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This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Nautical by fashionmefabulous

Versatility: We've found four fun flouncy skirts under $30 that can be styled many ways. Also, becca writes an ode to men's dress shirts.

Picks: Nab 10 steals for $20 or less. Get this super cute colorblock purse in a variety of styles. Jael Paris rounds up a couple casual shoes.

Cuteness: Our Etsy shop of the week is full of cute coin purses. Vote for your favorite cute monster jewelry.

Project Design: Ahhh!!! Cute Monsters

I have a thing for cute monsters. It stems mostly from my love of Pixar's Monsters Inc. and Ahhh! Real Monsters, which aired on Nickelodeon when I was a kid. The news that Pixar is creating a prequelto tell us Mike and Sully's back story has me totally geeked out. Is it Summer 2013 yet?

MonJuju Monster Pendant by lilblackcloud

Blue Monster Ring by cjBlue

Wolfy Monster Cameo by EudoraZio

Beetle Monster Necklace by FULIBU

Stamped Monster Zeke by StampedFrosting

Love Monster Necklace by rainnua

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Etsy Shop of the Week: Misala Handmade

Shop:Misala Handmade

Why We Love It: Misala Handmade offers a variety of super cute kiss-lock coin purses, iPhone cases, iPad cases and handbags. I love the vintage coin purse I have. One compartment keeps my coins while the other stores my thumb drive, bobby pins, buttons that have popped off and two emergency parking meter quarters. It's versitility has made me want more coin purses. I'd love one to stash thumb drives, ear buds and other odds and ends in my computer bag. Another would be great for traveling with jewelry. On top of being useful, Misala's coin purses are unique, cute and playful.

Price Range:$14.90 - $54.90


Favorite Items: Pictured Top, Red Fox $26.90 (click through the gallery below to see the rest of our favorites. 

<p><a href="…

Four Fun Full Flouncy Target Skirts Under $30

The full flouncy skirt is my summer favorite. It's breezy, light, cute, girly and perfect for everything from a picnic to a day at the office depending on how you style it. In fact, these skirts have so many style options, I've included a few below. What is your favorite way to wear flounce?

Four Fun Fresh Flouncy Skirts Under $30 by fashionbeccafabulous featuring a jacquard skirt

Drawstring Skirt, Target, $22.99
Colorblock Skirt, Target, $19.99
Navy Eyelet Skirt, Target, $29.99
Print Pocket Skirt, Target, $17.99

Wear Two Ways: Drawstring Skirt by fashionbeccafabulous featuring t shirts

Wear Two Ways: Colorblock Yellow by fashionbeccafabulous featuring leather handbags

Wear Two Ways: Navy Eyelet Skirt by fashionbeccafabulous featuring t shirts

Wear Two Ways: Print Skirt by fashionbeccafabulous featuring a polyester shirt

In Which I Attempt to Not Fail At Casual Shoes

My brother was making fun of me. We were walking through the woods of a property my family's considering purchasing when he started chastising me for my shoes. "I see you wore your sensible hiking kitten heel." Truth: those shoes are hella comfy. Even so, they're not the best summer activity shoe. Summer always means there will be some sort of outdoorsy event wherein I'm expected to play frisbee, wash cars, or maybe even *shudder* run somewhere. These occasions befuddle me, the bookish, nerdy, indoors person. What is this sun and why does it burn?

If I have to be outside, there are only two types of shoes I like for woods traipsing, boating, and chasing the ice cream truck -- Keds and Sperry Top-Sider.

Lots of people like Converse, but I've always preferred Keds. It's either because even Converse look too sporty for me, I have an affinity for Keds because I wore them as a child, or I prefer to associate myself with cults rather than hipsters. We may never…

An Ode to Men's Dress Shirts

I have one of my dad's old white dress shirts. It's a little too worn to be the crisp white dress shirt he'd wear out, but it's just right for me. I can throw it on with a pair of dark wash jeans for a classic, easy look. It's the best "jacket" for summertime, looking great over tank tops and sundresses. My white shirt was a fashion savior after a recent sunburn by being soft enough not to scratch, light enough not to overheat, and protection enough to keep the sun from burning me any more.

I have a couple other men's dress shirts, mostly purchased second hand. They layer well over tees and under vests. Whether tucked in and billowy or loose and unbuttoned (my favorite) it's the shirt that can be worn a million ways. Jael Paris tried some unique styling several years ago, and we've even considered men's shirts as skirts.

What is your favorite way to wear a men's dress shirt?

Pictured: Men's Long Sleeve Shirt, Target, $22.99

Pick of the Week: Colorblock Bags

Guess' color block bag, in shades of aqua, pink sand and citron, is very Summer 2012 while still making me think of both 1950s sock hops and parties in 1980s Miami. (Or those things as they are represented in tv and movies since I've experienced neither.) This particular style is the largest in the line and rings up at $125 at Macy's, but there are quiet a few styles. The bowler is $118, small handbag is $75 and the wallet is $38. All the bags are available in brown color block, black and white.

10 Steals For $20 or Less!

Often, you find the best things when you're not even looking for them. Treasure hunt shopping is my absolute favorite (as opposed to searching for black pants and ending up in tears). In fact, I save up my shopping money for visits with friends so we can treasure hunt together. Here's a handful of items that with their low prices would get heavy consideration from me.

Great buys! by fashionmefabulous

print bow blouse, Newport News $10
taupe sheer stripe skirt, Yes Style $15
racer back bra, Target $12
lace overlay maxi skirt, Forever 21 $19.80
straw hat, Urban Outfitters $12.99
Prada-inspired curly sunglasses, Go Jane $14.98

Great deals! by fashionmefabulous

blue evening bag, Shop Ruche $18.50
citreuse liquid eye liner, Lime Crime $13.99
Bare Escentuals starter kit, Sephora $20
straw tote, DSW $19.94

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Resort by fashionmefabulous

Shades: Shop for blue shoes and grab a green goddess get-up for under $150.

