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Dress Up Your Curves

Monif C. carries casual and cocktail dresses for sizes 14 to 24. Many of the dresses are a wrap or empire waist style with flowing shirts that flatter a curvy figure. The styles are designed for the curvy figure. This makes a huge difference. I've noticed that a lot of plus size clothing comes in prints and shapes that would only look okay on the super skinny, and even then it's only okay, not good. Monif C. loves fashion and your curves.

This leopard print wrap dress shows of the Monif C. style. If you're looking to impress, this is your dress. A dress this sexy and this comfy (jersey with a silk tie belt) will run you $258.

Since Monif C. is a bit pricey, this dress might be the best buy on the site. It's a convertible dress that can be style up to 22 ways (unless you discover more). These dresses are pricey at $195, but if you think about it, you're getting 22 different dresses. No one will ever have to know it's the same one.

Monif C. also carries la…

Target Challenge: Casual Chic for Fall

Target has amazing basics that can be mixed up for great casual, business, or dressy looks. Here's an outfit you can run to the grocery store in, then dress up for a weeknight dinner date.

Wide leg jeans are not only in this season, but they are also more flattering to those of us with thighs than skinny jeans were. These jeans also sit higher on the waist so there should be less gapping in the back. They will look good with a t-shirt and tennis shoes on the weekend or a dress shirt, pumps, and a blazer on casual Friday. At $22.99 you can buy the darker wash too.

This berry colored top has great versatility. It will work for the office, the grocery store or a night out with your girlfriends. It's great basic with adorable shape and a lightweight material that won't be too bulky for layering. Again, you can afford all the colors for only $12.99 each.

Swing jackets are great for fall and can be dressed up or down. You can add long gloves when the weather gets colder to cr…

Boots for a real winter

I have an unhealthy love for white suede boots with stiletto heels. Maybe it’s my inner space warrior princess trying to get out, but there is no way such boots would stay chic five minutes into a Great Lakes winter. Black ice and dirty slush call for nubby soles and a dark color. While I’ve heard that Uggs are quite comfortable and warm, I don’t have any desire to look like I killed some poor muppet and am wearing its clunky feet as a trophy. If you have similar winters and aspirations to stylishly survive them, here are some boots that should help keep you warm and upright.

This short pair by Xhileration rather reminds me of the chunky boots everyone wore in the 90s. If you want a bit of a motorcycle edge, these are $29.99 at Target.
Yes, these are light colored and mildly Uggish, but I think the sleeker shape it what makes them attractive. These are by Arizona and available at J. C. Penney for a sale price of $39.99
Calvin Klein makes a nice low-heeled riding boot available at Nordstr…

Tights that shape up

Spanx has a line of body shaping tights that smooth out all the bumps. Spanx even offers reversible tights with a different color on each side in combinations of black and brown, black and gray, and black and navy. While tights don't take up a lot of room, these reversible one can save a little space when traveling.

Spanx also offers non-reversible tights in a variety of pattern, rises, and sizes. While most tights in stores come in one size or sizes A, B, and C, Spanx tights can be ordered in sizes A through G.

These body shaping tights even have a soft waist band that is supposed to lay nicely against the body to avoid creating a harsh line at the waist. Spanx also offers a variety of other body shaping products to help all those slim styles hang smoothly. The tights range in price from $24 to $38.

Basic Black on Oprah

Today Oprah chatted with Hearst Magazine President and author of Basic Black, Cathie Black. Black, often called “The First Lady of American Magazines,” runs the world's largest monthly magazine publishers including Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, Esquire, and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Black's new book, Basic Black: The Essential Guide for Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life), gives advice for the professional woman (and man) trying to make the most of their career and achieve balance in their personal life too.

Black recommends finding and mentor and following your passions. For a job interview, Black says when in doubt wear basic black. Also, research the corporate atmosphere and dress for the job for which you are interviewing.

Publishers Weekly calls Black's book “a memoir masquerading as a guide to career and life,” adding that the books mostly offers interesting anecdotes and only gives the advice it promises in the very end. Perhaps the book is better …

Wearable Sweater Dresses from Anthropologie

Unless you have a dream figure, sweater dresses can be very difficult to wear. Most sweater dresses fit so snuggly that they outline bumps and bulges we didn't know we had. That never makes for a fun shopping experience.

