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Etsy Shop of the Week: Pink Purr

Shop:Pink Purr

Why We Love It: Pink Purr makes retro styles and vintage reproductions. If you've ever wished you could have Maggie the Cat's dress or look like Marilyn Monroe, Pink Purr can make your dreams come true. (You can even get a Wonder Woman costume!)

Price Range: $79.99 - $650

More Info: Pink Purr offers a lot of customization and a wide variety of prints and colors for almost every look.

Favorite Items:Cat on A Hot Tin Roof Maggie Dress $495 (pictured); Leopard Halter Dress $169; Seven Year Itch Marilyn Dress $129; Gingham Halter Dress $169

When The Past Goes Swimmingly

No matter your personal style or body type, there is a vintage-inspired swimsuit out there for you! Whether you're looking for a sweet ruffle, a modest but fully sexy silhouette, a playful print, or the whole package, these fabulous suits will have you ready for the beach in pin-up style. The best news? Everyone from Target to boutique and specialty shops are in on this flattering trend. There's one for every budget!

top row:
white retro cherry print bikini, for luna, $53.21 top/$45.09 bottom
pinup couture "betty", pin up girl clothing, $78
jantzen "pretty pin-dot", dillards, $54
navy romper ruffle swimsuit, unique vintage, $81

bottom row:
merona shirred bandeau, target, $22
bathing beauty one-piece, mod cloth, $89.99
lomellina retro tank, j.crew, $128
catalina shirred halter swimsuit, walmart, $32

10 Finds Under $20


Good to Better: Weekend Edition

My mother-in-law wants to dress better. After providing some suggestions for work, we still have Saturday's to improve. From shopping to lunch dates to lounging at the house, mother-in-law's weekend attire is tee shirt and jeans. A tee shirt and jeans aren't bad items in themselves. In fact, jeans and a plain white tee are American classics. But there's the big problem. Most people in tee shirts aren't wearing a plain one. They're either in leftover attitude tees from the 90s (burn them) or a sports tee. I happen to have two Notre Dame tee shirts. You know when I wear them? When I'm watching Notre Dame choke in the 4th quarter. Sports shirts are for sports. Please, go buy yourself a pack of plain white tees.

Now that you have a blank canvas to work with, how do you jazz it up? Really, the only limit is your imagination. I used a baggy, faded boyfriend jean for a starter here. Since those have (as the name implies) a more masculine cut, fem it up with heels,…

When Good Shoes Go Bad, A Fractured Fairy Tale.

I love my shoes. I've long moved past buying shoes just because they are cheap or cute or sort of fit or seem "good enough." Shoes have to be perfect--perfect fit, perfect style and a price that I can actually afford. I clearly don't find an abundance of shoes so I cling to any pair I do find. I love them. I care for them. I wear them to death. Then, I do everything I can to revive them, and I wear my zombie shoes until they fall apart or start hurting my feet (or try to eat my brains).

Last year all of my sandals either fell apart or started hurting my feet. This year, I've been wearing a pair that hurt my feet because I haven't found anything that fits correctly. I'll also admit I'm really attached to these shoes.

Once upon a time (summer 2005, I believe), in a DSW down the road, I bought these shoes--Naturalizer Canary Leather Wedge Sandals in black (pictured above). Our friendship started slowly. I didn't wear them much as first, but as other co…

Poll: Perfume Bottles

When a friend of mine returned from a trip to Italy, she gave me a red, blown-glass atomizer. Retro, sexy and bold all at once -- it's awesome-sauce. I'm not the only woman who has a love for pretty bottles (and I will confess that good packaging can entice me to buy a product). If I were to have a dressing table full of perfume bottles, I'd most likely collect in shapes, all rounded or all sleek. Since I'm in love with the sexy torso bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique, it could be the standout centerpiece of my expensive collection.

Perfume Bottles by Fashion Me Fabulous on

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You can click on the itty bitty bottles for more info on the perfume.

Do you have a favorite perfume bottle?

Pick of the Week: Retro Cherry Peeptoes

Boom-chuck-a guitar. Hornrim glasses. High ponytails. Petticoats. Poetic Licence "Sweet Shirley Temple" cherry-trimmed print wedge immediately calls to mind rockabilly fun. The summary wedge is also available in brown and pink, but the white holds the most charm. A kitschy print shoe may seem limited for styling, but I'm stuck on which outfit to pick! Black and white polka dot swing dress? Red cigarette pants with a plain white tee? Denim shorts with gingham halter? White sheath? Yellow blouse with ruffle skirt? What would you wear with this sweet peep?

