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$150 Challenge: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I recently read The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. It's been on my "to read" list for a long time because of the title alone. I actually wish I had read it when it came out in 1999. My then 14-year-old self would have identified (minus the abuse and drug use) with loner, Charlie, as we both dreaded entering high school and discovered the power of making friends.

The perks of this outfits are, wallflower or not, you will be able to make quite a colorful statement, and you can buy it all at H&M. Also, the whole looks costs just over $100 so you'll have plenty of money left over to buy the book, tickets to the upcoming movie, popcorn, and all the theater candy you could want.

$150 Challenge: The Perks fo Being a Wallflower by fashionbeccafabulous

Cardigan, H&M, $34.95
Dress, H&M, $34.95
Bag, H&M, $17.95
Flats, H&M, $12.95

Bead Necklaces


Talking Glamour

Cultural critic Virginia Postrel spoke at TED several years ago about the idea of glamour. She started with it's old definition that glamour was a spell cast not necessarily in your best interest or that it was a trick of the eye. That idea goes hand-in-hand with the centuries old accusations regarding a beautiful woman's bewitching power, but that's a bit off-topic. Postrel defined glamour not as beauty, but beauty combined with mystery, distance, and the tension of the familiar and the foreign.

I highly recommend you watch this 16 minute video if your are interested in beauty or art. I came away from it with the following thoughts:

- The danger of glamour is the inability to resist it (e.g. feminine-wiles), but you can understand and thus resist glamour while still enjoying it.

- I fear the lack of art education in schools strips many kids of their ability to understand art and artistic objects; therefore, they do not have the mental tools to resist glamour. The see glam…

This Week (And Last) On Fashion Me Fabulous

Nouveau Boho by fashionmefabulous featuring art deco jewelry

10 Years of Runway: Project Runway is back. Many of you said you'll be watching in our poll (You also voted Mondo your favorite winner). Check out our snap judgement of the Season 10 Premier, and our recap of episode 2, the unconventional materials challenge. 

Budget Dressing: Get loose summer dresses on the cheap. Style one dress two ways in our $150 Challenge. Check out last week's $150 challenge for easy summer chic (that's on sale for even less now!)

Underpinnings: We want to know if you ever let your bra straps show. Speaking of bras, see our sponsored review of Lily of France.

Picks and Favs: We're loving the lace jewelry from White Bear on Etsy, Kate Spade everything and our pick of the week, snag free hair ties.Visit these great fashion links around the web.

Vote & Tell: What do you think of this crochet coverup? Which bow necklace is the coolest? Also, check out our vacation packing plan and tell us…

Project Runway S10 E2: Candy Couture

This week the designers took a trip to Candyland for their unconventional materials challenge. Actually, they took a trip to Dylan's Candy Bar where they met Dylan Lauren, candy bar owner and daughter of Ralph Lauren. That's one sweet fashion pedigree. The designers were given a $250 budget with a 50% off discount and ran to grab $500 worth of candy. I have no idea how they refrained from eating their materials. The best candy store reaction came from Tim who seemed beside himself at the idea of candy Legos that could be used to really build things. 

Drama is starting to run high in the work room. Yooan was less annoying this week, but Gunnar stepped up the diva and took a tour of the workroom that had Christopher rolling his eyes so hard I thought he might lose them in his head. It didn't stop Gunnar from finding his way to the top three though. Gunnar and Christopher are totally in feud mode. I think I'm team Christopher, but only because he reminds me so much of M…

Etsy Shop of the Week: White Bear

Shop:White Bear

Why We Love It: There is just something about lace. The delicate look and intricate patterns can add so much beauty to a look. White Bear offers an array of lace jewelry and accessories that are hand made and hand painted. Also, during the month of July (2012), get 20% off when you use discount code "XMASJULY" at checkout.

Price Range:$10 - $44

Links:Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram

Favorite Items: (Click through slide show for favorites)

<p><a href="">View this collection on Polyvore</a></p> Etsy Shop of the Week: White Bear by fashionbeccafabulous on

Pictured In Slid…

Fashion Links

Let's make glitter heels. (Could I Have That)

Hairpin has a starter lesson on being "less crazy about your body."

Hairpin is also trying all the mascara. Yes, all.