Anthropologie has some sweater dresses that look more wearable.

This shapely sweater dress has a flattering neckline with empire waist pleating that will disguise less than flat tummies rather than accentuate them. I also love the sleaves and both the sea blue and conifer green colors.

The thick waistband and beautiful bust detail on this scoopneck dress create a slimming effect when combined with the flowing shirt.

This cowel neck sweater dress has vertical striping and a removable belt (so you can change it up) that create a nice waistline. The graphic roses on the skirt add a little extra interest.

The Target Challenge: LBDs

Little black dresses make dressing oneself simple. With the exception of yard work and a few other activities, LBDs are perfect for any occasion. I have a vintage black dress with an interesting but subtle print that I have yet to find an event for which it was inappropriate. I don't know how I functioned before I owned this dress.

LBDs are so versatile that most of us don't mind spending a little more and calling it an investment. However, LBD can be affordable for those of us looking to save some cash.

Here are my top three Target LBDs:

The evening LBD
The full skirt, cinched waist and v-neck give this dress a classic party dress feel. You can dress it up with and outstanding necklace, clutch and shoes, or tone it down for a less dressy event. As an added surprise, it has hidden pockets in the full skirt. This great evening out will only cost $39.99.

The day LBD
This classic wrap will be a wardrobe staple for years to come. It will flatter most figures and offer an endless…

Shoes of the Week

BP. Shoes, sold at Nordstrom's, is a small line of well made inexpensive shoes. The line ranges from $40 to $130 in price. Most of the shoes are leather and quite well made. BP. Shoes offers a nice variety of shoes. If you looking for some classic pumps or a great pair of boots check out BP. for a good deal.

My top picks from their fall line are:

These classic pumps. They come in suede, patent, and leather in a variety of colors. They are only $60.

These Mary Jane pumps. I love how cute and versatile they are. Nothing about them is dated. They come in four colors and are also only $60.

These lace-up boots. They come in brown and black and have a cute, classic style for only $110.

The Three Purses Every Woman Needs

I am over It Bags. This doesn’t mean I’m completely giving up my girly girl badge or *shudder * buying a man’s wallet to carry in the pocket of my skinny, dark wash jeans. Rather, I now know what I need a purse for, and it’s not making a statement.

It’s no secret that design houses now make most of their money from the sale of shoes and purses. After all, if a woman is going to plunk down several hundred dollars for a luxury good, buying an everyday leather purse seems more economical than buying a silk chiffon dress. But why buy high end in the first place? Most designer bags are obviously designer, so every fashionista knows how many zeros you put on that check. A leather hobo, however, is more utilitarian than artistic. I am left to conclude that It Bags are for women who want to be It Girls.

Me? I just want to carry my stuff without messing up my look. And in my post-graduate life, I’ve discovered I need three perfect bags.

The first bag is one women often spend gobs of money on, but…

Roberto Cavalli at H&M

H&M has teamed up with designer Roberto Cavalli, known for his prints, tailoring, and rock star style, to create an affordabe line. According the the H&M blog Cavalli was very excited to bring his clothes to the mass retialer.

And the diffusion line won't just be for the ladies. Cavalli is bringing his signature tailoring and style to the guys as well. The H&M blog tells us that Cavalli will dress the men in everything from tuxedo's to T-shirts all at the H&M price.

The line debuts November 8. Check out H&M's website to see more before it hits the store.

Splurge or Save: Boots Edition

Fall is in the air and when the colors change I want to buy boots. My shoe fetish, however, cannot be supported by my wallet so I have to decided when it's O.K. to splurge and when I should really save.

Splurge: Classic, knee high boots in a neutral color.

Boots like these Maxstudio “Zulli” boots are a good wardrobe investment. Find a boot that fits with your personal style and isn't so trendy that it will look out of style in a few years. Spend the extra money to get durable leather, quality craftsmanship and lasting comfort.

Save: Trendy booties.

Booties have already stayed around longer than I expected. There are some pretty cute styles are there too, but most of the cute and trendy booties like these gray collared booties from Payless will not make a great closet staple and will look out of style more quickly than a classic boot. I can afford skimp a little on the quality to save some cash because booties won't have to last as long.