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Vintage Picks: Prom Dresses


Save or Splurge: Floral Prints

Last week, the weather led me on by bring warm and sunny for a few days before crushing my spirit with snow. To celebrate the warmth, I decided to wear a floral print. To my surprise, I only have one floral print item in my closet that doesn't look more Asian than spring-like. It's a silk, floral skirt from Express. I got it on clearance for $23 from $80 (this required intense stalking). I've decided I need more floral items.

While at K-Mart a few weeks ago, I spotted this abstract floral skirt (pictured). Sadly, they did not have my size. It's lined, well-made, abstract and dark enough to wear in the fall, and only $24.99. Earlier today, I posted a bunch of cute florals from Target, all of which are under $50. Vintage shops, thrift stores and resale shops are all packed with floral prints from days gone by.

Since florals for spring really aren't groundbreaking, they can be found at amazingly low prices. This is why I view floral prints as a save. I would normally de…

"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking." Target Edition


Fashion Me Fabulous dot Com

Fashion Me Fabulous has made a few upgrades. Our web address is now The old address,, will continue working so old links to us will still bring everyone here.

The move happened last week, and everything seems to be fine. The RSS Feeds appear to have transferred over without incident, and you shouldn't have to update your feed subscription to keep it working. We had a brief hiccup with our followers, but that should be fixed now. If you experience any problems with the site, we are sorry, and please let us know so we can fix them.

Our new URL has a new email address to match. If you would like contact us for questions, comments or anything else, just email "editor[at]fashionmefabulous[dot]com". Visit our new Contact Us page for more information. We also have a new About Us page.

So far, the only major loss from getting a new URL is the resetting of our Technorati ranking. If you really love us (and we know you do), yo…

Spring Into Vintage

What do we have here? Why, it's a cropped jacket with 3/4 sleeves from around the 1950s or 60s in bright, cheery yellow, and it appears to be made of wool and satin. Surely this fabulous spring topper must be way out of my price range. It must be listed for at least $60 that I cannot separate with this month. What? It's only $20 from Mod Marge Fine Finds on Etsy? What a steal!

Bohemian is Back

Bohemian clothing is everywhere this spring. What is bohemian? I have no idea. Some people call it hippie. Some people generically dub it "ethnic", but what they mean by that they do not specify. (I gather it means non-American and non-western European. So every other culture is mashed together? What? Grr.)

While I don't know what modern bohemian clothing technically is, I know it when I see it. I wore it all through high school -- long skirts, complicated prints, fringe, crochet, and peasant tops. Bohemian 2009 is sleeker than it was in 1999. To avoid dressing like you did in high school or college, ask yourself if what you're ogling in the store is more suited for Lilith Fair or the office. Pair a flowing maxi dress with a boyfriend blazer, or buy a boho print in a structured top. And under no circumstance are you to put daisies in your hair.
Top: scarf print strapless dress, Victoria's Secret $68
cream crochet dress, Victoria's Secret $89
Bottom: black and nav…

Shoe of the Week: Gabriella Rocha Cota

It might officially be spring, but someone forgot to mention it to the snow piled on my car yesterday morning. In fact, it looked more like a winter wonderland than a day in late March. Such is life in the Midwest.

After that blast of winter (hopefully the last blast), I need a little cheer, which is just what I get from these sunny yellow shoes by Gabriella Rocha. These peep-toes, also available in blue, are great shoe to punch up your wardrobe for the warmer weather. They are also now on sale for $76.50 from $80.

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

-- Our vintage shop of the week has great prices for the budget strapped.

-- The rainy season is starting, and becca is all about skirted trench coats.

-- Dress madness has hit Fashion Me Fabulous. We've found a more wearable version of one of Miu Miu's harlequin dresses, and we've rounded up perfect dresses for spring.

-- Speaking of rain, what would you spend on an umbrella?

-- The Etsy shop of the week has super cute totes.

-- I'm still crazy about coral.

