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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Etsy Shop of the Week: Tom Banwell Leather

Shop: Tom Banwell Leather

Why We Love It: Handmade leather masks at affordable prices make me want to wear these lovely creations all the time (without caring about all the staring it would cause as I walked around town, of course). This costume focused shop has some amazing creations.

Price Range: $13 - $1,995 (Only a few items come close to the high end. Most remain under $100 and my favorites under $40)

More Info: To find out move visit Tom Banwell's blog and website.

Favorite Items: Totem leather mask $39; Lacy Leaf leather mask $39; Leather head wreath $23; Muse leather mask $39 (pictured)


Jael Paris said...

These remind me of the lacy masks I've seen on runways lately. They'd be fun to wear to a party or club or to just wear on your head instead of face.

Kschenke said...

Those are absolutely beautiful. If I had a Grand Ball to go do, I'd totally snatch one up. :)

the muse said...

stumbled upon your blog from via style bubble. i lurve these masks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful masks: