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Pick of the Week: Perfect Tweed Dress

Sometimes, the pick of the week picks itself. MNG by Mango's red tweed dress makes me weak in the knees. Slightly retro, but deeply classic. Buttons. Tweed. Red. See, it reduces me to lists! This is is the sort of dress you grab when you're running late in the morning and can't think about an outfit. Black tights, black shoes, and the dress speaks for itself. On sale for $64, it's a great secret weapon to keep on hand.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Bright Fall by fashionmefabulous

Endings & Beginnings: We wrapped up Spring Summer 2012 fashion week with a look at the Japanese designers. Project Runway season 9 came to an end, but that means we got a chance to meet the Project Accessory designers.

Raves & Rants: Jael Paris rants against the idea that pant hems must be shoe specific. We would love sexy Halloween costumes that used burlesque accessories from our Etsy Shop of the Week (instead of cheap shiny fabric).

Shopping & Saving: We've rounded up 9 fall cardigans. Do you love or loathe these Victorian boots? Also, a chic bird dress look for under $150.

Project Runway Season 9 Finale: Winners & Losers

Well, Runway fans, another season has come to an end. The judges have chosen a winner, and we are left to watch Project Accessory and get really excited about Tim Gunn's Behind the Seams special next week.

I just wish I could get really excited or really angry or really anything about the finale. Instead, I'm left feeling that no one really won. In fact, not much seemed to have happened last night.

Rather than being forced to create a new look (like a wedding dress or something), the designers were give $500 to go to Mood and buy anything they needed to spruce up their collections. I've always hated the last minute assignment because it ruins great collections or helps collections that don't deserve help. I liked this because it allowed them to actually respond to the judges critiques from last week. Conspiracy theorists will say this was the producers' way of making it possible for Anya to win. I believe the producers had no idea how to fill the 90 minute block of t…

Project Runways Season 9 Finale Live blog

We'll be live blogging the Project Runway Season 9 finale right here at 9p.m. EST. Don't miss the chance to share your reactions, favorites and top moments from the season with all the other Fashion Me Fabulous Runway Fans.
<a href="" >Project Runway Season 8 Finale</a>

Paris Fashion Week Ss12: The Japanese Designers

Comme des Garçons showcased a delicate bride who was stolen from her true love, trapped in an asylum and fighting to escape from the advances of a mad scientist only to die from the effects of his terrible experiments before reaching her love.
Issey Miyake resembled spring on fire with buds bursting forth in blooming hats, billowing clothes, patterned tights and near-neon pastels.
Yohji Yamamoto played out like a silent film featuring a sport-couture Charlie Chaplin and Helena Bonham Carter.
Junya Watanabe blended the usual exaggerated shapes and ideas with surprisingly wearable and commercials pieces, the whole thing crammed with more references than even a human encyclopedia could name.
Tsumori Chisato took us on a retro cruise from Hawaii to Japan as though both places were located in the South Pacific. Image source:

$150 Challenge: Bird Dress

The bird print trend we saw at Spring 2012 fashion week has becca and I all a-twitter. We love birds. Make no mistake, we don't want a pet cockatiel, and please don't bequeath us with one of those clocks that has a different birdsong marking the hour. Rather, it's the art of birds that we love. The complex creature with such a distinct, smooth silhouette. From bright mating displays to muddled camouflage, we can't stop looking at birds.

$150 Challenge: Bird Dress by fashionmefabulous

Click the little pictures above for more info on the products.

Etsy Shop of the Week: French Market Stitch

Shop:French Market Stitch

Why We Love It: Burlesque costumes can be difficult to work into everyday attire, but they're pretty enough to give it a try. French Market Stitch offers plenty of fascinators and mini top hats to bring that burlesque flair to any look. Plus, the shop has an lovely selection of stunning corsets.

Price Range: Accessories: $13.95 - $35; Corsets: $135 - $290

Favorite Items:Elizabeth Burlesque Corset Costume $150 (pictured); Gothic Burlesque Corset Costume $150; Black Circus Corset Burlesque Costume $165; Gold Circus Corset Burlesque Costume $195; Baby Pink feather hair clip $24; Gunmetal grey and black sequins floral headband $24.95

Rant: Pant Hems

While flipping through a magazine, I noticed a mandate about the hems of your pants. They claimed your hem is supposed to be a half inch off the floor so you have to hem all your pants for flats or heels.

I call bull.

Following this idea means I need to buy multiple pairs of pants so I can wear them with each height of shoes. After all, two inch heels would need a different hem from three inchers. It also means that any heels I bought with cute details will be almost entirely covered. Stilettos will catch on the hem as will platforms. I've seen this idea expressed several places, and the argument is that hemming them shorter will make you look short.