-- We've uncovered retro swimsuits for those of us who don't like being uncovered at the beach.

-- Will you wear dark colors this spring?

Project Design: Fortune Cookie Accessories

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Fortune cookies are fun. They are both a cookie and a happy/silly note that makes you smile or at least lets you make a joke by adding something to created an innuendo at the end like "in bed." So which one of these use little cookies will you let tell your fortune ( bed)?

Golden Fortune Coin Purse by bbBarry

Fortune Cookie Lariat with Custom Fortune by christinakober

Good Fortune Cookie Necklace by EmilyEJewelry

Fortune Cookie Earrings by dogwoodflowerdesigns

Fortune Necklace by claychic

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FMF Reader Poll: Fashion TV

Welcome to the FMF weekly reader poll. We're hoping to get to know a little more about you, our beloved readers, and have a little fun with fashion questions. This week we want to know which fashion-related TV show you love most. Please feel free to tell us more in the comments.
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Love or Loathe: Sweet Dress

Half of me thinks this mint shift is cute, sweet, and springy. Half of me hates the cut and thinks both the colors and the print are twee and childish. Which half will you side with? (Would it sway you to know it's $167.45 at Bluefly, and that's a 50% savings?)

$150 Challenge: Flower Power


10 Perfect Spring Dresses


Etsy Shop of the Week: Rainbow Swirlz

Shop:Rainbow Swirlz

Specialty: Cute graphic totes and tee

Why We Love It: Some times you need to stock up on the basics (like shopping totes for your groceries), and you need them to be cute.

Price Range: $5 for a tank to $35 for an messenger bag.

More Info: You can choose the colors of many of the items, and if you want to stock up on totes (normally $10) or can get ten totes on sale for only $60. (You can also get five totes for $35).

Favorite Items:Pudgy Penguin Tote $10 (pictured), Butterfly Blast Tote $10, Floral Skull Field Bag $20, Robot Monster Field Bag $20

Coral Obsession Part 2


Trendy Shoes For Less

While our shoulders are stuck in the padded 80s, our feet seem to have rediscovered the 90s. Bold color block heels are all the rage for spring. The chunkier, the better. Don't want to spend a ton on a trend? Check out these black, white and cobalt heels from Newport News. They're only $29! They also come in hot pink instead of blue. Unfortunately, they are only available in full sizes.

Save or Splurge: Umbrellas

Nothing cheers me up on a rainy day like a cute rainy day outfit. (Or a rainbow!) An essential part of a cute rainy day outfit is an adorable umbrella. Umbrellas can be found in countless shapes, patterns, sizes and price points.

You can buy an umbrella at the dollar store. You can purchase very posh, high-end umbrellas. You can splurge a little on something cute (like this Tiffany Butterfly Umbrella from Raindrops for around $45). You can buy a decent, quality, plain umbrella for around $10 to $20. When it comes to umbrellas, you have options.

I opt for a few. I have a sturdy, blue umbrella tucked under a seat in my car for unexpected showers. I believe there is a cheap dollar store umbrella hiding in a suitcase for travel emergencies. And, I have an adorable green, polka-dot umbrellas, which was purchased for a clearance price much lower than the original $48.

Any future umbrella purchases will probably be clearance bargains, vintage finds, and other such saves.

Do you save or splurge o…

Love or Loathe: Dark Colors For Spring

One of the strongest Spring/Summer 2009 runway trends was autumnal colors. Milan was especially dark and neutral. Brown, navy, burgundy, and black dominated the catwalks. In those shows, the brightest colors were neutral beige tones. I may feel like breaking out the burgundy in July, but since I haven't seen the sun in so long, right now I just want to celebrate with turquoise and coral. What do you think of this color trend? Would you buy into it?

Prada, Oscar de la Renta, and Vera Wang are thinking dark thoughts.

Image source:

Vintage Shop: Yummy Sailor

Where: Yummy Sailor on Etsy

What: Great dresses, tops and bottoms for a vintage loving office girl.

