Blackout Pout

How to wear black lipstick YSL black lip gloss
In mid-October Jael Paris pondered YSL's black lipstick. The models of FW08 marched down the runway with glossy, black pouts and porcelain faces. It's a bold look and a tricky look, but her pondering made it a must try for me.

Having no black lipstick on hand and little luck finding an affordable imitation YSL's sold out lip gloss that was shiny instead of matte, I dug out an old black eyeliner from the depths of my makeup bag and went to work. I lined and filled in my lips then carfully dotted a clear gloss over top. Unfortunately, eye liner does not stand up to gloss the way lip liner does. It was too easily smudged to be wearable for even a jaunt down the catwalk. I had to try something else.

Black lipstick how toJael had suggesed this Manic Panic Matte Black Lipstick as an alternative. But it isn't glossy, and the gloss is the key to looking chic instead of costumey. Since Halloween would be over soon, I watched for a cheap black lipstick on all the clearance racks. I found one for a $1 (it's just like the Manic Panic, only a different brand). I put it on, again with a super high shine gloss on top. The effect was almost perfect.

It doesn't smear when just breathing on it like the eye liner did, but there was no way you could eat, drink or even perse your lips too much without messing it up.

I think I have found a two-part solution though. First, I want to try a less liquidy gloss on top--something super shiney but not super runny. Second, I need a lip primer like this $12 one by Sephora, which is probably a good item to own anyway. (Smashbox sells a lip and eye primer duo for $24). I think those two things will make this a longer lasting look.

glossy black lipstickA few other tips for wearing black lipstick. Keep your face an even tone. I need a foundation that can better cover my rosy cheeks as one cannot have such rosy cheeks with this look. Also, keep your eyes simple but do line them and wear mascara so they don't get completely lost or look dead. Beware of heavy smokey eyes lest your look cross over into costume.

This is definately an evening look, and one I am going to keep in mind since I think it works with my pouty mouth. It has also made me want to explore more dark lipsticks. What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Dark lips are fun. I've fiddled with the leftovers of a "goth" stack of makeup left over from Halloween. Not sure if I'm daring enough to wear it out or not, but I've considered it. I'm not sure if I'd want to spend much on an experiment anyways, since I don't typically wear anything on my lips other than a lightly tinted gloss.
Anonymous said…
no. sriously. no. don't do it. it might look good on a runway on hollow-cheeked starving models, but not on a healthy-looking face with round cheeks worn on a night out on the town. heroin-chique also never worked any place else than the runway, and i guess it is the same thing here. sorry.
Anonymous said…
I love it.... a good cheapie tip there....
Anonymous said…
I'd say go for it...If you're going for a goth/alternative look. Because that's all it can look like. Honestly. I think it looks great on the right face and lips! but those faces and lips belong to my lovely goth friends, so it makes sense.

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