Summer: We've rounded up six summer carry-all bags, and our Etsy shop of the week has stunning hats for summer and the rest of the year.

Style: Get styling tips for print pants, tell us your policy on extravagant accessories, and vote for your favorite bird-themed necklace.

Project Design: Angry Birds

The birds. Something is amiss. Maybe I've watched too many Hitchcock movies. Perhaps I've read too many stories that leave all the symbolism to the birds. It could be the heat. It's probably just my imagination, but I keep noticing strange behavior from the birds. Odd cawing. Spooky swooping.

In real life, ruffled birds are a bit unsettling, but as accessories these birds are captivating. Which feathered fiend fascinates you?

Red tail hawk necklace by lulubugjewelry

Sewing Bird Stork Scissors Necklace by contrary

Silver Bird Necklace by MegusAttic

Bird Claw Necklace by BlackSparrowJewelry

Wren Bird Coin Necklace by FindsAndFarthings

Raven Skull Necklace by LostApostle

Verdigris Bird Necklace by VachonistaJewelry

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Etsy Shop of the Week: Miriam Leala

Shop:Miriam Leala

Why We Love It: Kate Middleton married the prince and became a worldwide fashion obsession. I keep hoping this brings about an obsession with fabulous hats because there just aren't enough fabulous hats worn today. Miriam Leala creates a wonderful selection of hats that range from super chic garden party to "something one might need is she marries Prince Harry."

Price Range: $90 - $225

Favorite Items:Straw Summer Hat with Black Grosgrain Trim $155 (pictured); Turquoise Straw Pillbox $119; Red Hat With Chocolate Brown Trim $145; Grey Wool Felt Beret With Swirly Detail $145; Braided Straw Hat with Vintage Tie Trim $155; Lavender and Black Handmade Beret $175

6 Summer Carry-Alls

While winter has a lot of accessories, summer seems to need the most supplies. Sunscreen, water, a wrap or cardigan for over-air conditioned buildings, sunglasses, and maybe a spare pair of shoes for spontaneous long walks on nice days (or even a hat to keep away the sun). There are too many things I want to carry around. That's on top of my wallet, phone, keys, Kindle, iPod, notebook, lotion, hand sanitizer, and other "necessities." These totes are large and lightweight enough to tote of my warm-weather wares.

6 Summer Carry-Alls by fashionbeccafabulous

Zipper bag
$80 -

J Crew beach tote
$50 -

Woven handbag
$38 -

Forever 21 striped handbag
$11 -

Levi's Nautical Canvas Tote - Red and Natural - Bags
$58 -

Relic® Heather Large Tote - jcpenney
$40 -

Poll: Take One Thing Off

Sunday, I was all matchy-matchy in shades of green, pale blue and white. I accessorized my green blouse and high-waisted print skirt with a small blue porcelain ring, a pearl choker, a large antique pearl drop necklace, and pale blue teardrop earrings with crystals. It was a lot of jewelry.

Coco Chanel is attributed with saying that before leaving the house you should look at yourself in the mirror and take one thing off. (Since she was famous for wearing piles of fake pearls, I find it dubious that she actually said this.) Sometimes I feel a pile of jewelry is exactly what an outfit needs, but it is certainly easy to overdo it.

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$150 Challenge: Green Goddess

$150 Challenge: Green Goddess by fashionbeccafabulous featuring strappy shoes

Old Navy drawstring dress
$45 -

Strappy shoes
$55 -

Straw tote
$40 -

Forever 21 cuff jewelry
$5.80 -

Blue Shoes


Styling Tips for Print Pants

Print pants, as I've mentioned before,vex me some, but since they're so popular right now, I thought I'd take a stab as styling a pair. I fell for this beautiful bird print from Oasis; unfortunately in the few days since I've styled these outfits, they've sold out. However, if you're still interested in this exact print, it's available as shorts, a tank, and a twee top.

My first tip for styling print pants starts before you ever buy them. Notice all the colors in the print. Part of the reasons I like these so much is all the warm flora against the cool grey background allows for a wide variety of styling options.

Now that you've found something you like, pull out one or two of those colors you noticed for your top. Here I drew off of the green and orange in the birds.

Print Pants, Autumnal Colors by fashionmefabulous

My final tip is physical balance. Prints can be loud, especially when they run the length of your legs. Use a neutral top with dramatic sl…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Cotton Candy and Summer Fair Swings by fashionmefabulous

Shop: We've scouted out high-waisted bottoms and the best budget activewear. Also, Jael is all about green nail polish this summer.

Review: becca is loving e.l.f.'s Zit Zapper. Jael gets caught up in Anglomania. And our Etsy Shop of the Week is felting up a cute storm of quirky accessories.

Vote:  Tell us if you Love or Loathe these unique shorts. Also, vote for your favorite summer tank top.

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Project Design: Baby, It's Hot Outside

It's supposed to be a scorcher outside today. I'm not a fan of the heat, but I love to battle it with a breezy pair of linen pants and a loose, light tank top. Which of these summer tops will keep you cute and cool?

Cream Ruffle Top by chrystalshop

Sheer Grey Tunic by AtelierSignature

Polka Dot Tie Tank by CharlotteAuzou

Sleeveless Grey Bias Top by JaneClarbour

Simple White Linen Top by ZephyrGrahamParis

Violet Wrap Top by MiloCreativeStudios

Chevron Eyelet Cotton Tank by OUTLYING

Dove Grey Cross Knit Top by garylindesign

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