When: 1950s-1980s

How Much: very affordable, with most items ringing up between $15 and $35

Favorite Items: neon yellow floral shirt 1970s $15
black drape neck dress with lace back 1980s $35
blue pleat swing skirt $15
purple and white striped pants 1960s $15

Skirted Trenches for Spring

Reader Driz, commented on an old post about a great skirted trench Jeal Paris found last year asking us to post any new skirted trench finds. Driz, you have perfect timing. Recently, I ran across this stunning, purple, skirted trench for half off, and Jael Paris found some spring coats to keep you dry, some of which are skirted (I reposted the Latte one here because it's a good find). These posts have inspired a search for that perfect skirted trench. Here are a few I've found.
(click to view larger)

I also found the a lovely, classic skirted trench with crop, bell sleeves at Marshall's recently. It's last season so I can't find it online. It's by "laundry by design" and costs $69.99. You'll have to check a Marshall's by you to see if they have it. It's an amazing deal. (Edit: I found a medium, cream-colored one on Ebay starting at $49.99. It's like the one I found in the store only lighter).

(First Row)
London Fog Fit & Fl…

Retro Swimsuits

Neither becca nor I are bikini girls. That much paleness does not need to greet the sun. Since we both love vintage styles, we've been looking for great 1950s inspired swimsuits. The one-piece bathing suits keep everything under wraps, and the two-pieces are far more flattering than the wisps of fabric available in most stores. I did a big post about retro beach wear last year, and while many of those suits are still available, I thought I'd see what this year's stock has to offer.
Top: navy nautical suit, "Betty" by Pin-Up Couture on Pin Up Girl Clothing $69
metallic pink halter suit, Lolita Girl Clothing at Baby Girl Boutique $96
red swimdress, What Katie Did $73.47
Bottom: peppermint stripe halter and boy shorts, Gloria Cardinal on Etsy $85
sailor suit, Mod Cloth $124.99
custom blue bikini, Miss Brache on Etsy $115
red retro bikini, My Baby Jo $73
cherry print one-piece, My Baby Jo $72 This suit is available in other colors and prints as well as custom sizes at Esther…

Shoe of the Week: Crown Vintage Demi Wedge

I have a pair of Crown Vintage oxfords. They are fabulous. The leather is amazing and quickly shapes to the foot. I love them so much I've been keeping me eye out for another pair of great, classic Crown Vintage shoes like these Dana Leather Demi Wedges from DSW.

These classic summer shoes are perfect for everything from the office to a picnic. The timeless looks means they'll be just as great next year as they are this year.

These cute shoes also come beige (pictured), black and brown. They are on sale for $39.94 from the original $75 price tag.

Miu Miu For Less

I love Miu Miu's harlequin themed show from Spring Summer 2008, especially this sweetly sexy striped mini dress. Kensie created a cute green version that's more wearable for everyday life. It's $118 at Macy's and perfect for spring. Now if I could find an inexpensive version of that show's teacup heels...

Runway image:

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

-- becca is gaga for some pricey pumps, but she's never spent that sort of money on shoes. You?

-- We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with green vintage dresses and a gallery of red heads.

-- Get some geeky barrettes on Etsy.

-- Spring has me crazy for print bags and coral clothes.

-- What you spend on a classic, fitted suit vest?

Project Design: Welcome Spring

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Hello Spring! I'm so glad you are back. Winter was long and cold. You have no idea how happy I am to welcome you back on your first day. Now I just hope the temperature rises and the sun keeps shining.

Which of these has you thinking spring?

Spring Leaf Necklace by AmyMayDesign

Peach Cobbler Mint Juleps Necklace by envisage

REAL butterfly wing earrings by wingsoflove

Spring Fresh Silver Flower Necklace by elisasherejewelry

Spring Necklace by Poetsummer

KatieBug, Red Ladybugs Necklace by NextChapter

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