheer trend post that the more see-through the outfit, the more skin was actually covered up. This trend is more about illusion and less about letting it all hang out. Third, only show what you are comfortable with. If the idea of a sheer dress makes you blush, wear a slip under it. You could also try the trend in smaller areas like your arms or collar area.
First: black sequin tunic, Urban Outfitters $24.99
orange pintuck blouse, Forever 21 $22.80
Second: ivory tunic with black embroidery, Yoana Baraschi, Bluefly $237
black backless party dress, Mara Hoffman, Shopbop $220
purple color block dress, Sweet Pea, Bluefly $69.99
Third: jade tunic, Forever 21 $22.80
wool tights, Sock Dreams $18

Girliest Sweatshirt Ever

First sneakers, now sweats. I didn't even resolve to work out this year! If you generally avoid sweatshirts because they don't look very feminine, you may change your mind when you see the Aziz double breasted frilled sweatshirt from LuLu's Fashion Lounge. I love the buttons and the elongated cuffs! Stay warm, casual and cute for $52.

Target Challenge: The Perfect Flats

Flats are the go-everywhere shoe. While I'm partial to heels, I've learned the value and versatility of flats. Flats are the casual shoe that never fails to be chic. The classic ballet flat looks effortless with everything from dresses to jeans. The loafer looks structured and timeless with trousers. The sneaker flat makes a cute addition to comfy skirts, jeans, and shorts. A great flat is more fashionable than the flip flip, but it is still small enough to slip in your bag for that long walk home.

Target has a huge selection of flats this spring so you're sure to find the one that's right for you be it classic, colorful, printed, or comfy.

Classic flats:
Mossimo Dani Cross-Toe Flats – Brown $24.99
Women's Mossimo Donna Moccasins with Bow – Dark Brown $24.99
Merona Ariana Buckle Moccasins – Black $22.99
Mossimo Desta Ballet Flats – Black $19.99
Xhilaration Sable Ballerina Flats – Gold $12.99
Merona Anya Quilted-Toe Ballet Flats – Black $11.49

Color flats:

If You Like Rainbows But Not Glitter...

Those of you who responded to the last "Love or Loathe" loved the idea of a white shoe with rainbow trim but were completely turned off by the glitter. You might like these Betsey Johnson "Campbell" peep toes. Doesn't the rose on the heel remind you of a lollipop? They are so perfect for spring, and I'd be tempted to wear them around the house while thinking warm thoughts for the next few months. These sweet shoe treats are $230 from Zappos and are also available in red or black.


Two things you have to remember in men’s fashion, straight off:1.You will never look like Cary Grant. For many, he is the ultimate example of masculine style, but there was more Cary Grant going on than his clothes. 2.Nearly everything you wear, designed after the late eighties, may have been designed for the frame of an 11 year old boy, which is also equivalent to a really tall pre-pubescent girl.The attitude towards men’s fashion has changed dramatically over the last fifty years of the twentieth century and into the present day. While once every man wore a suit of some regard daily to blend in, today’s options are meant to allow the wearer to stand out and express themselves, freeing the art of style, if such a thing can be named, to become more masculine.The suit itself, once a symbol of conformity, practically a social uniform has since become one of the primary outlines to follow in crafting a cool and stylish look. Variations for the 2008 spring line up promise to continue this…

Off-Beat Valentine's Jewelry

Many women are romantic, but that doesn't mean they like lace and glitter. If you're funky, edgy or just out of the ordinary, express your love with some of these Valentine's treats.
First row: rose gold kiss studs, Jules Smith, $125
anatomical print heart necklace, Paraphernalia on Etsy $20
fingerprint pendant, Imprint on my Heart $50-$2000
Second row: pink heart skull earrings, Shana Logic $12
IM kiss necklace, Sweet Tooth Designs $65
mended heart necklace, Ruby Girl on Etsy $36
Third row: key cuff bracelet, My Hools on Etsy $32
vinyl diamond earrings, Mod Cloth $14.99
razor blade heart silver, Analogous Jewelry, Elsewares $110

If you are thinking jewelry for Valentine's Day, look back at our tips for buying gemstones and gold.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

-- Valentine's undies for those who love the holiday, snarky scarves for those who don't

-- Haute couture from Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, and Christian Lacroix

-- What's your haute couture dream?