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This Little Piggy Went Shoe Shopping

I'm sure most of us will never have enough money to buy all the shoes we want, but we can at least do our best to save up for a few great pairs every year. This shoe fund piggy bank will remind you to put your loose change to good use--shoe shopping. (She's even wearing high heels!) It's sold out online, but most Target stores still have it in stock for $9.99.

Fantasy Shopping, Vicki Edition

The fine ladies who run the joint here asked me to do some fantasy shopping, stating it would be a good way for readers (that's you!) to get to know my style a bit more.

I fear I may reveal too much. Mostly that I'm a gigantic nerd, if that hadn't already become quite apparent. I really had no idea where to start with this, so I picked something that I'd wanted for a while but hadn't come across the right item in stores. I've been aching for a lace dress for ages, yet the perfect specimen remained elusive.

However, with no limitations on distance or price, this gorgeous Marc Jacobs dress from the Fall '11 line fits the bill perfectly! The deep, warm crimson color is one that looks killer against my skin and hair and is one of my wardrobe favorites. The shape is sexy without being too revealing, and the detail around the neck is downright regal.

Then, I had to pick shoes. I have to be honest, I know there are better shoes out there for this dress. But, dang it…

Project Design: Picnic Perfect

Project Design is our friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

This weekend will kick off picnic season for me with a graduation party and my church's annual Sunday school picnic. (The food at this picnic is always incredible!) While gingham for a picnic is a bit obvious, I still wish I had some cute little gingham accessories for the occassion. Which picnic-y item has you ready to dig out the picnic basket?

Rockabilly Halter Top by tamallama
Red Gingham Bow Headband by theGinghamGarden
Sweetheart Hostess Apron by CreativeChics
Strawberries and Cream Tote by RuffleShop
Red Gingham Picnic Dress by patriciavalery
Picnic Fabric Earrings by mudpuddletheory
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Etsy Shop of the Week: flipflaire


Why We Love It: Flip flops are a summer standby, and they don't have to be a fashion dud. A nice pair of leather or fabric flip flops with simple details can keep your feet cool and comfy all season. Flipflaire has created jewelry to make flip flops more fun. These snap-on baubles add a bit of flair to flip flops, strappy sandals, hats and so much more. (I think they'd look cute covering a plain buckle on the ankle strap of a shoe or creating a cute gather on a wide fabric headband.)

Price Range: Right now, all flipflaire costs $16.50 per set.

More Info: In honor of her niece, Rebecca, the owner of flipflaire has created Becca's Bucks, a program that donates one dollar to a children's cancer program for everyone $100 in sales.

Favorite Items:Shine Gold (pictured); Emerald Green; Star Bright; Beyond Brass; Ocean

Love or Loathe: Too Many Ruffles?

In March, I called Meadham Kirchhoff's Fall 2011 show "Helena Bonham Carter as mistress of a Catholic school for troubled young girls." This ruffly dress from The Gap would belong to one of those students, the one who sneaks into the bathroom for a smoke. She's all ripped stockings and smudged eyeliner. In that circumstance, I like this dress. The reviews are pretty positive, but it's a little...slouchy. I certainly wouldn't wear it with the belt. What do you think? Does it help to know it's on sale?

Pleated Shorts

I don't have a good relationship with shorts. Actually, my thighs don't have a good relationship with shorts. I can't find any that fit probably and don't ride up because of my curves. Jael Paris wrote recently about culottes, and though the word makes me shiver because of my years in private school, a long, loose short seems like quite a good idea. I've been searching for such a pleated short for a while, and, thankfully, stores are obliging with more options than ever before.
Pleated Denim Shorts, Kohls, $30
Long Cuffed Shorts, Kohls, $30.80
Pleated Side-Tie Shorts, Kohls, $30
High Waist Scallop Shorts, Urban Outfitters, $54
Dragonfly Culottes, Anthropologie, $68
Linen Cuffed Pleat Shorts, JCPenny, $24.95
Paper Bag Waist Pleat Shorts, ASOS, $60.34
Structured Pleated Shorts, ModCloth, $61.99
Chance of Clouds Tie Dye Shorts, ModCloth, $42.99

I Love Kate Walsh's Boyfriend

Most fragrances for women are akin to a shrill girlish soprano trilling treacle of love and summer. I want something deeper and more natural from my scents. I want a perfume that knows heartache and may have a problem with whiskey. With that overwrought metaphor in mind, it shouldn't be a surprise that I prefer men's cologne to women's perfume.

