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Project Design: Leftovers Jewelry

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Even after all the eating we Americans did for Thanksgiving, there are still lot of leftovers. Etsy shops offer a cornucopia of holiday feast themed jewelry. Which leftovers would you wear?

Homemade Apple Pie Earrings by MoonFaces

Turkey Earrings by krisi

Pumpkin Pie Slice Earrings by gneeworks

Thanksgiving Earrings by MySistersJewelryBox

Cranberry Dreams Necklace and Earring Set by nansglam

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Sales Roundup

I hate crowds, so if I have Christmas shopping to do this late in the season I do it all online. Here's a brief list of deals available at chains, online boutiques and fabulous Etsy shops.

- Cute dresses at Babooshka Boutique are marked down today only.
-- Select items at Sarah Seven are on sale this weekend. If you purchase two items, you'll get a free ruffle scarf.
- Party dresses at VC2o are reduced through New Years.
- Ellita's fanciful knits are on sale today only.
- Photo print jewelry by Diffraction is 25% off this weekend.
stripe halter dress, Babooshka Boutique on Etsy $50
foggy sky stole, Ellita on Etsy $85

- Macy's has free shipping on purchases over $99 until Nov. 30. Enter the code GOBBLE at check out.
- Urban Outfitters also has free shipping. If your purchase is over $75, enter FREEBIRD08 at checkout. Offer lasts until Dec. 1.
- Anthropologie's free shipping lasts until Dec. 19, but your purchase must be over $200.
- Many designer duds at Net-a-Porter are up to…

Black Friday

It's just after 6 in the morning. Why are you up? Are the sales really that great? Are you going to brave the crowds and shop 'til you drop?

Eat Extra Turkey For Kate


Etsy Find of the Week: Knitting Carnival Neck Warmers

Etsy shop, Knitting Carnival, creates lovely knitwear. The cozy neck warmers are my favorite. The styling possibilities are endless. They would be great with dresses, winter coats, lighter coats or even as a cute, capelet-like accessory with more casual looks.

The neck warmers come in several styles and colors. A few styles (like the one pictured) button in the back so you won't mess up your hair if you take it on and off several times. Wool and acrylic fibers are available. They range in price from $30 to $55.

Love or Loathe: Open Lace Bootie

From the back, it's an ankle boot. From the front, it's an odd lace up pump. From all angles, it's a poorly executed version of Viktor & Rolf's SS2008 lace bootie. becca tried on the designer version; it fits beautifully and thins the foot, while the delicate laces and graphic heel cut the thickness of the sides. The "Cutie" from Bakers just feels clunky to me. Do you agree or do you think this could be a great shoe for warmer weather?

Boots For A Real Winter

I woke up to three inches of snow last week. Thank you, Lake Michigan. It's certainly time to start looking at waterproof, chunky soled, warm boots. The hard part of that equation is making sure the boots are also stylish. I need to be warm, not look like I have elephant feet. Thankfully for our budgets, many winter boots are already on sale.
Top: black patent lace up boot, KORS Michael Kors "Mogul", Shopbop $276.50
grey wedge quilted tall boot, Rockport, Endless $149.95
shearling and leather flat knee boot, UGG "Chrystie", Shopbop $150
black snap tab flat boot, Merrell, Nordstrom $149.95
Bottom: reddish brown flat leather boot, Helly Hansen, Endless $119
red quilted wedge, Juicy Couture, Shopbop $136.50
black wedge, Tommy Hilfiger "Zina", Macy's $139
purple tones leather boot, JUMP "Bjork", Endless $90.27

Nod to Mod Vintage

Nod to Mod Vintage on Etsy is a new store, but they're packed with high glam, hipster and boho goodies from the 70s and 80s. With most items ringing in around $30, these deals can't be passed up!
yellow and brown cowl neck mini dress 1970s $25
red crested mini dress with pelpum 1980s $25

Save or Splurge: Bad Economy

In case no one's mentioned it, the economy isn't at it's best right now. This means everything is on sale, and the sales are better than ever. So, in a time when money is tight do you save with super cheap buys from places like Forever 21, or do you splurge a little to buy investment pieces on super sale that you would never be able to afford in a better economy?