-- Shoulders, hips and sheer are big for spring 2008

-- Denim challenges from Project Runway and Levi's

-- Anna Sui and BCBG clearance

-- Bold shoes, beautiful shoes, bad shoes, iffy shoes

-- Tips on wearing false eyelashes

Cute Underwear and Lingerie for Valentine's Day


Over 50% Off Anna Sui

If you love prints, you're probably a fan of Anna Sui. Trouble is, she's a little pricey for most young women, but if you hurry to Net-a-Porter many of her skirts, dresses and even boots are marked down over 50%.
black and white jacquard skirt $124
navy butterfly dress $191.50

The Horror: Killer Platforms

As I was perusing photos of S/S 08 runway shoes, I came across these shoes by Alessandro Dell'Acqua. How did I not see these when I first looked at these shows in September? It's not like these ankle torturing platforms were made for a wallflower. Pity I don't know where they are being sold, so I can't run out and refuse to buy them. Anyone care to identify the ugliest feature of these shoes?

Dress Up Your Curves: IGIGI

IGIGI offers a stunning selection of plus size clothing from work wear, to evening attire, to wedding wardrobes for the whole party. The fashion forward clothing doesn't compromise style. IGIGI even promises a great fit. Thanks to their myShape guide, finding a flattering fit isn't a mystery. This guide gives you tips for dressing your shape no matter what size it is. You can even shop by your shape so you won't have to wander the site hoping to find something that fits the tips they gave you.

IGIGI is on a mission to keep curves in the fashion world. The clothing, outfits, accessories, and special occasion outfits are all designed for curves, which means these garments have a lot of sexy sophistication.

Pictured: Tailored Trench

Couture: The Gowns

Couture gowns often look like something from a fairytale or, at least, from a fairytale life. The gowns conjure up a dream world based on a simple question, “Where would I wear that?” I, obviously, wouldn't wear that anywhere considering I have no occasion that would require such a dress. However, part of the fun of couture is imagining where I would wear the dress, which of course requires conjuring up an entire life (and maybe even a Prince Charming) to go along with the dress and event.

For example, the pale blue Elie Saab gown would be for my princess ball. (It's a day dream I can be a princess). The floral Valentino dress with the pompous hat could only be worn to some sort of parade in an old movie. The gold mermaid dress from Jean Paul Gaultier would be a knock-out (and a stand-out) at an elegant party. The rich, deep blue of the Versace gown would be an amazing red carpet pick (for that Oscar I'm totally going to win).

How would you wear couture in your make-…

Can You Design the Best New Jean Look?

Project Runway designers aren't the only ones to get a shot at designing an iconic jean look. Levi's wants to see your take on it too. So if you think you can create the ultimate new denim design, enter the Levi's 501 Challenge and see if your design wins enough points to be sold on

Just grab a pair of 501 jeans and the trucker jacket for your raw materials and get designing. For some inspiration, check out the Project Runway designs from this week. Ricky's design has already sold out on Yours could be next.

If you're not the designing type, sign up to be a judge and vote for you favorite looks. Check out the website for more details.

Sheer Trendiness for Spring

Designers want to see more of you. Spring/Summer 08 runways were full of not only sheer sleeves and sheer panel blouses but also sheer pants with panty designs. As you can gather from the pictures below, some looks are more workable in real life than others. What do you think of this trend? Is it revelatory or sheer madness?

l-r: Louis Vuitton, Anna Sui, Prada, Marc Jacobs

Love or Loathe? Glitter Rainbow Pumps

White glitter and a rainbow heel. I'm not sure if these Oh Deer! "Sundae" pumps are fabulously cute or sickeningly sweet. What do you think? If you like them, what would you wear with them?

Project Runway: Levi 501 Design Challenge.

Tonight began with a field trip to garage at a pier where a designer from Levi's was standing. Inside the warehouse were over 500 pairs of Levis and some white cotton. The designers were challenged to create an iconic denim look out of these raw materials. The designers made some great looks. The competition is getting a lot tougher.

Thankfully, Rami had to use denim, which pleased the judges because it pushed him to create something that didn't rely on draping. Like his outfit for the Hershey's challenge, the materials forced him to create something different. He needed to do this before the judges got really sick of him.

Sweet Pea almost ended up in disaster as she planned to make a denim wedding dress. After some loving advice from Tim, she turned her “hippy dippy” look into a chic, slimming, and versatile dress.

Chris seemed to be trying to achieve Sweet Pea's versatility with what he called a “little blue dress”-–a denim version of a little black dress. Howev…

More Couture

Today brought more couture shows with some fabulous looks. I love looking through couture shows. Even though I'll never be able to afford, let alone wear, the clothing, couture shows are full of unique ideas, avant garde creations, and amazing construction.

Christin Lacroix created an elaborate collection with layers of fabric, patterns and color.

The Lace look on the left is quite wearable and pretty. The other looks are more typical of the collection and of Lacroix couture. The whole collection is very visually interesting.

Givenchy had a mix of ballet and menswear inspirations on their runway.

