Artistic Inspiration: Salvador Dali

Oh, Dali. How on earth can you dress in a way inspired by Salvador Dali? It would be easy to say that throwing random pieces together would make a surrealist outfit, but I put a bit more thought into these looks. While some items don't necessarily "go", they don't fight with the other features of the ensemble either. Salvador Dali's work, while fanciful and chaotic, is always a balanced whole.

The Temptation of Saint Anthony, for example, features long legged horses and elephants carrying buildings being repelled by a cross. It is only fitting that the outfit include a rainbow horse print shirt, layers of crosses, a jeweled elephant clutch and wild high heels. Crazy. Unexpected. Balanced. Salvador meets club kid.

His theme of skulls paired with feminine imagery makes Dali early punk rock. Alexander McQueen uses the same themes in his clothing, making one of his signature skull tees the perfect way to pay homage to Ballerine et Tete de Mort. Add a tutu or two and a rose in the hair to polish off the ballerina side, and slide into serious boots and a healthy dose of black glitter eye shadow to complete your dark girly look.
Other recurring themes in Dali's paintings include melting objects, clocks, tigers, and eyes. I used a bean shaped clutch to mimic melting, but a loose ruffled item would also work. If you're not into watches, much steampunk jewelry is upcycled from clocks and watches.
You can also play homage to Dali's person with any mustachioed item you can find. I used a dress by Jojo and Malou, but Etsy is full of mustache accessories.


rachel said…
I love the title choice for the last set. Also, very nice, as usual!

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