Other people say that the hem should fall mid-arch or with the hem just skimming the vamp of your shoe. For flats, this comes to, yes, about half an inch off the floor, and for heels this at least means you won't have to hem for each heel height. Plus cute toe details of shoes would always be visible. That's more doable. However,…

Project Accessory: Meet the Designers

Project Runway season 9 comes to an end Thursday. (We're liveblogging it. Be there!) But don't worry. There won't be time for Runway withdrawl. Immediately after, Project Accessory will premiere and we get to see what kinds of crazy challenges they come up with for an eclectic group of designers. I have no idea how shoemakers, jewelry designers and milliners will compete together in one day challenges with unconventional materials, but I can't wait to see it. Here are the designers competing on the premier season. Any early favorites?

Milwaukee, WI/Atlanta, GA – specializes in jewelry
Website / Twitter / Etsy
Jenine Cotrice Addison created The Cotrice Collection in 2000. She specializes in natural and bizarre materials, including paper and plastic. Here's to hoping she does well if Project Accessory has an unconventional materials challenge just like it's big sister, Project Runway.
Brian Burkhardt
Manchester, NH/Miami, FL – jewelry
Website (art) / Website (…

9 Fall Cardigans

This month we had a weird heat wave, a week of fall, a week of monsoons and now people here are talking about snow. Shh! If you don't say its name, it won't come! I'm not done with fall yet, so let's shop cardigans. Bonus, most of these are already on sale.Top: Fair Isle draped open cardigan, Kensie at Macy's $59.99 (sale)
faux fur zip sweater, MICHAEL Michael Kors at Macy's $99 (sale)
marine blue open cable-knit cardigan, Victoria's Secret $39.50 (sale)
Middle: black and white scroll sweater jacket, Macy's $29.99 (sale)
preppy plaid cardigan, ASOS $80.86
sequin trimmed cardigan, Calvin Klein at Zappos $48
Bottom: faux fur cable knit cardigan, ASOS $80.86
ribbon trimmed cardigan, Mod Cloth $53.99
leather buckle cardigan, Victoria's Secret $45.50 (sale)

Love or Loathe: Victorian Boot

No doubt, among our readers we have quite a few costume enthusiasts. Well, those readers may want to settle in on their fainting couches because the "Lady Victoria" boot from Poetic Licence is seriously costumey.Some people are very against the idea of looking too period lest you be costumey, but we think it's just fine. And accessories like shoes and jewelry are a fun way to tinge an outfit with your personality when the occasion is otherwise more sartorially conservative. However, I think the black and cream versions of these boots are fugly as all get out. (Getting out is quite fugly.) I just can't see them going with anything. The brown, maybe. Even so, the height of the boot is awkward and I can't help but think about how dirty they'd get after of few days in sidewalk-free Indiana.

Do you like them? If so, what would you wear them with?

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Neon Fall by fashionmefabulous
Project Runway: Catch our recap of last week's episode before the finale. Also, join us next week for the finale live blog at 9 p.m. EST

Fall Shopping: Get fall blazers under $100, classic crossbody bags, and unique sci-fi-inspired jewelry from Etsy.

Must Haves: A silk blouse is essential for any office-ready wardrobe. John Freida's Dream Curls product will keep any curly mane in check.

Paris Fashion Week So Far:
Alexander McQueenBalenciaga, Rue due Mail, YSLChanel, ValentinoDior, John GallianoManish Arora, Paco RabanneAkris, Dries Van Noten, Haider AckermannJean Paul Gaultier, A. F. Vandevorst, Viktor & RolfGareth Pugh, Balmain, Pedro Lourenço

Project Runway S9 E13: The Fantastic? Four

Time finally came to see the designers in their natural habitats, and that time seemed very abbriviated. The Tim Gunn visits were super short (considering he had to had to travel to Trinidad for one of them) and a little disappointing, since I so look forward to seeing families welcome Tim into their rituals and traditions. (You better believe my Armenian family would try to feed him to death while asking him far to0 many personal questions.) In fact, the often standoff-ish Viktor had the most natural and endearing home visit.

Soon the designers were back in New York City living in a fabulous suite with a garden. Tim went over their collections with them and announced that each designer would have to show three pieces on the runway to determine which three would make it to fashion week. I was really surprised they didn't have to make a new look. Actually, I think making a new look would have been good for some of them.

What I liked most about this episode was how much feed back the …

Parsi Fashion Week SS12: Chanel, Valentino

Who: Chanel
What it made us think of: Little Mermaid if she'd taken to being a socialite mer-princess instead of wanting to be human.
What we liked: Aquatic feel, scales, suits, lines, pockets
What we didn't: The pieces that look like they have an oil slick down the front, the really plain bathing suits
Who: Valentino
What it made us think of: High Fashion Anne of Green Gables meets Victoria's Secret
What we liked: Puffy sleeves!, lace, florals, delicate dresses, well placed sheer
What we didn't: Poorly placed sheer, block of plain dresses, overly nightgown-ish looks Image source: