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This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous


New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who:Julian Louie
What it made us think of: A minimalistic Marie Antoinette in a washed out, pastel color palette.
What we liked: Everything
What we didn't: Nothing
What it made us think of: The kind of clothing one could wear everyday--easy, stylish, unique, details in an effortless way. (I'd wear better shoes though).
What we liked: Again, everything. (I'm shocked I love the fanny pack belts. How are those so chic?!)
What we didn't: I wouldn't wear everything, but I can't say there was anything wrong with the collection.
Who:Cynthia Steffe
What it made us think of: A grown up school girl who spent a year at a French boarding school.
What we liked: Pretty much everything.
What we didn't: Some of it felt a little too young.
What it made us think of: A step by step guide on how to properly wear knitwear and create a sleek yet lux winter look.
What we liked: Knits (obviously), monochrome dressing, shoes, tights, fun hats
What we didn't: Some things were…

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who:Jason Wu
What it made us think of: A day at the museum, from what you'd wear there to the paintings and sculptures themselves walking down the runway.
What we liked: painted prints, polka dots, frills,
What we didn't: Nothing.

Who:Christian Siriano
What it made us think of: What Christian Siriano would have made had he been attempting to play it safe on Project Runway. He would have probably still won, but not with the same flourish.
What we liked: Ruffles, ruffles and ruffles; sophisticated leather; stunning coats; metallics
What we didn't: The sheer, color-block pieces; the lack of fun prints; too much editing and toning down over all
Who:Elie Tahari
What it made us think of: Timelessness with a little sparkle and a subtle use of trends
What we liked: shoulder details, skirts, unfinished looking edges, metallics, knitwear
What we didn't: Nothing really
Who:Derek Lam
What it made us think of: The modern cowgirl out to rediscover the Wild West.
What we liked: knitwear, struct…

Bonus Poll: Project Runway Withdrawl

Last night I sat down with a bowl of popcorn ready to dig into a new episode of Project Runway only to discover an evening of reruns was all Lifetime had to offer. I guess I missed the memo that we were taking a week off from the runway (and I was so looking forward to the hardware store challenge).

To tide us over I thought we'd take a look back at our winners so far. Which was your favorite?

Episode One:"Who Are You?" Challenge
Winner: Emilio

Episode Two:"She Looks Good In a Burlap Sack" Challenge
Winner: Jay Nicolas

Episode Three:Couture Inspired "Team" Challenge
Winner: Mila

Episode Four:"Go Red For Cambell's Heart Disease" Challenge
Winner: Amy

Episode Five:"Dress Cover Girl Heidi Klum" Challenge
Winner: Anthony

Episode Six:"Me and Mommy" Challenge
Winner: Seth Aaron
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Also, who do you think will be the top three designers at Bryant Park? (Don't comment if you saw the spoilers from Fashion Week. No on…

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who:Diesel Black Gold
What it made us think of: Americana Sportswear meets Americana Rock N Roll
What we liked: Leather jackets, skirts and dresses; pants that exaggerate hips
What we didn't: Light/Acid-wash denim, overalls, sheer dresses over tight denim, ripped denim
Who:William Rast
What it made us think of: Americana casual wear gone trendy
What we liked: Army inspirations, bold casual boots, playful proportions, loose leather pants, ruffled leather
What we didn't: shiny leather bike shorts, rainbow shoulder fringe, leather fringe with overly washed denim
What it made us think of: Those cool kids who can build really avant-garde outfits out of casual basics.
What we liked: Volume, assymitry, buttons, pops of color on black, subtle plaid, varied layering
What we didn't: some blob-ish and oversized pieces
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Love or Loathe: Crochet Rainbow Vest

I already had this crochet vest from Forever 21 tagged for a future love or loathe, then I saw an American Idol contestant wearing it Tuesday. It looked okay on her, better than here. The colors plus the doily pattern on the back are too much for me, but I don't really have a laid back, hippie style either. What do you think?

Pale on Pale


New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who:Koi Suwannagate
What it made us think of: Traditional Japanese clothing (the inspiration for the show) reworked to for the modern, funky, playful American woman
What we liked: appliques, prints, lovely folds, kimono style tops
What we didn't: A few pieces looked clunky (the evening dress) in an otherwise light, fun collection.
What it made us think of: The parts I like reminded me of sophisticated secretaries with equestrian hobbies.
What we liked: button boots, pussy bow blouses, black and white textured prints (plaid, polka dot), watercolor prints, suits
What we didn't: I normally like sparkly, sequin-y embellishments, but some of these looks cheap in the photos. High-waisted skinny pants, the half-moon embellishments.
Who:Erin Fetherston
What it made us think of: The typical Erin Fetherston girl re-imagined in seventies boho/rocker chic.
What we liked: flowing dresses, pretty prints (many involving birds!), bow bodices
What we didn't: velour/velvet sweatsuit, hor…

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who:Oscar de la Renta
What it made us think of: Nancy Reagan after a bender.
What we liked: clashing colors, the olive green dress with crisp origami detail, check tights, GREEN!
What we didn't: The 80s flip hair. This collection skewed younger than the usual work of this American stalwart, and while the pieces apart will look amazing, the collection as a whole leaned toward (dare I say?) tack.
Who:Ralph Lauren
What it made us think of: Bag ladies transformed into Victorians who then become members of the Hudson Riding Club before morphing into punk flappers.
What we liked: Buttons at the ankles, velvet blazers (I'm weak for them!), tweed
What we didn't: Mid-calf is a dowdy length. In fact, I hated almost every skirt or dress in the collection.
Who:Carolina Herrera
What it made us think of: The elegant, all-American, upscale woman who isn't afraid to have a little fun with her clothing.
What we liked: Prints, colors, sleeves, pants, blouses, evening dresses
What we didn't: He…

FMF Reader Poll: The Next McQueen?

As any regular reader of FMF know, Jael Paris and I adore Alexander McQueen. We are still deeply saddened that the world has lost such an incredible artist, but we are comforted to know the Gucci Group (the company that owns McQueen's brand) will do it's best to carry on the legacy. The question is though, who will helm the house now? We've heard lots of suggestion and speculations. Who do you think should take the lead at this iconic house? We've pictured each of the suggested designer's work below. Vote in the poll to tell us your choice.

Gareth Pugh:
Hussein Chalayan:
Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci:
Christian Siriano:
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