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This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

For a few weeks we'll be feature lingerie and underpinnings, check out this week's features:
Bra & Panty SetsA Boudoir-Inspired Dress (What Would You Pay For It?)Vintage-Style, Silk Lingerie from Hopeless on EtsyDo you Love or Loathe Bra Decorations?
We want to know what you think about a few things:
Who wore McQueen better to the SAG Awards?Which Winter White is your favorite?Who do you think of this Bustled Dress (we love it!)?Share your thoughts on this week's Project Runway.Jael played stylist for the Grammys. What do you think?Do you like Ruby Kitten Vintage as much as we do?What could make this striped, drop-crotch, harem pant romper worse?
Also, we know a lot of people are looking for work so check out our guide for what to wear to an interview. And we found a great suit jacket on sale!

We did a web round-up this week. Do you have a link you think FMF readers would love to know about? Leave a comment and we just might put it in our next web round-up.

Project Runway s7 Ep3: It Takes Two

Let me start by saying the lyrics to the incredibly repetitive song, "It takes two to make a thing go right," do not apply apply to Project Runway designers. In fact, it takes two to make a thing go wrong, and in many cases I wish several things had been "outta sight," literally. The couture inspired looked showed some promise, but the looks-for-less lacked, well, everything.

The designers where taken to the Met where a grouping of classic Dior, YSL, Balenciaga, ect. gowns waited for them. They were to take inspiration from these great works of couture and create their own teams! After the teams got to work Tim Gunn called them in for a dreaded "gather round" to announce they would be making a second look. (Thankfully this group of designers didn't feign surprise. They've watched the show. They knew it was coming.) This would be a "look for less." They would have $50 to make it and it would have to be inspired by another team&#…

Project Design: Winter White

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I actually like winter, but the whipping winds, bitter cold and icy sidewalks are getting to me. These cozy and cute winter white items are helping me remember the things I love about winter--ice covered trees, warm gloves, cozy sweaters, and white hot accessories. Which winter white will brighten to your bleak winter days?

Gold Necklace with Detachable Fur Collar by LoveAndAdorn
Cozy Sweater Purse by Pavalu
Winter White Flower Earrings by VeraVinn
Extra Long Knit Gloves by Pilland
Upcycled Pearl Bib Necklace by savagesalvage
Recycled Wool Lily Brooch by FeltSewGood
Bleak Mid-Winter Tree Necklace by bellezamia
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How To Dress For An Interview

Full disclosure, I hate the term "professional attire." It is frequently relied on as a euphemism for "not manly enough." Thus I'm irked that color, ruffles and a-line skirts get short shrift in the work world. Knowing that I have this tick, I decided to consult some people who hire in a variety of fields. The following advice was extrapolated from the experiences of a small business owner, a small retailer, two managers and a director from a large international business, a journalist and chair of a university department, and the head of a charter academy. Their advice may surprise you hard-line suit people.

Know your audience. Consider what the position is, who you will be working with, and the culture of the place you are interviewing.

If you are applying to a law firm, financial institution, government position, or some other conservative occupation, wear nothing but a suit, but don't think you can skate by with a black jacket and skirt from Forever 21 ei…

FMF Reader Poll: McQueen vs. McQueen

Awards season is in full swing. (Check out Jael Paris' Red Carpet wishes for the Grammys). This means the fashion world is full of best and worst dressed lists from every red carpet event. So, dear readers, I bring your two controversial dresses from the SAG Awards.Sandra Bullock and Anna Paquin both chose FMF's favorite designer, Alexander McQueen. Both have been give best and worst dressed ratings for their choices. Sandy has had a few more "best dressed" points and Anna has landed on a few more "worst dressed" lists. I'm not so sure I agree with that. When I first saw Sandra's dress from the waist-up, I worried it might be a bit to matronly for her. While I agree that it is a lovely dress and she wore it well, I still think there is something about it that ages her. Anna's dress had been criticized for being to casual, but it's just the SAG awards. It's not the Oscars or the Emmys. I loved her choice. (I want to her dress). Some crit…

Web Round-Up: Shoe Making, Makeup 101 & More

Luxirare details (with great photos) an adventure into learning to make shoes.

