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Rate the Red Carpet: Oscars 2011

The Academy has voted. The Oscars have been awarded. Now, it's your turn to vote. Last week, Jael made dress suggestions for several Nominees. This time, someone even followed her advice (well, kinda)! Tell us which fashion choices you prefer in the polls below.

Annette Bening donned grey sparkling gown with bold piping details. My first response is The Dress Is All Right (sorry, had to), but once I saw it inside in the darker, evening feel of the Oscars, I liked it better. I do feel the lines to hit her body in better places, but she really didn't do bad. What do you think? poll by
Natalie Portman had the challenge of dressing a baby bump, which is no small feat over the course of awards season. He dress was nice, but with all the hype over what she would wear I feel a bit of a letdown (though, I can't really fault a girl in purple). The short dress would have been a standout when everyone else was wearing gowns. The lovely, and regal cape gown would have offered…

London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2011: Jonathan Saunders, Sass & Bide, David Koma

Who:Jonathan Saunders
What it made us think of: A pulp detective novel styled by people in the Bahamas
What we liked: the shoes!, color blocking, hemlines below the knee, geometric knits, 1930s silhouettes
What we didn't: This reminds me of Prada's spring show; however, Saunders did it better, so point for him.Who: Sass & Bide
What it made us think of: Traveling the world to get geometry lessons from prominent tribes.
What we liked: coral, colorblocking, fringe necklaces
What we didn't: The elfin booties are cool on their own, but felt out of place here.
Who: David Koma
What it made us think of:Pitcher plants
What we liked: circles, texture, puffs, pops of color
What we didn't: creepy face prints

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This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous


Weekend Fashion Find: KOKO Lunch Totes

During a recent trip to Home Goods, I was a bit confused by what appeared to be a huge stash of purses in the kitchen section. When I got closer, I realized they were super cute and very functional lunch bags.

There are several brands, but the one I found with the biggest online presence is KOKO. Each bag is fully insulated, has a water bottle holder and comes with a cute little fork and spoon set. The material inside and out is easy to wipe clean in case of food spills. They cost between $16 and $30 (although, our trusty standbys Marshall/T.J.Maxx/Home Goods offer some great deals on these).

Pictured: Teresa Lunch Bag $24

New York Fashion Week FW 2011: Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Who: Marc Jacobs
What it made us think of: The world's most fashionable debutant librarian with a very naughty side
What we liked: Shoes, shoulder, dots, skirts, dresses, sequins cut from rubber, lace, exaggerated hips, berets
What we didn't: A few boxy sparkly sweater, but that's really nitpicking. Who: Marc by Marc Jacobs
What it made us think of: If Katherine Hepburn and Barbara Stanwyck had been young in the 70s
What we liked: Hats, pants, long skirts, great blouses,
What we didn't: Super shiny prints, velveteen animal prints, animals as prints
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New York Fashion Week FW 2011: Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, L.A.M.B.

Who: Betsey Johnson
What it made us think of: Gothic punk/grunge rock Valentine
What we liked: Frills, black, flowers, tights, lace, ruffles, shoes
What we didn't: Leather bike shorts, technicolor animal prints, charcoal denim Who: Betsey Johnson Pink Patch Line
What it made us think of: A retrospective of all things Betsey--but all to be sold for under $100! (This was showcased as the second half of her main line).
What we liked: Variety of models (even a pregnant one), fun brights, skulsl, poof,
What we didn't: Crop tops, head to toe print outfits, some of the cheap clothes looked cheap Who: Anna Sui
What it made us think of: Psychedelic School Girl Chic (ages 5 to 17)
What we liked: Prints, colors, tights, socks, cute dresses
What we didn't: Pretty dresses at the end were pretty but didn't fit with the rest, some looks got too twee Who: L.A.M.B
What it made us think of: The many styles of Gwen Stefani
What we liked: Military looks, London Looks, Menswear, Rastafarian looks, Po…

Project Design: Feet

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

We stand on our own two feet. We foot the bill and wait on guests hand and foot. We can drag our feet and get cold feet. We are sometimes footloose and fancy free. And we shouldn't be afraid to get our feet wet. Our feet carry us from place to place. The Bible says the bearers of good news have beautiful feet, and it details foot washing as an act of humbly serving others. Our feet can be happy, and we get to enjoy bare feet on that first warm summer day. Feet even inspire quite a widespread fetish. How do you adorn your feet to make sure you start off on the right foot and not the wrong one?

Yellow Chevron House Shoes by sarahminshall
Tatted Barefoot Sandals by TotusMel
Red Chunky Boot Slippers by TheHappyFeet
Latex Skeleton Stockings by krisztalatex
Happy Cloud Mary Janes by emandsprout
Silver Lace Foots by SockBox
poll by t…

New York Fashion Week FW 2011: Ruffian, Elie Tahari, Suno

Who: Ruffian
What it made us think of:Le Smoking and Edwardian ruffs mashed up
What we liked: Menswear looks, ballet looks, lace, neck ruffs
What we didn't: Some of the material looked cheap, the houndstooth seems out of placeWho: Elie Tahari
What it made us think of: What is black, white & red all over? (The white part reminded me of Hoth chic).
What we liked: Lux knitwear, lace, boots, leather, layers, coats, wraps
What we didn't: A few blank pieces in an otherwise bold and busy collection, some overstylingWho: Suno
What it made us think of: The revival in Betty White's popularity may have been the inspiration to revive Golden Girl's style--in an eccentric and rather hip way.
What we liked: Mixed prints, strange layers, bright colors, flowing dresses, vintage look
What we didn't: Zig zag print, these pants?, the sun & moon print, the overdone knits
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New York FW 2011: Mandy Koon, Threeasfour