Closet a mess? Here are some tips from a professional organizer. (Jeri's Organizing and Decluttering News)

Still struggling with matching colors? Enter the url of a picture with colors you like to DeGraeve, they'll make a palette of matching colors. (DeGraeve)

All I need to say is: dresses made of candy. (Lovelyish)

Everyone wore skirts for thousands of years, so pants are relatively new to the fashion scene. The origin of the garment is so glaringly obvious that your mind will now blank, you'll click on this article, then say duh because you're 90s like that. (The Atlantic)

Project Design: Bows Are Cool

It's no secret we are fans of Doctor Who. Recently, several friends of my have fallen in love with the series and reached a fanatical obsession with it, which is awesome. The Doctor, the main character for those unfamiliar, constantly asserts that his signature bow tie is cool. Agreed, bow ties are cool. However, for everyday wear I prefer my signature bow necklace. Which bow necklace is coolest?

Silver Bow Necklace by limegreenmodern

Rhinestone Bow and Pearl Necklace by blissbridal1

Wooden Bow Necklace by Vectorcloud

Ribbon Bow Necklace by madebymoe

Silver Bow Ribbon Necklace by TheBonnyBoutique

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Poll: Showing Off

Bra straps are an office no-no, but what about on causal summer occasions? I'd rather show my bra straps with a tank top than go without or suffer with a padded (i.e. warm) strapless. Although, I can't show beige or white straps. Those colors are just too underwear. When I do let my straps show, I try to make sure they're some sort of color that looks like it goes with the outfit. Particular? Yes, but those are my personal rules.

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$150 Challenge: Two Ways

When I first spotted this dress, it screamed "Tinkerbell Costume." As I began to pair items with it, I couldn't help picking things I could see a fairy wearing. After putting it together I couldn't help thinking it would be a very pretty, light summer look. Yes, it's very Tinkerbell, but it's still airy and cute. The entire look costs $110.34.

$150 Challenge: Two Ways "Tinkerbell" Version by fashionbeccafabulous featuring etched jewelry

Glimmer dress, Anthopologie, $49.95 / Flowery Footprint Sandals, Mocloth, $22.99 / Etched Bangles, Forever 21, $9.80 / Faceted Teardrop Necklace, Forever 21, $9.80 / Faceted Teardrop Earrings, Forever 21, $5.80 / Crochet Crossbody Bag, Aeropostale, $12

Because this is such a breezy dress, I thought the best way to go might be to toughen it up. Channeling a warrior vibe helped banish the fairy feel. This complete look costs $121.40.

$150 Challenge: Two Ways "Warrior Version" by fashionbeccafabulous featuring an…

Loose Dresses

Waistbands, you are my foe. It's hot and humid and you want to collect all of that in a sweaty band at my middle. Gross! Loose, swingy dresses easily belted later or mod shifts really appeal right now. Each of these dresses is under $100, and most are under $50!

Swings, Shifts, and Tunics by fashionmefabulous
v-neck dress $63

bow neck dress $36.50

embroidered hi-lo dress $43

Shirt dress $40

sequin shift dress $83

drop-waist dress $53

stripe scoop neck dress $50
$47 -

polka dot dress $28

Pick of the Week: Snag-Free Hair Ties

The sleek ponytail at the nape of the neck is very chic. The high, retro ponytail is pretty and playful. Both can be ruined by terrible scrunchies. Sephora sells little matchbooks of no-slip, no-snag rubber bands in black, brown and clear. These things are amazing! I've taken to slicking my hair back for the high pony every day, and even though I can only get these around my ponytail twice, they don't budge. That ponytail stays in place all day without adjustment, so I don't lose the smooth look I created in the morning. A pack of 8 goes for $3.50 online, but I think I piked up mine for $1.50.

Snap Judgement: Project Runway Season 10 Premiere

I haven't been terribly excited about this season. The last few regular seasons of Project Runway have suffered from strange challenges, boring fashion and really poor judging calls. However, a few things about the season 10 premier make me hopeful.

1. Tim Gunn 
OK. Tim has be excited about any season of Project Runway, but I was reminded of this when he appeared on the screen last night.

2. The Eclectic Designers 
This years mix of designers seems more varied that the recent seasons. This cast isn't mostly made of young 20-something recent fashion school graduates. Yes, we still have one space cadet (I'm looking at you, Yooan). We have our token Lifetime demographic cast member (58-year-old Andrea), but she happens to hold several art degrees and work as an art and design professor. We do have our 22-year-old diva (Gunnar Deatherage, you're name is absurd). Most of these designers appear to have pretty strong points of view, so I'm hopefully they won't become i…

Sponsored Post: Going to Work with Lily of France

Undergarments are woefully ignored when discussing professional attire. You may be wearing the perfect wool suit with an expensive silk blouse, but that collected demeanor can be absolutely ruined by the wrong bra.The biggest offender for improper bra deployment is loose bra straps. Fiddling with your bra straps not only draws attention to your bra, but it also makes you look fidgety and uncomfortable, both no-nos at work. Sometimes this is a problem because your bra is so old the elastic has given up on you. Upgrade to Lily of France's Extreme Lightly Lined Underwire├┤. It's super comfy and has a j-hook that will convert your straps to a slip-proof racerback style.My personal bra peeve is lace under jersey. Wearing anything with texture under a knit adds texture to the knit. Then I and others are compelled to look at your chest and ponder, "Does she know I can see all the flowers? Should I say something? No, she must know." Don't make me or anyone else you work w…

Project Runway Season 10, Will You Be Watching?

