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London Fashion Week SS12: Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders, Sass & Bibe

Who: Christopher Kane
What it made us think of: Preppy beach shoes
What we liked: some metallic, the cut out florals, 60s bead embellishments,
What we didn't: the loathsome shoes, metallic floral = 60s wallpaper, out of place denim, THE SHOES!!!Who: Jonathan Saunders
What it made us think of: A preppy resort interpretation of Indian kolams.
What we liked: the prints, bright colors mixed with pastels, colorful ankle-wrap sandals, winged eyeliner
What we didn't: Are those...pants? The prints don't work on bifurcated legwear.
Who: Sass & Bide
What it made us think of: Preppy in 2053
What we liked: neon necklaces, polka dots, geometric bags, neon yellow, colorful bead work
What we didn't: dress mullets, striped pajamas, some of the black and gold pieces felt dated already
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London Fashion Week SS12: Mary Katrantzou, Mark Fast, Corrie Nielsen

Who: Mary Katrantzou
What it made us think of: Lisa Frank if she grew up and made something a bit more chic.
What we liked: The prints, shapes, colors and textures.
What we didn't: Some of it got a little too bright and loud.
I'm unsure about the vivid lipstick. It works on some models, but not on others.
Who: Mark Fast
Thoughts: Fast is growing and experimenting with new fabrics and shapes. He has some work to do with these new techniques, but the growth is in the right direction.
What we liked: Longer dresses, fringe & ruffles, full skirts
What we didn't: I really miss his models of all sizes.
Who: Corrie Nielsen
Thoughts: The 2010 Fashion Fringe winner, had successful first outing with her line titled "arbiter elegantiarum." She took leading elements of Victorian and Japanese fashions and merged them into a cohesive modern collection while keeping the core aesthetic that led her to win Fashion Fringe. I can't wait to continue watching her career.
What …

Etsy Shop of the Week: xiaolizi


Why We Love It: I don't want to think about winter, but I know it's coming. When I does, I not only want to be warm, but I want to step out in that grey icy mess as vivid and fabulous as I can. These swishy, dramatic coats are just the trick. The shop also offers equally swishy dresses and skirts as well as other clothing items. The prices are great too.

Price Range: $25 - $139

More Info: This shop is based in China so the shipping runs around $16 - $18.

Favorite Items:Dance of love blue woolen long coat $129 (pictured); Elegant wollen winter coat $119; Elegant black knee-length dress with flower $69; Red woolen coat $89; Elegant long woolen coat $119; Black wool winter coat $95 (want!)

Style Icon Clara Bow

If you hadn't read the title (and maybe that didn't even help), wouldn't you think this was a modern picture? The mussed bob, one giant locket as an earring, girlish top, dramatic lipstick, and most of all the self-possessed stare all seem so now. She looks like the quirkiest of art students. But the image left is of Clara Bow -- flapper icon and Hollywood's first sex symbol -- in the early 1930s.

Flirtatious and sassy, Clara wasn't a damsel to be saved. She was a star; not a star's accessory. While other actors at the time were still proffering their stage mugging for screen, she was intimate and familiar -- a person to be not a person behind a mask.Though her ten year career was prodigious and varied, Clara was often the screen's go-to bad girl. The consummate flapper, her short skirts, penciled eyebrows, and cupid's bow lips were copied by women everywhere. When a Hollywood celebrity magazine mentioned that her wavy bob was red, stores experienced a r…

London Fashion Week SS12: David Koma, Meadham Kirchhoff, Danielle Scutt

Who: David Koma
What it made us think of: Shattered glass
What we liked: prisms
What we didn't: Koma's vision is usually strong and wonderous. It felt muddled and confused here. P.S. Kill all the fringe.
Who: Meadham Kirchhoff
What it made us think of: This is what an acid dropping clown sees at children's birthday parties.
What we liked: tights, socks, lace, fuzzy wuzziness, exaggerated hips. Many of the pieces (if you can see past the styling) would make nice separates.
What we didn't: granny panty bottoms, the shoes, smiling cartoon figures. Did someone puke candy on the wigs?
Who: Danielle Scutt
What it made us think of: Hip-Hop: The Broadway Extravaganza!
What we liked: suspenders, metallic, fabric twists
What we didn't: tie-dyed jeans, boxers peeking out from the pants, marijuana prints, fishing nets, tee shirts, ruffle abuse
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Real Leather, Target Prices

Want real leather, but can't afford it? Once again, it's Target to the rescue! (We're not sponsored by them, I swear.) Aside from the usual name-brand replicas in various budget materials, this season Target has a variety of honest-to-goodness came-from-a-cow leather boots available for prices you can afford without taking out a loan. These styles come in multiple colors, too (though limited to either black or varying shades of brown). Go check them out! Just remember, they don't come weatherproofed, so be careful where you drool.

