Vintage Specs at EyeGlass Boy

When she interviewed me, becca wanted to know what I thought was the most underrated accessory. Glasses, of course. They frame the eyes and draw attention to the face. No dress code mentions eyewear, so even in the most conservative office, you can have fun with bright red or cat eye glasses. Plus it's a great way to establish your non-Barbieness.
Images from Flicker users xelia, bebe.rascal, veris, Ladyminky, and JeanieJam.

If you're interested in a pair of fun retro glasses, EyeGlass Boy sells unworn pairs for men and women. Best of all, most pairs run half to a quarter the price of modern frames.


becca said…
Next time I get glasses, I'm getting crazy ones. These are fun.
Anonymous said…
Oooh, they do lenses too... Me thinks I want fun cat eyes.
Anonymous said…
crazy ones. These are fun.

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