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This Week on Fashion me Fabulous


Project Design: Nest Egg

Last week, Jael wrote about bunnies (both the pets and the jewelry) so I thought I'd tackle another Easter theme this week--Eggs. Whether you prefer to dye the real ones, munch the little chocolate ones, gobble the jelly ones, crack open the cream-filled ones or hunt the plastic ones, no doubt you'd be delighted to find one of these egg-themed necklaces in your Easter basket this year. Which is your favorite?

Baby Bird and Nest Necklace by DelicacyJ
Love Birds with Nest Necklace by metamorph
Bird Egg Lariat Necklace by ManoCelebrates
Bird Nest on Tree Branch Necklace by ACupOfSparkle
Branch and Blue Bird Necklace by blockpartypress
Nest Egg Locket Necklace by lusciouslockets
Eggs in Nest Necklace by WhiteGooseEmporium
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Etsy Shop of the Week: Michelle Tan

Shop:Michelle Tan

Why We Love It: When I imagine a perfect warm spring day, I picture an old soda fountain in the quaint corner drug store. Women in bright retro dresses are ordering all sorts of frothy drinks in tall glasses with pink and white striped paper straws. Michelle Tan has created the dresses, now we just need to find a soda fountain.

Price Range: $55 - $159

Links:Facebook / Flickr

Favorite Items:1950s Rockabilly Dress with Full Circle Skirt $159 (pictured); Polka Dot Dress with Peter Pan Collar $145; Pencil Skirt with Bow & Front Pockets $55; Mad Men Deep V Back Dress $149; Color Block Black & White Dress $159

Review: Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss

I've been craving citrus lips. I wear bright pink lipstick all the time, so why not try the new trendy bright orange? Please, hold your bravery medals. Not wanting to make a big orange splash, I sought an orange lip gloss. Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss has a new bright orange called "Sizzle." While being a sheer gloss, it's strongly colored. Here's some info that won't surprise anyone: unlike a lip stain or stick, gloss moves around a lot. While shopping, I also purchased Revlon's red "Fire" shade for a quick retro look. When it moves around and wears off, it leaves me with a slightly blurred mouth that looks like I've been indulging in strawberries. Very nice. When the orange wears off, it looks like I had pasta for lunch. Not so nice.

Anyone looking for a colorific lip gloss should check out this line. The red's pretty great, but with the way the orange wears, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who already has color in their lips. If…

Boots for A Rainy Day


How to Wear Pastel Pants

Despite not having a problem matching bright colors and having spent all of high school wearing khaki, I get completely confused when I have to match a pale bottom with anything. I think this is because I associate pastel pants, powder blue in particular, with retirees. Since this spring is all about colorful pants, this is a particularly sticky wicket. But here are a few ideas that will pull pastels out of grandma's closet.

Whenever I'm not sure about something in my closet, my first response is to pair it with black. A casual tank or a structured moto jacket paired with oxford flats keeps things fresh.

Summer Pants by fashionmefabulous

Tough Bird by fashionmefabulous

Did you get pants in a shade you really, really love? Do you have similar shades in your closet? Try a  monochrome look with your new pastel pants. Remember our rule of three. When mixing shades of the same color, incorporate it at least three times to make it look intentional.

In The Pink by fashionmefabulous


Wearing Nothing New

I recently watched the below TED Talk by Jessi Arrington of Lucky So and So. She is a Brooklyn based designer who buys all of her clothing at thrift stores, loves color and once spent an entire year researching and writing about the color pink.

I love the creativity and playfulness she brings to her wardrobe by taking risks and embracing what she loves. She plays with bold colors and isn't afraid to rock her own style. I also love her project because she uses fashion to express herself and find joy in the everyday activity of getting dressed. In fact, she lists several life lessons learned from her "Wearing Nothing New" project.

1. You do not have to spend a lot of money to look great.
We talk about this a lot here at FMF. It's why we do features like the $150 Challenge and budget shopping posts.
2. Color is powerful.
Color moves us, which is why it can be a little daunting to wear sometimes, but it's worth experimenting because it really adds to your look. (Check ou…

Love or Loathe: Placement is Key

Four years ago (Holy crap I've been writing this blog forever!), I wrote a post about how to wear nautical without looking like a Halloween sailor. My favorite suggestion was to throw in a little yellow. Maggy London's nautical stripe maxi dress follows that suggestion for a fun summer look. This dress, worn with flat sandals and a messy ponytail, is perfect for a picnic or a trip to the fair. Then I thought, "The yellow stripe kind of looks like a urine stain." Now I can't unsee it.

Is this still a fun summer dress or did I ruin it for you?

Spring's Bright Pants

In 2009, I scoured the internet for red pants. Most choices were limited to black, grey, navy and beige. This spring, legs are bright and colorful. These pants are perfect for contrasting pastels, waking up neutrals, or playing with color blocking. Stock up now in case khaki rears its boring head again.
Top: blue linen drawstring crops, Express $59.90
sherbert pleat waist pants, Top Shop $70
neon pink eyelet awesomeness, J. Crew $158
green paper bag waist crops, Madewell $89.50

Bottom: pink marbled, J. Crew $99.99
kelly green crops, Express $69.90
mint crops, J. Crew $69.50
accordion pleat palazzo pants, Urban Outfitters $69

This Week (And Last) On Fashion Me Fabulous

What I Wore Today by fashionmefabulous

As Seen On TV: There is a lot to watch in the fashion world this month. Project Runway All Stars crowned a winner. (See our Finale Part One coverage too). And Fashion Star debuted on NBC.