On one hand, buying cheap means you might get more stuff for your money. You will be able to buys some pretty cheap trend pieces and you will come home from a shopping trip with more bags. This can be pretty satisfying especially when pinching pennies.

On the other hand, with designers discounting deeper than ever before more stuff in within the average buyer's reach. That dress that began at $700 is going to come way down to something much more affordable. This mean you get better quality for your money and satisfaction for years to come.

I prefer getting in on the designer deals, which do you prefer?


The Horror: When Pigs Fly

Things that are wrong with this ring:
1) It's a 3-dimensional pig that goes on your finger.
2) It's a happy, flying pig.
3) The pig is wearing a vest.
4) It looks like it came from a Cracker Jack box, but that was not their intention.
5) It's covered in cubic zirconia and costs $450.

Steal of the Season!

Want a party dress that you can wear again maybe even in non-party environments? Want a dress that's comfortable enough to dance in? A dress roomy enough for you to indulge in a little too much eggnog and pumpkin pie? American Apparel's jersey "Le Sac" dress is $38. The looks pictured are just a sample of ways you can wear it. It can even double as a skirt! "Le Sac" is available in 19 colors.

Shoe of the Week: Kristine Peep Toe Mary Jane

Bakers makes this adorable peep toe Mary Jane with a sexy 4 1/2 inch heels, which is offset by the hidden platform. It can be worn for day or evening, and would add a sexy vibe to any outfit. This versatile shoe comes in seven different colors and costs $59.99

Boot Sale!


This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

-- We're covering our feet with black lace tights, colorful booties, and laced up boots. These, meanwhile, will stay far away from our tootsies.

-- The debate continues over this flower purse.

-- The sleek, simple silver jewelry from our Etsy shop of the week is worthy of a spot on your Christmas list.

-- We're inspired by Prada's runway and art class color wheels.

-- Planet Claire is worth a visit for you vintage lovers.

Project Design: Steampunk Jewelry

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Steampunk refers to works set in a world where steam power is used (usually the Victorian era) and mixed with a fantasy or science fiction. Steampunk jewelry usually features a lot of gears and machine parts mixed with pretty, ornate Victorian decorations. Which piece makes your clock tick?

Time In A bottle sealed vial earrings by poetsummer

Vintage Steampunk Necklace by Thesteampunktrunk

Steampunk 2 Part Sectional Silver Necklace by edmdesigns

Artistic Steampunk wire ring with Red Tiger Eye by CatherinetteRings

Ruby Ornate Steampunk Filigree Pendant Necklace by PersephonePlus

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Loving L.A.M.B.

As a rule, I hate celebrity clothing lines. They're over-priced, poor quality, and uninspired. The exception to this rule is Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. It's not the most cutting edge and fashion forward thing out there, but it's fun with a funky edge and is still wearable in everyday office hum-drum life.

For months, I've been drooling over Stefani's Fall-Winter 2008 shoe collection. It's buttoned and scalloped and bright and contrasting. I keep playing with them in Polyvore and visiting them on Shopbop. Hopefully, the prices plummet come Christmas.
Clockwise from top left: hunter and chocolate button "Rosebury" ankle boot $520
red zip "Nayuta" sandal on sale for $185
multistrap "Belgrave" knee boot $725
yellow scalloped peep toe "Camden" bootie $430
taupe contrast trim multi strap "Hunter" ankle boot $340

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Jewelry Lover

If you have a jewelry loving friend (or are a jewelry lover yourself), here are a few gift ideas that won't have you searching for that perfect necklace or earrings. Instead, give your well-adorned friend a way to store, protect or display her favorite jewels.

