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Happy Hallowgivingmas

Jael and I are celebrating our made up holiday with our friend so we're skipping the summary post. See you Monday. Happy Hallowgivingmas!

The Day Project Runway Died

I'm going to skip the moments from the cast reunion and all the build-up. Last night's episode came to a shocking end (clearly this is a Spoiler Alert!). For the first time ever, I looked at the collections online before the show. I've always waited to enjoy seeing them during the show for the first time, but I'm on a tight timeline to write this recap so I wanted to make the images ahead of time.

After looking at the three top collections in still photos, I saw an obvious winner. I strongly disliked Gretchen's collection. Andy's disappointed me. Mondo's blew me away. When I saw the shows in motions with the music and detail shots, my opinions changed slightly.

Gretchen had some nice styling and few pretty dresses, but, overall, it was boring. I've not only seen it before, but I've also purchased it, wore it some, and donated it to Goodwill before. The granny panties were unacceptable. These earn any designer a "Go To Jail" Card. She should …

Project Runway Finale Live Blog

We'll be blogging finale of Project Runway season 8 tonight from 9 to 11 p.m. Eastern. Join Us right here so share your thoughts on the collections and winner.
<a href="" >Project Runway Season 8 Finale</a>

Etsy Shop of the Week: Moi Minerals

Shop:Moi Minerals

Why We Love It: This makeup is all natural, vegan and high pigment. It's also affordable, sensitive skin friendly and available in some amazing looking colors. If you're looking for something bold for Halloween or sassy for the upcoming holiday parties, there are several fun makeup collection to pick from.

Price Range: $5 - $40

More Info: See even more products on Moi Mineral's website.

Favorite Items: I'm most excited by the vivid eye shadow colors Moi Minerals offers for only $5. Some of my favorite colors are Pluto, Black Magic, Haunted, Psycho, Galaxy and Sinful.

Top 10 Colorful Coats

The sky has been grey for the last few days. The high, garbage-can-flipping winds have stripped all the colorful leaves from the trees. We're entering fall's grey period which foretells of a dark and wicked time: Winter. But we will not lay prone and black in the wake of this Arctic onslaught. No, we will fight it with every fiber of our wardrobes. We shall fight it red boots. We shall fight it with green mittens. We shall fight it with a rainbow of coats. And if we lay shivering and blue on a snow bank, no doubt Spring will rally once again to save us.Top: purpley striped coat, Anthropologie $99.95 (Clearance!)
yellow hooded peacoat, Delia's $69.50
teal coat with velvet trim, Urban Outfitters $148
Middle: fuchsia fitted puffer jacket, Guess at Nordstrom $88
red military coat, Steve Madden at Macy's $129.99 (Sale!)
orange shawl collar jacket, J. Crew $198 (Sale!)
Bottom: blue long wool coat, J. Crew $298 (Available in 12 colors!)
green circle quilted coat. Calvin Klein at Nor…

$150 Waredrobe Update: The Basics

This is the time of year for a wardrobe update. If you're like me, you're starting to pull out the cold weather clothes and realizing items that limped through last winter may night be able to limp along much longer. Here are a few great finds to update those fall and winter basics. You can pick up one of everything for under $150, and watch for sales because I got my layering tees for $6 a pieces and saw the Vera Jeans for only $25 earlier this season.

$150 Fall Wardrope Update: The Basics by Fashion becca Fabulous
Layering Long Sleeve Tees, Old Navy $12.50 (14 colors)
Short Socks, Target Stores Only $1 (A variety of colors & patterns)
Knee Socks, Target Stores Only $2 (A variety of colors & patterns)
Basic Blouse, Kohls $21.99 (Available in Teal, Purple & White)
Straight Leg Jeans, Simply Vera Kohls $29.99
Opaque Tights, Target $5 (A variety of colors available in some stores)
Faux Wrap Dress, Target $18.74
Pinstripe Bootcut Dress Pant, New York & Co $28.17

Poll: Extreme Runway Makeup

Halloween is coming up, and you may still be in a costume crunch. Don't worry. You can always slap on some extreme makeup and say you're a runway model. Which of the looks below wins you over for sheer over-the-topitude?

White liner at Giambattista Valli
Brights eyes at Christian Dior
Makeup mask at Jean Paul Gaultier Gold barcodes at Manish Arora
Gothic cherubim at John Galliano
poll by

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel

I'm not the best at painting my nails. It's never been a talent of mine. I've found that the more expensive polishes are a bit easier for me because the cover easier and have less plastic-y brushes. I still mess up a lot though.

While looking for a new dark nail color, I noticed the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamels. Since it wasn't overly shimmery (I hate shimmer in my nail polish), I decided to try the midnight blue. I was hesitant at first because it was almost $4 instead of the $2 I usually spend; it didn't say quick dry (I'm impatient); and it had a weird wide brush.

That "weird" brush is the best thing that ever happened to nail polish. It's soft (but not too soft) and rounded at the tip which means it's actually easy to get the polish on the curve at the base of each nail in three strokes. It also curves to my nail easily so I don't miss the sides. I never want to use another nail brush.

The polish itself was pretty impressive too…

Love or Loathe: Velvet Boots

First of all, I hate the red and purple versions of this boot by Bordello. They're costume elements of the Red Hat Society circus. Despite my love for velvet and strappy boots, I'm not sure I'd buy the black ones either. I'd certainly compliment someone wearing them, but personally the toe-bow is too much.Bordello's "Whimsey" is available from Good Goth. (Sears also has them on their website which hurts my brain. I hope they're stocked in stores near the Craftsmen wrenches.)

Review: Urban Decay Brow Box

My dark eyebrows are shaped fine when the hairs are in place, but they seem to want to point in non-fine directions as the day wears on. This creates an odd dent at the arch of one brow. Because of my glasses, it's not readily noticeable, but I still wanted to fix it.

I've never had much luck with brow pencils; I tend to play with my eyebrows (hence odd directions) and end up smearing the pencil on my forehead. Since I needed a filler and a holder, I got Urban Decay's Brow Box. I use the dark color to fill in my brows, set them in place with the wax, then use the lighter shade to tamp out the shininess. Other people blend the shades, but I haven't liked that as much. There's a palette for blondes and another for brunettes.

The staying power of the powder is pretty good, and it doesn't smear. The wax has great hold, but doesn't make my face feel funny. (What is funny is napping with that stuff in. Whoa.) The mild tackiness is also a good reminder for me to not…

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Speak Your Mind: Voice your opinion in our polls about black nail polish and runway hair. Also, tell us if you love or loathe the military trend.

Get Inspired: Check out our fall wardrobe inspirations and see Jael's trend spotting report from her recent trip to Tokyo.

Be Showy: Our Etsy Shop of the Week has some quirky cute clothes for Halloween and all year long. Tell us what you think of the finalists' mini fashion shows on Project Runway.

Finishing Up Paris Fashion Week:
Miu Miu, Marish Arora, John GallianoAlexander McQueenThe JapaneseLanvin, Tao, Ann Demeulemeester
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Project Runway S8 Ep13: A Clear Winner?

Last night was the always delightful Tim episode! There wasn't enough Tim time this season (even with the extra half hour of show) so I was really sad to discover how short Tim's visits were. Even though it was light on Tim, the editors didn't leave out the emotional, tear-jerking stuff.

Tim's visit to Andy provided the best Tim moment of all the visits when Tim recoiled and shrieked at the sight of the catfish Andy's family raises. Amazing. We also learned that Andy's mom is crazy supportive and seems rather proud of her son no matter what he chooses to do. Awww. Sweet. Andy's collection was in rough shape when Tim saw it. He was drawing his inspiration from Laos, his family's home, and decided to source all of his fabrics from Laos. They had just arrived before Tim did. He did have some impressive headpieces to show Tim. However, Tim was far more worried about him getting his clothing done than how cool the accessories were. (Pictured: Tim reacting to …

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who:John Galliano
What it made us think of: Japan, flappers, eccentrics and other Galliano touchstones
What we liked: colorful tights, dark lips, translucent coats, didn't look like his Dior showWho:Marish Arora
What it made us think of: The space clowns of galactic emperor Boy George.
What we liked: Full commitment to outlandishness. It's nice to see an Indian designer in Paris. Now I want some tights embellished with gold discs.
What we didn't: Next season, aim for a theme more defined.
Who:Miu Miu
What it made us think of: A comic book artist in the 80s doing a primary colored take on the 30s.
What we liked: hems just below the knee, pleats, pops of neon, shoes, bags,
What we didn't: No detail shots, oversized leather jackets, satin, nothing seems to fit the bust, ugly graphics

Image source:

Etsy Shop of the Week: SomedayNewYorker

Shop: SomedayNewYorker

Why We Love It: Sometimes it's fun to be literal with fashion--gingerbread and Christmas light headbands for the holidays. Plus, who doesn't love puff ball shoulder pads and purple feather skirts. Also, this stuff is great if you want to be a pop star, craft supplies, hearts or anything number of quirky/literal things for Halloween.