The Hunger Games: See our Panem fashion inspirations, and tell us if you Love or Loathe The Hunger Games merchandising. Plus, check out this Etsy shop full of book-inspired jewelry including designs from The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

Spring Has Sprung: Shop for bird prints, delicate special occasion accessories from Twigs & Honey on Etsy, and spring dresses. Also, hop along with these cute Easter bunny alternatives in Project Design.

Ratings & Reviews: Tell us what you think of wild fashion week makeup. Read our review of Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans.

Picks & Pink: See our pick of the week--fish scale shoes for the gumshoe in all of us. And get some tips for wearing pink.

Paris Fashion Week
Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2012The JapaneseGiambattista Valli,…

Project Runway All Stars: Making Things Right

Last night, the roller coaster of Project Runway's All Star season came to an end. Obviously, if you haven't watched it, stop reading and come back when you have. We watched as 13 favorites from seasons past came back to battle for a crazy list of prizes. Let's review those again:
$100,000 cash from L'Oreal ParisA feature spread in Marie Claire magazineA guest editorship at Marie Claire for one year$100,000 in technology and office space from HP and IntelAn exclusive designer's boutique at select Neiman Marcus stores and on NeimanMarcus.comA sewing an embroidery studio provided by Brother InternationalSome Thoughts On The All Star Season
Your average season of Project Runway only earns you the first two prizes on that list so these formerly eliminated designers all had the chance to surpass the winners of their season. After all, this prize wasn't just financing the possibility of creating a collection. This prize puts the winner's collection in a major retai…

Etsy Shop of the Week: 1 Lucky Soul

Shop:1 Lucky Soul

Why We Love It: It's no secret that we're a book lovers so this shop full of original designs inspired by the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games, Alice In Wonderland and books in general is right up our alley.

Price Range: $14.99 - $43.99

Links: Facebook

Favorite Items:Stack of Books Triple Locket $26 (pictured); Alice Remembers Wonderland Charm Pocket Watch $32.99; Simple Keyhole Necklace $23.50; The Reaping of District 12 Necklace $22; Katniss District 12 Necklace $14.99; Golden Snitch Necklace $25

Poll: Fashion Week's Wild Makeup

This was a great season if you were hoping to find lovely, wearable makeup. If you look forward to Fashion Week's crazier faces, however, this season fell flat. Marc Jacobs made faces beside the point with ugly pimp hats, and even Dior, a company with a full makeup line, went with soft faces.Thankfully, a few shows went wild.

Chanel's jeweled eyebrows

Dries van Noten's orange to there eye shadow

Fendi's white swipes

Miu Miu space panda with mirrors

Prada's orange and black and white and purple eyes

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Love or Loathe: Hunger Games Merchandising

The Hunger Games has probably been the biggest movie of 2012 since it was announced last year, and it still hasn't come out yet. The fan following is already fierce and dedicated. So, it's no surprise every retailer who can has taken advantage of the money making opportunities to had here. (I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but if you're still holding out come back when you've watched/read it just in case I give away some clues).

I expected the Mockingjay pin (pictured right, Amazon, $22.79) to be a big deal (and I have to admit to sort of wanting one, even though I know I won't spend money on it). I really like the nail polish from China Glaze (pictured below, Amazon $60.50 for 12 polishes). After all, a article termed The Hunger Games "Gladiator Meets Project Runway." Fashion tie-ins are reasonable given how important fashion is to the story.
Obviously, the branded merchandise like logo tees and hoodies exists for all big films. Even though…

Project Design: Easter Bunny Alternatives

My husband and I love bunnies. Last week, we had two Dutch Dwarf mixes -- Mocha and Kinkajou. Unfortunately, Ms. Kajou, the sweetest, gentlest creature ever, fell ill and passed away last Wednesday. We're pretty broken up about it, but we've been getting lots of grief therapy in the form of playing with Mocha and talking about our future with bunnies.

We plan to watch Mocha for a month and discuss with the good people at West Michigan Critter Haven (an excellent place for anyone near Grand Rapids looking into rabbits) what he needs. Does he need a new bun to bond with, a playmate or just more alone time? As we've been looking at various bunny sites, we've noticed both a large amount of rabbits who've been rescued from abuse or neglect situations and a subsequent need for suitable foster homes to house the overflow of abandoned bunnies filling humane societies.

Sadly, with Easter coming up more bunnies -- misguided holiday purchases -- will be taken to shelters in a…

The Hunger Games Fashion

I never expected fashion to play a major role in The Hunger Games. (I'll try to steer clear of specific spoilers here, but I might give away some general things so stick to looking at pictures if you're still waiting to read the books.) Even though fashion is not a part of Katniss' everyday world, once she volunteers for the games, she is polished, primped, buffed, and styled far beyond her comfort level. The work is necessary to entice the viewers in the Capitol and win her favor with fans and sponsors. Katniss is not at all comfortable with her duty as a style star, but as the series progresses she learns to wield the power of fashion to her advantage and ultimately that of Panem.
The Hunger Games: Fight Fear with Fire by fashionbeccafabulous

Only one event comes along in District 12 that requires specific dress, The Reaping. Katniss and the other teenagers turn out in the best dress they can manage. For this reaping, Katniss' mother lets her wear one of her own dress…