A unique jewelry box can be as eye catching as the jewels it holds. Try this antique style box like this Shabby Chic Harlequin box (left) for your vintage loving friend. For the lover of over-the-top, eye-catching pieces, try a unique box like this handcrafted wooden box (middle). If you have a friend you loves clean and simple, this basic mirrored box (right) may be perfect.
Shabby Chic Harlequin Trinket Box, funwallart on Etsy, $25
June, JimJenkins510 on Etsy, $160
2-Drawer Mirrored Jewelry Box, Target, $24.99

If your friend is a traveler, these jewelry rolls keep everything together and untangled on the go. These brocade jewelry rolls (right) come in an array of colors. For something that packs flat, try this basic br…

$150 Challenge: Peplum and Lace

Prada's fall runway made maximum use of lace and peplums, the Victorian hip emphasizer that had a revival in the 1980s. The designer dress featured in the middle of the image costs over $4000, but my runway inspired look rings up at $132.98.

$150 Challenge: Peplum and Lace by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring twelve by twelve dresses

dress, Twelve by Twelve $42
lace tights, Urban Outfitters $14
booties, Payless $26.99
purse, Target $19.99
lace fingerless gloves, Sock Dreams $6
beaded headband, Urban Outfitters $24

Colorful Booties and Shooties


Etsy Shop of the Week: C. G. Whitfield

Sleek. Elegant. Simple. Stunning. These words only begin to describe the sterling silver jewelry by C. G. Whitfield on Etsy. This self-taught silversmith creates classic designs that are all individually handforged.

These lovely creations are simple, yet full of nuances that make them stand out as truly unique. Each piece is basic enough to wear everyday, but eye-catching enough pair with the most elegant evening attire. In fact, most of these items are the kind of jewelry that becomes signature pieces.

The Thistling Softly Neckpiece (top) is my favorite design in the shop. It's bold and sleek styling makes it well worth the $325 price tag. And this simple latch bracelet is the kind of bracelet that will fetch compliments every time one wears it.

The Horror: Holey Hiking

When I wear boots, I want my heels and toes covered. Maybe peep toe boots make sense in California or some other warm place that shuts down when there's ice on the road, but in Indiana, such things are laughably dysfunctional. Also defeating the purpose is the slender heel on a boot with a chunky sole. Let's not forget that they're styled as a hiking boot with a 5 inch heel (I can almost hear my mountaineering neighbor sniggering). Of course a shoe like this would come in Barbie pink. I can just imagine these showing up on a Pussycat Doll. "The Fusion" has been reduced to $59.99 at Bakers.

Blonde Like Me

As a child, I was supremely annoyed by the plethora of blondes in my fairy tales. Cinderella, Goldilocks, Cinderella. Until Disney got a hold of her, Belle was a blonde too. (Yes, I am ignoring Snow White. If my one hope of representation has that voice, I'd rather not be represented.) More annoying was the fact that even the fairy godmothers were blondes. Brunettes only showed up as witches or wicked step mothers.

Bibliophile that I have always been, I couldn't help but notice blondes described as "golden" and "sunny" while brunettes like me were "mousy" and "dull." The blondes in my decetive stories were beauty queen and rich celebrities. The brunettes were librarians and murderesses.

Thankfully, my parents raised a strong little girl, and I took this all to mean that I had to depend on something far less fleeting than my looks. While I chose to overlook the blonde preference and embrace my milk chocolate locks, I had always wondered why…

Planet Claire Vintage

I love vintage clothing, but it is rare that I want everything in a vintage store. I want everything in the Planet Claire Vintage shop on Etsy. If it all came in my size, I would not be able to pay rent anymore. Planet Claire Vintage has a stunning collection of all things vintage from dresses and coats to shoes and handbags. If the ankle boots were my size, I would have to buy them. I also really need that Lion necklace now.

Chunky Vintage 80's Boho Gold Coins Big Pods Trinkets Necklace $65
Vintage 80's Ankle Boots Pony Fur Wrap Around Strap Nando Muzi $72
Vintage 60's Red Chiffon Cocktail Party Dress Big Rhinestone Buckle $65
Vintage 50's Halter Shelf Bust Lace Tulle Prom Party Dress $135
Big Vintage 70's Articulated Lion Gold Pendant Necklace $32 (Want!)
Vintage 70's Chocolate Brown Leather Shoulder Bag Purse $52