Already Pretty has teamed up with Hello Beauty to bring us Makeup 101 lessons with tips that will help the novice, expert and everyone in between. (This first installment covers foundation, concealer and powder.) Speaking of Already Pretty, read the story of your body. It's possibly one of the best things we've read in months.

Oh la la! Calling all lingerie enthusiasts! Check out the photos and high end undies at Frou Frou Fashionista. Also, Kingdom of Style finds some stunning lingerie like this 50s-style bullet bra; these airy, 30s-esque pieces; and an assortment of sheer, lacy items.

Fat Stylist has great taste and tips for dressing a full figure.

Being nerds, it's only natural we love Fashion For Nerds wherein Audi chronicles the (brilliant) outfits she wears to confound the scientists she works with.

$150 Challenge: Scrumtrulescent

Remember my posts about accentuating your shape in the way you dress? Being a big-hipped girl, I'm particularly excited about embracing that part of the body. Forever 21's "pinstripe couture" dress makes my heart flutter. (Wide hips reminiscent of panniers and pinstripes?! It's like they know me.) But how do you style so much dress? You could go basic, but I prefer a head-to-toe outfit of impact items. Go bold for $146.79.

$150 Challenge: Daring by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Forever21 dresses
pinstripe bustled dress, Forever 21 $39
red patent bow belt, Forever 21 $5.80
ruffle heel, Dollhouse "Soliel" on Amazon $48
veil fascinator, Mod Cloth $23.99
envelope clutch, Jessica McClintock on Endless $30

Love or Loathe: Bra Decorations

While I may like the look of some bras with ruffles, lace or buttons, I don't really wear anything that's not smooth. Even seams are out. I'm a zombie when I get up, and it takes several cups of coffee and a few hours of easy tasks before my head is clear. So I'm fairly certain if I had a decorated bra, I'd grab the wrong shirt to wear over it and it would be noon before I realized the lace was making patterned bumps on my breasts.

Do you dare decoration or do you prefer to keep that part of your life as simple as possible?

Satin and lace bra available in five colors at Aerie for $34.50.

Etsy Shop of the Week: Hopeless


Why We Love It: The shop's description reads "Vintage Inspired Handmade Silk Lingerie." What's not to love?

Price Range: $20 to $270

More Info: We've featured their hair accessory shop, Hopelessly Devoted, in the past. Also, visit the shop's blog and twitter.

Favorite Items:Alex Camisole $150 (pictured); Mag Leotard $80; Amity Honeymoon Chemise $238; Lily Silk Garter Belt $215; Dahlia Silk Wraparound Bra $215; Ellen Red Silk Halter Bra $145; Amity Knickers $180

Dress The 2010 Grammy Nominee

Forgot nominees actually. Last year half of the people "dressed" didn't even show up. So everyone listed here is a presenter, performer or both.

The Grammys should be a time of fearless fashion, but it's become awash in soft gowns or cliched rocker clothes. (I love both, but never remember them on the red carpet.) But with Lady Gaga in the house, no one is really going to be talking about anyone else's ill-advised dress on Monday. Consider her attendance a blank check for creativity.

Miley Cyrus, frankly, could use some sartorial guidance. She likes to pretend she's a rockstar and has begun dressing in a hard, skin-baring fashion. It doesn't really suit her. Miley, you can look hot and modern without looking skanky. Marc Jacobs' velvet corset dress would be a good start. Marchesa's fringy dress is one part virgin and one part tease, but I'm almost afraid Miley would wear a black bra under it if she remembered to wear one at all.
Taylor Swift love…

Ruby Kitten on Etsy

Shop:Ruby Kitten on Etsy

What: Clothing, shoes, accessories and lingerie

Why: This vintage shop is actually divided by sizes.

More info: Read Ruby Kitten's blog to find out what is inspiring her and where else you can find it on Etsy.

How much: The majority of the shop is under $60.

Favorites:baby pink full slip $28; large red bag $34; rockabilly heart party dress $58; 1970s blue peasant dress $78; orange leather messenger bag $56; faux fur coat $64; yellow snake belt $25; beige cowboy boots $48; 1960s pale blue sheath dress $98

What Would You Pay? Boudoir-Inspired Dress

Be sure to check out last week's print hat. Those of you who didn't hate it said you'd pay $40 to $70 for it, but guessed it really cost around $150. See how much it really cost.

