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FMF Reader Poll: Best/Worst Trends Of The Decade

The Aughties are almost over and all the fashion trends have happened. While the decade brought some lovely clothing like lots of ruffles, it also brought things like Crocs, which shouldn't even be called a shoe. Some things are hot debate topics--are skinny jeans a best or a worst? Others are clear winners--who doesn't love all the retro styles?

Below, vote for your favorite "best" and least favorite "worst" fashions (multiple selection are allowed). Also, let us know in the comments if we missed anything.
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$150 Challenge: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Since becca and I will be at a big ol' party all weekend and last week got short shrift, I thought I'd bump $150 Challenge up to today. As the year draws to a close, I should be thinking about sparkly dresses, but I'm much more interested in cozy things. Stay cute and toasty for $144.17.

Warm Up by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Forever21
fair isle turtleneck dress, Victoria's Secret $59.99
cardigan, Forever 21 $19.80
boots by Wanted on Amazon $35.79
tights, Forever 21 $6.80
convertible mittens, Forever 21 $8.80
pom-pom hat, Target $12.99

If you have an item or event for the $150 Challenge, email us at fashionmefabulous [at] gmail [dot] com.

What Would You Pay? Pink Party Shoes

Be sure to check out last week's cocktail hat. You said you'd pay $15 to $25 depending on quality. The sale price may have put it in your price range. See how much it really costs. (You might be surprised).

New Year's Eve is almost upon us. If you plan on wearing a basic dress, party shoes may be the perfect way to spice it up. These pink sequin pumps are a great choice if you plan to dance the night away.

The upper on these shoes in man made for the sequins with a leather lining. The footbed in leather, but lined and slightly cushioned for comfort. The shoes are 4 inches high with a 3/4 inch platform, which helps diffuse the high a little. (Sorry for the sloppy editing to block the tag. These may be an easy guess). What would you pay for a quality party shoes with lots of pink and personlity? (They also come in blue).

Next Tuesday I will announce on Twitter and Facebook (as well as in this post) where these shoes are from and how much they costs. (If you know where these ar…

Bottom Feeder

Shop:Bottom Feeder on Etsy

What: A tiny shop with some great finds

When: 70s and 80s

How much: Mostly under $50

Favorites: wildly funky shoes 1970s $65; military dress $150; leather bomber jacket with fur collar 1970s $350; awesomely ugly print shirt 1970s $20

Editor's Pick of the Week: Frye Button Boot Sale

Jael Paris already posted these boots on our Facebook page. (See why you should follow us on Facebook?) Victoria Secret has these Frye Button Boots on sale for $299.99, which is $150 off the original $448 price tag.

The faux spat styling, with plenty of buttons and cute stacked heel makes these nearly as cute as the much beloved Frye Adriennes. The 4 1/2 inch heel may be a deal-breaker for some, but if you can handle the height, the price is great. These boots come in grey, black, and brown, but the grey appears to be sold out for the moment (keep close watch for the Christmas returns to start rolling in though).

If these boots have made you drool, but the price tag (and maybe heel height) has made you dizzy, a friend showed me these ankle boot knock-offs at Target, on clearance for $20.98. They come in black, brown and grey, but the grey is sold out online so you'll have to hunt for them at your nearest Target store.

Dream Dresses for the Party Season

Every once in a while, I like to do a fantasy shopping post. New Year's Eve is a great opportunity for such, but boy are the shops depressing. Either all the great designs have been snapped up already or designers sticking to more reserved designs out of economic fear. Considering how boring last fashion week was, I'm guessing the latter. But let's go back to pretending we have lots of money to buy pretty things.

Teal is an excellent alternative to traditional seasonal green, so I'm loving this lux velvet party dress from Thread Social and adorable strapless dress from Rebecca Taylor. Alexander Wang's navy sequin sheath is subtly sexy and will look great with a blazer.
If you're more of a super sexy girl, Herve Leger's gold bandage dress was made for you and your flat tummy. Temperly London has party frocks in bright tropical colors. Love the shoulder detail on the blue one and the texture on the yellow.
I seem to be obsessed with texture. Pleats and sheer lay…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! by Fashion Me Fabulous on

We hope you're having a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the food, family, gifts and parties. We'll be back Monday!

Etsy Shop of the Week: Hopelessly Devoted

Shop:Hopelessly Devoted

Why We Love It: When I was little, it would have been rare to catch me without a giant bow or cute headband in my hair. This was definitely the style of the 80s and early 90s, but this shop has a modern take on my childhood favorite!

Price Range: $4 - $90

More Info: Visit the shop's blog and twitter.

Favorite Items:Victoire Giant Silk Bow $40 (pictured); Marie Silk Fascinator $90; Dauphin Turban Headband $35; Elizabeth Veiling Bow $15; Jasmine Velvet Bow $6

Jael Takes The Leggings Leap

For years, I've resisted this trend, but I finally caved to leggings. They are a better winter option than tights. They won't get snagged, they're machine washable, and they're thicker. Trouble is they're so frequently done wrong, they makes me think sloppy thoughts. Here are my personal guidelines for wearing leggings right.