Black Patterned Tights

Plain black tights can instantly make any outfit more modest and professional, and my mini dresses appreciate that. Patterned black tights, however, add sass and interest to any look, even the most conservative winter suit. I'd like to build up my arsenal of black patterned tights so my sweaters and wool skirts can have a fun friend.Top: cheveron, Urban Outfitters $12
houndstooth sweater tights, Nordstrom $28
diamond fishnets, Hot Topic $10
horizontal stripe, Nordstrom $18
stripes with floral knee band, Urban Outfitters $14
Bottom: crochet tights, Anthropologie $18
lurex zebra tights, Sock Dreams $12
open web, Urban Outfitters $14
sheer and opaque, Urban Outfitters $14
art nouveau design, DKNY, Dillard's $23 (Want!)
pointelle, Forever 21 $6.80
stars, Falke, Shopbop $49

Save or Splurge: Wrist Watches

Of all the accessories on the market, wrist watches possess one of the most vast price ranges. A stylish watch can be found at Target for $10 or at elite watchmakers such as Jaeger-LeCoultre where the Joaillerie 101 Manchette watch (pictured above) is so expensive the price is unattainable, but estimated somewhere in the millions.

So where does this leave a watch buyer? On top of that, the age of cell phones, in the eyes of some, makes watches obsolete. So should you buy the inexpensive watch, the nicer, department store watch, the high end jewelers watch, or should you skip the watch all together?

I'm not one to skip an accessory so I don't think watches are obsolete at all. Plus, it is much more discreet to sneak a peek at your watch than fish out your cell phone to find the time. I think watches are both a save and a splurge. Of course, my splurge is within reason, which means it comes no where near a million-plus dollars.

For bold, trendy watches I'm all about a save. I h…

Shoe of the Week: Chocolat Blu Carson Boot

I love a lace-up boot. My first real shoe purchase, which I saved forever for in high school, was a pair of lace up, leather boots. These boots take lace-up to the next level with the bold, leather lacing that twists up the side of the boot.

Jael and I are both loving this boot. She actually suggested it for shoe of the week without knowing I had already picked it.

Chocolat Blu makes the Carson leather boot in black (pictured), which is my favorite, and tan, which is the color Jael is drooling over. It costs $179.95 on

Love or Loathe: Flower Purse

On the one hand, I think a bold woman could completely pull this off as an every day bag. It could also be really cute for evening with a simple dress. On the other hand, I think I had a purse like this when I was in middle school and thus wouldn't be able to carry it without flash backs of frizzy hair and OMG HE JUST LOOKED AT ME! If you're interested, this rose bag by LimeNRose is $24.99 on ebags.

Fall Deals at The Cube by Marshalls

FMF reviewed Marshalls' new in-store designer juniors boutique section, The Cube, when it opened this summer. With the arrival of fall, The Cube is stocked with new fall fashions and great deals. Since I love deals, I'm a frequent Marshalls shopper, and I was pleased to find some fun looks for fall.

If you've already begun shopping for holiday party dresses, stop by The Cube. I found a ton of cute, girly, flirty and fun dresses at rather amazing prices. Many of the dresses were name brands too like BCBGirls and Guess.

The Cube also has a rather impressive collection of jeans and sweaters for this fall and winter. Many of the sweaters are under $25 and extremely nice quality. And if you're looking for name brand jeans, you'll have a hard time finding lower prices.

The Cube has some great gift ideas too. There are really fund bags and even some designer cosmetic sets, not to mention great accessories like scarves, tights and leggings.

Click here to find The Cube nearest …

Color Inspiration: Color Wheel

I know you're not really into the monochromatic look, no matter what Dior is pushing, but what do you think of bold primary or secondary colors? The trick with these, of course is that you have to match the colors correctly. A primary look featuring baby blue and navy doesn't really communicate the point. Would you wear a simplified color wheel?

Primary by Fashion Me Fabulous

Secondary by Fashion Me Fabulous

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

This week FMF took flight on fall's feather fashions.
Are feathers a save or splurge for you?If you say 'save,' do you dare to DIY feather headbands or feather hair clips?Buy into feather accessories, feather clothes and feathers on the cheap?Share in our fantasies for feather collars and hats.Vote for your favorite featherless feather accessories.