Project Runway will launch its 10th season tomorrow, not counting the recently All Star season. We've been watching designers "Make It Work" with unconventional challenges, red-carpet face-offs, team meltdowns, terrible mistakes and even worse runway shows. We've had winners we love (Seth Aaron! Christian Siriano!) and those loathe (ugh, Gretchen). We've seen justice served in the All Star season. We've taken in tons of Tim's advice and Michael Kors' quips. Nina has questioned many a taste level and Heidi's bidden auf wiedersehen to many designers or many varied talents.

However, the last few season have failed to quite live up to the early years. Will you be watching this tenth turn around the runway? Or are you done trying to make it work?

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Bonus Poll:

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The Horror: Crochet Coverup

To be completely upfront, I'm not a fan of crochet anyway. It always reminds me of a hanging planter my mother preserved from the 70s. This crochet dress by All Saints may be cool layered over a body con dress, but it's absurd as a swimsuit coverup. First of all, it doesn't cover anything. Second, it will leave weird tan lines. Third, it's $75. You should know in the midst of your eye rolling that this $75 beach coverup is half off the original price of $150.
How do you feel about this item as a coverup vs. as a dress? How do you feel about crochet in general? What would you pay for a swimsuit coverup? (I wouldn't pay more than $10 for something fun at Goodwill.)

Let's Gush Over Kate Spade

Kate Spade has been around for over two decades, but I only started to notice the brand in the last couple years. Their hallmarks are simple designs, graphic prints and bright colors. Hey, I love those things!

Kate Spade: The Clothes by fashionmefabulous

They also carry lovely jewelry. It's happy and girly but office appropriate, almost as if they're targeting Betsey Johnson's grown-up customers.

Kate Spade: The Jewelry by fashionmefabulous

While the brand is pricey if you only ever shop at Target, it's within range if you've ever saved up for that special item at Anthropologie.

Kate Spade: The Shoes by fashionmefabulous

Kate Spade: The Bags by fashionmefabulous

$150 Challenge: Easy Summer Chic

Pairing one great pieces with affordable basics can take a budget outfit to a high end place. This look comes in under $150 and includes sandals, a bag, shorts, earrings, a necklaces and a killer top. The top costs $68 but is a chic style pieces that can work with dress pants, jeans, pencil skirts, shorts or really any bottoms you want. You can layer it under jackets, vest and sweaters. As it is here, it makes the $18 shorts, $15 sandals $4 earrings and $6 look far more upscale

$150 Challenge: Easy Summer Chic by fashionbeccafabulous

Peasant top

Mossimo Women's Dressy Short Assorted Colors

Flat sandals

Tote bag

Forever 21 chain necklace

Forever 21 drop earrings

Packing for Vacation

If I could go on vacation right now, I'd be a happy little bee. Unfortunately, I don't have any time off until October. Nooooo!! Maybe if I pack for an imaginary vacation I'll feel better.

This would be my dream summer suitcase, and I'm pretty sure that I could get at least seven outfits from this without repeating. Top everything off with retro sunglasses and a black straw bag for the perfect look where ever you're getting away.

Vacation Packing by fashionmefabulous

dressTarget $32
beaded topOld Navy $29
print blouse ASOS $46
high rise shorts Forever 21 $17
green skirt Mod Cloth $40
wedge heelsINC International Concepts at Macy's $59 sale
cotton scarf Mango $7.72

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous


Project Design: Sunny Dresses

Yellow is not my color. It makes me look ill. Yet I still love a vibrant yellow dress. Nothing makes me think of summer more than a lovely, sunny frock. I can't wear any of these so I will have to live vicariously through you. Which would you choose?

Yellow Lila Tea Dress by sohomode

Yellow Tunic Dress by Fritilliary

Sun Yellow Convertible Dress by Dalina

Lemon Yellow Checked Dress by digforvictory

Yellow Taupe Tie Dress by AtelierSignature

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