Real Leather, Target Prices by fashionvickifabulous featuring tall leather boots Target:Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kaiala Leather Ankle Bo...
$25 -
Tall leather boots
$70 -
Target:Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kailyn Genuine Leather ...
$80 -
Target:Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Katherine Leather Engin...
$60 -
Target:Women's Xhilaration® Karima Leather Boots - B...
$50 -

Bright Pants

Polyvore is just wrapping up a contest for styling bright pants. Having realized that as it gets colder my colorful summer skirts are about to give way to black, navy, and brown pants, I'm jonesing for bright legs. They're perfect for pairing with grey flannel blazers or chunky black sweaters. green apple petite crop, ASOS $58.54
mustard flared cords, Mod Cloth $47.99
red wide leg, Express $69.90
pumpkin slim ankle pants, ASOS $82.33
pink flared cords, ASOS $64.03
jade swishy legs, Top Shop $106

If you want some styling tips for this trend, check out Polyvore's contest entries for over 3,000 suggestions.
Transition Trend: Bright Pants contest on

London Fashion Week SS2012: Fashion Fringe

Fashion Fringe isn't just a collection, it is three collections from the finalists in a fashion design competition. It's Project Runway gone avant-garde. (Oh, how I wish the PR designers did work like this).

First up, Fyodor Golan, a label created by a duo who met while working for Alexander McQueen. The McQueen influence is obvious in the macabre tones and exaggerated shapes. (One of the designers even donned a kilt, boots and a t-shirt on the runway.) The bird cutouts follow this season's avian trend, but in a more spooky Hitchcock or Poe way. The collars over the bedraggled hair made me feel like I was in horror movie that blended The Birds and The Ring with some sort fairy tale involving a delicate canary princess and evil bird queen.
The next designer, Heidi Leung, took me to a fairy tale world too. Her fairy tale featured a favorite daughter named Cinderella who was given a gown of many colors by her father. When he died, her evil step sisters shredded her gown and m…

Nailed It: Fall Runway Manicure Inspiration

We've been obsessed with nails lately. Now that fall has all but officially arrived, grab some inspiration from the fall runways for fashionable and fun fingers and toes.

Alexander McQueen featured silver and black in different arrangements on each nail.
3.1 Philip Lim used a dark sapphire color in a half circle shape at the base of the nail over a dusty taupe on the rest of the nail. (We featured a black and white version this summer).
Jason Wu made over the French manicure with burgundy nails and gold tips. Monique Lhuillier also took on this classic manicure with just a thin line of color on the tips.
D&G used vivid colored polish to mimic the near-neon shades of their fall line.
Rodarte, Giles and Gucci played matchmaker by using the same shade on lips and nails. What colors and styles are you loving for fall manicures?

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McQueen-inspired Steampunk Heels

Everyone went nuts for the massive, crazy "armadillo" shoes from Alexander McQueen's SS10 show, but those show pieces weren't what I craved. I loved the steampunk metal heel on the booties and ballet pink pumps. Brass and bolts are fun details that can be worn in every day life. Understandably, I let out a happy gasp when I saw Hades, Metropolis's "Eiffel" platform heels. No pink, but they are available in pearl, black, brown and red. At just over $150, they're not a casual purchase, but they are hundreds less than any McQueen shoe ever.

London Fashion Week SS12: Erdem, Burberry Prorsum, Matthew Williamson

Who: Erdem
What it made us think of: What four-year-old me imagined I looked like when playing dress up with blouses, table cloths and doilies before heading to to a tea party with my stuffed toys.
What we liked: Floral prints, gloves, pretty lace
Who: Burberry Prorsum
What it made us think of: The clothing in I would wear in the opening sequence if my life was the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
What we liked: Pleated skirts, beaded belts and backs, fun jacket collars, that purple jacket (want!)
What we didn't: This, pajama-y button blouses, sundresses, weird poofs on skirts
Who: Matthew Williamson
What it made us think of: The 70s on Safari
What we liked: Pants, jackets, shorts, pocket blouses, drapery cord belts,
What we didn't: Jumpsuits, some of the sundress, boob lashes
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On Learning To Sew

I'm writing this on a lazy Saturday morning. My sewing machine is staring at me over the top of my lap top. Had it a tongue, no doubt it would be sticking out. The little bastard and its army of scissors, seam rippers, bobbins and rulers taunt me.

Hubby got me a sewing machine for Christmas because I wanted to be able to hem my own pants, to make my own curtains, to play with pillowcases. Then life got busy and it sat around for months untouched.

But a few months ago, unhappy with where I am in life, I decided sewing was my way out. That if I worked at it, I could follow in the footsteps of millions of women (my grandmother included) who used their needle and thread to earn an income.

I spent evening after evening practicing stitches, learning how the fabric moves with the feed dogs, feeling the tautness of my bobbin thread. I also spent countless nights lamenting my wobbly cuts, yelling at the gnarl of thread caught in my machine, crying over a task that seems insurmou…

London Fashion Week SS12: Giles, Felder Felder, Roksanda Ilincic

Who: Giles
What it made us think of: An alien, avian race has come to Earth to recruit for their sorority.
What we liked: silver, cutout lace patterns, buggy sunglasses, feathers
What we didn't: Long fringe looks awful in this fabric. Hit and miss on the swan print. What the sheer?
Who: Felder Felder
What it made us think of: There is a race of warrior women of the future living in the jungle and darn it all if they aren't going to have a chic little party.
What we liked: harnesses, studded shoes, metallic blue
What we didn't: the prints, the tees give me a 90s rash,
Who: Roksanda Ilincic
What it made us think of: Therapy sessions for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder.
What we liked: saffron, orange, teal, rope belts, color block shoes, great work dresses
What we didn't: knit caps, bell sleeves, some of the cuts are too loose for anyone with curves
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