I've shopped and shopped for perfume for years with a hit and miss success, but anything I've liked in the past has been blown out of the water by Boyfriend, a scent by actress Kate Walsh. (And you know it's good if I'm willing to promote a celebrity product.) Her goal was to capture the scent of a man's cologne lingering on a woman's body. With a woody, musk base and notes of jasmine, vanilla, amber and myrrh, it's the scent of my dreams.

$150 Challenge: Sporty Summer Shine

Summer brings hot days and cool nights. The beach demands a casual vibe, but that doesn't mean you can't have a day look worthy of a night on the town. This easy sequined tank possesses daytime's relaxed vibes with evening's edge and shine. Lounge on the beach all day then trade your aviators for a smokey eye and take the removable strap off your clutch to dance all night.

$150 Challenge: Sporty Summer Shine by Fashion becca Fabulous

Sequin Ombre Stripe Tank, Buckle, $25
Cuffed Shorts, Alloy, $23.92
Gladiator Sling Sandals, Payless, $24.99
Leather Rhinestone Bracelet, Banana Republic $19.50
Three Disc Earrings, Wet Seal, $7.50
Grey Aviator Sunglasses, Forever 21, $5.80
Removable Shoulder Strap Concrete Clutch, Zappos, $36

Summer Pedicures

This weekend, I sat down and gave my toes some pampering. We're a month into summer and my nails were still unpainted. It seems like I'm more into keeping my toes painted now that they can't be seen all the time than I was when I could wear sandals at work. There's something about prepping my feet to be seen (even when they're stuffed in ballet flats) that makes me feel like summer.

Image source

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8 Wedding Guest Dresses Under $150

Last weekend, I and three friends celebrated our wedding anniversaries. June's pretty popular for matrimony. (And I'm full of shocking revelations.) My small exposure to weddings has involved services in many different churches, gardens and a couple of museums, plus several receptions of just cake, a few full meals, one with dancing all night (plus a freakish storm), a few outdoor celebrations, and one with week old shrimp and a hoedown (We left quickly.). Here are some lovely dresses to cover you for day or night, church or garden, cake or a three-course meal, but I have no help for hoedowns.Top: perfect jersey dress, Anthropologie $138 (Available in 4 colors!)
red full dress, Target $39.99
grey shift, J. C. Penney's $66.99
orange pleat dress, Mod Cloth $59.99
Bottom: colorblock maxi, Macy's $89
teal silk wrap dress, The Out Net $130.80
green retro wiggle dress, Pin-Up Girl Clothing $108
navy eyelet shift, Nordstrom $118

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Weekend Fashion Find: Fit to be Tied

Tomorrow is Father's Day. If you're giving dear old dad another necktie (my dad is impossible to buy for so I actually considered it), he may have a few you can clean out of his closet and use for new, fashionable pursuits. We all know neckties can make excellent belts, hair ribbons and even skirts, but necktie crafts don't have to stop there.

Green Eggs and Ham has a tutorial for this stunning necktie statement necklace (pictured right).

DIY Network has a video on how to make a tote bag out of neckties and cloth napkins. If you want a necktie only bag, try this necktie purse from Sonya Style.

Instead of threading a plain tie through your belt loops, craft a fancier belt like this necktie corset belt (pictured left).

For even more necktie craft ideas, check out Artful Ties, a blog filled with unique ideas for upcylcing old ties.

Project Design: Tutu To You

Project Design is our friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Tutus make excellent summer skirts, they also layer well with other skirts to work as a frilly overlay or a fun petticoat. Which tutu makes you want to twirl?

Fantasy Tutu by wildkin
Easy Ballerina Tutu by BohemianPrep
Ballet Inspired Short Tutu by TutusChic
Unique Crochet Tutu by kovale
Layered Tulle Skirt by elbling
Pettiskirt Red and Pink by DawnsAtelier
Yellow & White Dip-Dyed Tutu by favioandfran
Our polling system seems to be broken. Please vote for your favorite by commenting below.