Price Range: $8 - $80

More Info: Visit SomedayNew Yorker's website, blog and Facebook.

Favorite Items:Feather skirt $80; Puff ball sweatshirt $32; Puff ball dress $78 (pictured); Snowflake headband $12; Cream Hearted Leggings $38

Trend spotting: Tokyo

I was slightly obsessed with the clothes in Japan. Half of my photos may be snapped-on-the-sly style shots, but I'm not confessing to anything. Here's what caught my eye:

After looking at a few blogs*, I realized several of the trends I spotted were actually elements of the "folklore" look that's been popular in Japan for a few years. Here in America, we may think of it as a country prairie style. It generally involves small floral prints, fringe, table cloth lace, shearling trim and furry vests.

Japanese Street Style: Antique by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring a straw hat
Knee Socks As a nation with a solid appreciation for the value of the uniform, it shouldn't come as a surprise that knee socks were everywhere. They ranged from regular to slouchy to sheer. I saw sock shops everywhere, but waited to stock up until my last day...when I couldn't find a sock shop.

Excess Rhinestones on belts, on shoes, on bags, on phones, on earrings, on hair bows, on eyelashes.…

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2011

Lennon missed his big sister. When Sonja disappeared during one of her many trips to the Louvre, his heart became a cold hole. Who would make him laugh, make him gasp, make him dream?

But time passed and he was able to think beyond the pain to the good times they shared. His favorite moments weren't when she would take him to the museum, but rather when they'd sit outside. Laying in a sunny meadow, they'd spot shapes in clouds
weave crowns out of ivy and daisies
and fall asleep in the grass after hours of spotting birds and butterflies.Without Sonja, the world may be missing some wonder, but Lennon would do his best to strengthen his heart and seek beauty in her name.

Image source:

Poll: Black Nail Polish

I painted my nails midnight blue, but everything thinks they're black. And the "black" is getting some unexpected reactions. A few people have recoiled, thought about it and said "Oh, you painted your nails black for Halloween." My brother responded in horror, "Why did you paint your nails black? You aren't goth or emo." An elderly woman at the library commented, "Isn't black a rather depressing color to paint your nails? There are so many pretty colors you could choose from." I even got a comment about it being rebellious.

When I told each of these people my nails were actually very dark blue, they looked closely, then they look relieved and complimented me on such pretty nails. Thanks everyone, but what's wrong with black nail polish? I love dark nail colors and after buying midnight blue I'm ready to buy several more. They're a great contrast to my skin and look amazing with all my fall & winter jewel tone clothing.…


When I left for vacation, the trees were barely blushing with color. When I returned, they were in full bloom. For those of you who aren't privy to such a seasonal show, at least you can dream in fabric.

Chic Fall by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring gold jewelry

Victorian Fall by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring lace tops

Fall Work by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring a chunky knit cardigan

Photography Student, Fall Semester by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring fingerless gloves

Brown Textures by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring missoni scarves

The Japanese Spring Summer 2011

I spend each day of every fashion week looking forward to the end of Paris Fashion Week when I can sit down and flip through the incredible clothing, intricate stories and impressive ideas showcased by the Japanese fashion designers. This fashion stitches itself into my brain and never loses it's vividness.

Junya Watanabe's collection featured styling so unsettling that each look shape-shifted as I looked at it. The blank doll masks gave the entire collection an eerie and ghostly quality. Who were these figures? Jailbirds? Extra's in Where's Waldo book? Sailors? The ghosts of fashion past?

The vivid hair suggested some personality to go with each look, as did the diverse collection of hats, but the masks created an upsetting sameness.

The collection had a decidedly nautical bent, but the masks keep me from seeing the whole lot as sailor clothes. Individual pieces are quite wearable for Watanabe, but the overall effect is stunning and avant-garde.
Yohji Yamamoto di…