Who: Mandy Coon
What it made us think of: Gothic office casual
What we liked: leather, hard lines, that pouchy cape thing, belts, hooded sweaters
What we didn't: The punker hair, while intuitive for the clothing, felt like it limited the way these clothes could be perceived.Who: Threeasfour
What it made us think of: Spiralgraphs
What we liked: Threeasfour continues to be one of the few design houses at New York Fashion Week that is boldly experimental. After so many business suits and evening gowns, this show is a breath of fresh, artistic air.
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Oscar Party Dresses

Someday, I'm going to throw a fabulous Oscar party complete with ballots to predict winner (closest ballots will win little Oscars), Oscar winning movie themed treats and, most importantly, a red carpet. I will ask my guests to arrive wearing something inspired by a famous (or imfamous) Oscar look. I wouldn't expect anyone to hunt down floor-length copies, but I'd hope they'd find versatile, wearable looks that echo the best dressed of days gone by.

Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for her first leading role. She not only took the acting world by storm upon her arrival, but she also secured her title as a style star right from the start with this ladylike lacy overlay dress by Edith Head. A delicate belts will transform this Ebullient & Flow dress, Modcloth $52.99, into a rather lovely replica.
Hallie Berry worn one of the most talked about dresses in recent years when she took home her little gold statue. The Ellie Saab gown taught us the name Ellie Saab and sent the fa…

Yellow and Black

Without realizing it, I've developed a new color obsession. While flipping through my recent Polyvore sets, I noticed that I like to pair edgy black clothes with bright yellow. The trend seems to be sharp shapes or bold cuts with layers of beige and grey, but I just can't do that. When I experiment with clothes, I'm happy, so the outfit needs a happy color. And what better color can fight off black's serious face than yellow?

Let Loose by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring black pants

Simply Striking by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring glass shades
What's the buzz? by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring animal print flat shoes

Blake Lively by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring alexander mcqueen handbags
Taxi Cab Yellow by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring leather handbags

New York Fashion Week FW 2011: Julian Louie, Jill Stuart, Prabal Gurung

Who: Julian Louie
What it made us think of: Learning basic shapes and primary colors
What we liked: Bright tights, architectural shoes (a collab with Aldo), color blocking, pockets
What we didn't: Elastic waistbands; the home-ec PJ pants (fine if worn as PJs); a couple boring, one-tone column dresses
Who: Jill Stuart
What it made us think of: How an architect might seen natural
What we liked: Color blocking, nighttime fox & owl prints, geometric dresses, little belt bags
What we didn't: Repetition
Who: Prabal Gurung
What it made us think of: What all the edgy rocker girls should be wearing to parties (a few looks already went to parties and drank too much, but they still worked)
What we liked: Criss cross tights, all the dresses, sheer overlays, pretty sleeves, edgy jackets, leather obi belts, lace, ruffles, menswear details
What we didn't: The section of sheer dresses with doodads sewn on, muppet coats
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New York FW 2011: Ralph Lauren, Preen, Proenza Schouler

Who: Ralph Lauren
What it made us think of: vintage Yves Saint Laurent and frequent trips to an opium den
What we liked: This collection makes New York city's obsession with black refreshing and new. See also: jewel tones on the shoes, belts and ears; finely cut pants; red lips; pin stripes; Asian embroidery; vintagey jewelry; black leather.
What we didn't: Nothing. Seriously, this is Ralph's best show in years.
What it made us think of: Quilters who smoke pot
What we liked: surreal geometric prints, colorful shoes, orange, bright blue, navy, lux wool pants
What we didn't: The appliques look like mold. The strong horizontals in many of the looks create a choppiness.
Who: Proenza Schouler
What it made us think of: Someone put Bill Cosby, The Great Southwest, and Africa into a blender, drank the unholy juice and threw it up.
What we liked: The looks pictured are the only ones with promise.
What we didn't: Everything else. The pants and jackets were so sloppy, that…

Open Poll: Do You Dress Seasonally?

The changing seasons has me thinking it might be handy to pack away winter clothes so I have a bit more room in my closet. This way, I can pack away summer clothes come next winter and so on. But this doesn't look like it's going to work. Why? I don't really dress seasonally. Sure, the three heavy sweaters and two winter coats can go downstairs with the really wintery boots, but there are no summer clothes I'd pack away besides my bathing suit (which has to be handy in case I win a cruise or tropical vacation).
I can't really afford clothes that can't be layered and worn year round. Sure, some things take a little work, like layering skirts, but it can be done. My summer blouses look great under cardigans and jackets all winter, and those cardigans and jackets serve to keep me warm in the freezing summer air conditioning. I even layer sundresses over leggings and under heavy sweaters. Plus, I really hate the idea of taking pieces out of my wardrobe that could in…

Dress the Nominee: Oscars 2011

Annette Bening is one of those completely self-possessed women who is very good at her job and doesn't get into the hub-bub around it. It's fine to not be using the red carpet to angle for a beauty contract, but that doesn't mean you need to phone it in. For a simple, elegant, grown up look, try this steely Alberta Ferretti. Being such a confident woman, I'd like to see Bening rock a suit on the red carpet, and no one does suits better than Armani.

While I love her, I can never remember anything Julianne Moore* wears on the red carpet. When it's good, it's a standard, forgettable silhouette. When the poor dear does branch out into something fun (like at the Globes), it tends to go awry. I'd love to see her in texture with a bright like this Resort gown from Naeem Khan or texture and pale a'la this season's Chanel. Both dresses bring something her usual choices don't: a proper fit.
*If your movie and all your costars get nominated, I get to c…