There was also a some bold leather pieces mixed in, which brought a tougher look to some of the outfits. The jacket in the middle looks amazing.

Chanel went for a very young look.

Much of the collection focused on the Chanel jacket by pairing various jacket looks with short draped skirts (left). It also included many fun, young party dresses (middle and right). Also, all of Chanel&#…

Buying Into Chunky Shoes

Spring's shoes are bold. They are possessed with personality and not afraid to make a statement. Sounds just like the modern woman! You can wear this trend one of two ways. Several runways paired these heavy shoes with light, girly clothes, a study in contrasts. Other designers dressed their models in subdued military-inspired looks and topped them off - so to speak - with shoes with presence.
First row: orange patent cut-out wedge, Guess, $99
black jeweled flat sandals, Forever 21 $16.80
green and yellow suede pumps, Seychelles, Urban Outfitters $78
yellow and brown sandal, Anthropologie $258
Second row: dove grey snap ankle strap sandal, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, Shopbop $280
black platform, Pour La Victorie, $189.95
teal peep toe cut-out slingback, Vince Camuto, $119.95
Third row: coral patent with ball ornament, Marc Jacobs, Net-a-Porter $615
white black and gold pumps, Tory Burch, Shopbop $295
red black and natural platform sandal, Steve Madd…

A Subtle Kick at Valentine's Day

When you were in high school, did you dress in black every February 14th? Do you still find the holiday a little contrived but don't know how to subtly protest? Shana Logic is selling a hot pink toxic love scarf and a black scarf with a broken heart. Smirk while you walk around the mushy lovers.

Elliott Lucca St. Bart's Hobo

This woven leather purse by Elliott Lucca would be a perfect everyday bag. It's available in light gold, silver, white and my favorite, this buttery yellow. The weave and the tassels make it perfect for both day and night. Plus, it's big enough to carry all your essentials without tempting you to think those essentials include a copy of Vogue, a take out Chinese menu, five lipsticks and a chunky bangle you rarely wear. It's $171.95 at Zappos.

Dior Couture

Spring Couture shows are underway, which means it is time to ogle outlandish outfits and expensive ensembles. So far, John Galliano's designs for Dior have been the most outstanding of the season. The vivid colors and interesting shapes are bookended by enormous hats and fabulous shoes.

I love these shoes.

You can see the entire collection at

Vintage Shop: Hey Viv!

If you looking for great fifties style, Hey Viv! is the place to look. This fun vintage shop carries poodle skirts, crinolines, dresses, accessories, and vintage style clothing. Hey Viv! also specializes in plus sizes. The variety is amazing. A lot of the pieces are great for a vintage-y costume party. The vintage style pieces may not be real vintage, but they look great. Many of the dresses, hats, eye glasses, jewelry, and other fun accessories could be great additions to your everyday wardrobe. Overall, the store is a fun place to shop.

Hey Viv! 50's Vintage Fashion Hat: Red Roll Brim $18.99
Hey Viv! 50's Style Cat Eye Glasses $9.98
Hey Viv! 50's Vintage Apron: Queen of Hearts $14.99

Beautiful Heels

The stores are putting out so many beautiful shoes for spring that I can't wait for the daffodils to start blooming! Much as I'd love to break out my sandals, the snow on my porch is mocking me. If you're also itching to shop for shoes, here are some lovelies to help transition from winter to spring.
First row: red t-strap with black toe cap, Naturalizer $49.99
beige patent peep toe, Chinese Laundry "Norfolk", $72.95
Second row: multicolor pump, Oh Deer! $72.99
yellow pump, Payless $19.99
grey platform slingback, Nine West "Bilson" $69
Third row: green suede mary janes, Naturalizer $23.70
dark red open toe shootie, Vince Camuto, Nordstrom $129.95
purple and blue brogue, Pour la Victoire, Nordstrom $164.95

Try Fake Lashes

I will now post a close up of myself after several hours of dancing and sweating at a New Year's Eve party. Be kind.
Do those eyelashes look fake? They are, and none of my friends knew it. I wore them almost 24 hours without any sort of problem. Not bad for a girl who's not used to artificial things near her eyes.

If you're trying to come up with a romantic look for Valentine's day, try out fake lashes. Go to your local drug store and buy one pack of full lashes and one pack of clustered lashed. (Products pictured are from My glue came with the lashes, but you might have to buy some separately.
First, vigorously coat your natural lashes in mascara.

Even if you want a full fringe, cut the full lashes in half. (I'm only wearing half lashes in the New Year's picture.) It's easier to glue on two smaller parts than a full set. Put some glue on the lashes, wait for it to get tacky, and press them on toward the base of your natural lash. You …