1. Leggings are not pants. No one wants to see every curve of your booty. Tunics or minis please. Yes, coworker, I'm talking to you.
2. If you wear denim leggings, you are not allowed to mock anyone in a honky tonk bar. Denim leggings are just skin tight jeans with an ever stylish elastic waist.
3. Unless you have miles of legs, do not buy leggings that cut through your calf. They make you look stubby.
4. When the knees get baggy, replace them.
5. Personally, I like them best in black, but perhaps you can persuade me.
Top: ankle zip legging, Urban Outfitters $38
grey acid wash leggings, Macy's $39
colorful (9 available) leggings, Victoria'…

Vintage Evening Bags

I'm up in the air about vintage bags. I love a kiss lock frame as much as the next girl, but they don't provide the organization a modern girl needs. Clutches, however, don't need extra pockets and flaps. There's something about vintage clutches that has an extra bit of elegance.Topish: white bead clutch, Suzi's Corner Boutique $25
antique green bead bag, Jeepers Keeps $165
classic foldover clutch, Oh Sandra $12.99
Middle area: red velvet bow clutch, Pony Feather Vintage $20
grey beaded clutch, Liriashop $28
tortoise box bag, Stiletto Ranch $35
Toward the bottom: rhinestone clutch, Bad Girl Vintage $100
red croc clutch, Jewelry Box Treasures $19
gold scrolled wallet, Jenny Elkins $12

What Would You Pay? Cocktial Hat

Be sure to check out last week's lacy jacket. You said you'd pay $50 at the most. See how much it really costs. (You might be surprised).

This week, I wonder what you would pay for this cute little cocktail hat. I've been thinking of ways to dress up an old dress for New Years this year because I can't afford a new one. A cocktail hat would be a great statement piece to add to my little black dress.

This hat is made of felted wool with feathers and fabric flowers. There is an elastic strap and hidden comb clip to make sure it stays secure on your head. It's five inches in circumference and eight inches tall.

Next Tuesday I will announce on Twitter and Facebook (as well as in this post) where this hat is from and how much it costs. (If you know where it's from, don't spoil the fun. The actual cost will skew everyone's answers.) Until then, what would you pay for a cute little hat like this?

Update: This hat is from Urban Outfitters and originally cost $34, b…

Love or Loathe: Western Space Brothel Boots

My title's not necessarily an insult as space westerns are near and dear to my heart. Even so, you can't deny that these boots by Eject wouldn't look out of place in such an establishment. There's a lot going on here. Crackled leather. A ribbon with corsety lacing. A toe cap. I like the black version, and I adore the brown version but the purple with red? Once you pair it with the petticoat and corset, I'm afraid you may end up in a gun fight with a corrupt landowner.

Editor's Pick of the Week: Let It Snow

As much as I hate cleaning it off of my car, I do love snow. Growing up, I loved waking up to see the snow weighing down the cedar trees in my parent's backyard. I love when a blanket of snow covers all of the Christmas lights so they glimmer through. I spend a good deal of each years first snow looking like an idiot trying to catch a snow flake on my tongue.

This Betsey Johnson Snowflake necklace incorporates my love of snow with my year round loves--bows, shiny things, shiny bows, pearls, purple and did I mention, bows? Santa, baby, I'll give you a pass on trimming Christmas tree "with some decorations bought at Tiffany's" if you'll just stuff my stocking with this necklace. ("I really do believe in you. Lets see if you believe in me.")

Sadly, Santa will have to bring me this necklace because it costs $135 at Nordstrom.

Lusting After Party Shoes


This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

♪♫ Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. ♫♪ This year give return proof gifts and stocking stuffers for fashionable friends, moms and little sisters. (And buy this horror for the idiots who didn't appreciate your gifts last year.)

♫♪ Grandma got run over by a reindeer, ♪♫ but a Launch My Line designer got run over by his llama inspired design. Speaking of fashion television, Project Runway is coming back see our opinions of the new designers.

♪♫ All I want for Christmas is yoooouuuuu, baby! ♫♪ and stylish sweatshirts, festive casual for less, zipper jewelry, wide calf boots, "curious" vintage, metallic shoes, a military cardigan, the perfect clothes for dressing my waist and a lacy jacket. We also made one reader's Christmas with our McQ giveaway.

Project Design: Stylish Sweatshirts

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

It's cold cold cold outside! I only have a few sweaters, and I need as many layers as possible. Plus, my sweaters require hand washing and laying flat to dry. That kind of work (and time spent with my hands in cold water) is not what I'm looking for during the Holiday season. I want something easy, warm and still stylish to bundle up in. Jael did a post about stylish sweatshirts recently, which make me wonder what Etsians had to offer. Which of these sweatshirts will keep you cozy and chic this winter?

Shawl Collar Sweatshirt by simplebear

Tailored Sweatshirt Blazer by JAlvo

Button Wrap Sweatshirt by makecatpillowsnotwar

Cowl Neck Sweatshirt by crystalindumentaria

Futuristic Sweatshirt by ruffeoheartslilsnoty

Button Collar Sweatshirt by consciousclothing

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FMF Reader Poll: Project Runway Season 7 Designers

Maybe I'm just too attached to my favorite fashion show, but I have high hopes for Season 7 of Project Runway. Here is a quick look at the designers and some of their past work along with my quick thoughts (I read their Q&A, watching their casting videos and looked at their previous work). Vote for your favorites at the bottom. And tell us what you think about this next season in the comments. I think we are in for a much more interesting season. What do you think?

Amy Sarabi is a 26-year-old designer from Texas who has been making garments in her aunt's tailor shop since she was seven. Her favorite designers are Christian Wijnants right now with all-time favorites Hussein Chalayan and Martin Margiela.
Snap Judgment: Her previous work (below) has a flare for the fabulous and her favorite designers are a good sign that she'll try unique things. Expecting some great detail and risks. She's already a favorite for me.
Anna Lynett is a 23-year-old self taught designer fro…