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Unicorn Fashion

Did you try the Unicorn Frappucino last weekend? Or were you not up for the long lines and sour sugar bomb? Either way, make a more lasting unicorn statement with a little magical fashion. If you want a subtle way to show your unicorn love, a little rainbow highlighter or a chic necklace add a touch of magic to any outfit. Rainbow Highlighter, Forever 21, $5.90 | Geometric Unicorn Necklace, Amazon, $15.80 A rainbow dress is the perfect backdrop for any unicorn accessories, while a skull shirt brings an edge to the super sweet unicorn look. Tie Dye Maxi, 6pm, $27.54 | Unicorn Skull Tee, Hot Topic, $22.90 Take your unicorn to work with a basic button down or skate around town in this unicorn dress (which comes in a bunch of colors). Unicorn Blouse, Amazon, $55 | Unicorn Skater Dress, Amazon, $22.99 From the front, these unicorn leggings look like painted rocks, but from behind, it's all unicorn. Don't let a little rain dampen the magic with a packable

Old Hollywood Glamour Shoes

The current state of shoes leaves a lot to be desired, which has sent me on a hunt for more interesting shoes. These shoes from Golden Age are a bit pricey, but they are packed with timeless style. I want them all. Phyllis, $219 Lulu, $249 Laura, $219 Mildred, $249 Gilda, $209 Norma, $219 Which pair is your favorite?

Etsy Shop Update: Stern Tights

FMF covered Stern Tights back in  2011 because we loved their beautiful graphic tights, and we're happy to report the offerings have only improved over the years. Many of the classic styles we first loved are still there alongside some awesome new additions. Skulls and owls are two of my favorite things. Skull tights $35 | Owl tights $35 Whether you're headed to the cabaret or looking for a bold new statement, Stern has tights for you. Cabaret tights $35 | Pins tights $35 Get a leg up on butterflies, dragons and beyond. Butterfly tights $35 | Dragon tights $35 Inspiration for designs ranges from the lace and the cinch of a chic corset to the expanse of a starry night. Lace La Boheme corset tights $35 | Starry Night tights $35

April Birthstones: A different diamond

I know diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend, but I never been fond of them. April's birthstone is sparkly, sure, but that's not really my style. I find myself more attracted to "fake" diamonds like Herkimer diamonds (which are crystals), rustic and unique settings, or even uncut stones. What sort of diamond is your best friend? These natural rose cut hexagon diamond stud earrings from LexLuxe don't look like the typical diamond earrings. (Starting at $428) This raw crystal necklace from AbizaJewelry isn't a real diamond necklace, but that doesn't mean it lacks real style. ($38.89) This floating "diamond" necklace from Akamatra may not contain a real diamond, but I love that it forgoes the typical settings for a cage. ($24) Rough cut diamonds have an entirely different look to their precisely cut, sparkly siblings. I love the more rustic appearance and the unique setting of this Raw Diamond Engagement Ring from