Most lingerie-inspired slip dresses look more like nighties than dresses. They aren't anything I could bring myself to consider wearing. This dress has the same airy feel of a nightie-style dress, but it actually looks like a dress. The color-block design gives the dress a stronger feel without losing the delicate feel. The plunging black V in front provides the sense of a plunging neckline without revealing too much skin.

The dress is 100 percent silk and fully lined with adjustable straps and zipper in the back. (Hint: the impeccable quality of material and craftsmanship sets the price a little higher). Best of all, this dress has classic style. It's a slip dress you'll be able to slip into for a while. Also, in ranges from size 00 to size 16. It's nice to see a pretty piece like t…

The Horror: Can It Be Worse?

Reader, Vicki sent this in. (Good eye?) The question is, can you make a striped, drop-crotch, harem, jumpsuit any uglier? Vicki suggested animal print, but they already went there. It's even making the Victoria's Secret model ugly by proxy. I suppose charging more than $48 would make it worse, but really charging anything for it is a crime. Theories?

Editor's Pick of the Week: Perfect Suit Jacket

A black (or neutral color of your choice) suit jacket/blazer is a wardrobe essential that should be invested in. A cheap suit coat rarely fits well/looks good (except for the ones at H&M, which seem to made for me). This is why I usually watch for designer coats to go on clearance like this impressively reduced Lauren by Ralph Lauren Jacket.

The ruffled shawl collar is just the right touch. If I'm going to invest in a piece I like to keep it basic, but not without a little personality. This classic jacket will look stylish for year, but will also stand out a little from the sea of basic black blazers. Having been a regular on the Job Fair circuit for almost two years now, I've learned to keep things professional without blending in with the other suits. These subtle ruffles take this to the next level without being too trendy, too young, or too over the top to be taken seriously.

Wear it with black trousers, a jewel-tone shell, colored but simple pumps and your favorite sma…

Bra And Panty Sets

Matching undergarments is one of those things I've always considered silly. It's more important that the panties work with the pant and the bra with the blouse. But lately the sleek, orderly allure of matching lingerie has been reeling me in. As it's the time of year when I restock my imtimates supply, I'm considering the matched set.Top: red "Japanese Bloom" bra and hipster, Calvin Klein at Nordstrom $43 and $26
blue tee shirt bra with hipster, No Romeo at Fig Leaves $23 and $10
pink lace bra with thong, Victoria's Secret $48 and $16
Bottom: stripe and lace bra and brief, Fantasie at Nordstrom $68 and $36
grey bra and garter panty with pleat trim, Calvin Klein at Net-a-Porter $44 and $34
black cami insert bra and bikini brief, Wacoal Silver and Nordstrom $58 and $19.99

Do you mix or match?

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous


Project Runway S7 Ep2: Mashed Potatoes

Last night the designer trekked to a farm where Tim Gunn stood in the mud (but still looking happy not to be in LA) with all the models behind him wearing potato sacks. Based on the saying "She's so pretty she would look good in a sack," the designers were challenged to create a cocktail look from burlap sacks. The models were the clients and would wear the design to an industry event later. Models picked their designers (insert drama here). Thankfully the editors didn't focus on the client drama. Appropriately, Lauren Hutton guest judged--there's a woman who could work a burlap sack!

Of those not judged, Anthony was my favorite. I wasn't expecting that based on his efforts last week, but this little red number with a beautifully draped skirt looked lovely. Jonathan's lace look was a close second. Ben's dress was also quite cute, but would have been drab without the shoulder detail. Ben continues to be great with dress making though.
I was less enth…

Project Design: Felted

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I'm endlessly intrigued by the felting techniques I find on Etsy. This fiber art can create some diverse and interesting shapes for such a loarge variety of wearable accessories. My discoveries started with felted scarves that looks like flowers wrapped around the neck. I quickly discovered felted jewelry, felted hats and even felted bags. Which felted item makes you feel giddy?

Felted Necklace w/ Flower by karlita

Fuzzy Felt Valentine Locket by TheNightjar

Carnival hat by pamdegroot

Handfelted Scarflette by Grettagrowsup

Felted Poppy Necklace by AVAoriginal

ooak nunofelted hat by arianemariane

Midnight Felted Clutch by shanineal
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