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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Fashion Me Fabulous is taking our first extended vacation since we started in September of 2007. We will be back on January 3rd with a brand new year of fashionable content! We hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year!

Aside from our return, what are you looking forward to in 2011? And what was your favorite fashion related gift (given or received) of all time?

See you next year! Here are a few posts to enjoy in our absence:

New Year's Party Fashion:Top Picks for New Year's Eve Dresses; Holiday Hosiery; Feather Eyelashes and Accessories on Etsy; Holiday Hats; Party Flats; Sequins for Every Price Range; Etsy Party Dress Picks; Budget Party Pant Looks; Budget Office Party Looks; Satin Shine Booties; Royal Blue Dresses

Gift Giving Ideas:Our Gift Section; Guide to Our Gift Guides; Favorite Charities; Gift Idea: Vintage Photography Books; Unique Cuff Links; Christmas Clothing Swap; Cute & Cozy Socks; Gift Idea: Cultural Beauty Books; Foot Fashion Stocking Stuffers

Project Design: Party Dresses

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

This party season, stand out from the crowd in a dress from one of the fabulous designers on Etsy. Go beyond the generic party dresses most stores offer, and find something truly you.

Hilda Velvet Dress by Angel Iglesias
Raimunda Black Floral Backless Dress by Anna Popovich
Vintage Inspired Pencil Dress by Iconic Styles
Chit-Chat Dress by Dominique Ansari
Holiday Backless LBD by Holly Stalder
Grey Sequin Fringe Flapper Dress by Kambriel
Peacock Cocktail Dress by Veronica Reis
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Party Flats

As I'm hosting the world's most awesomest New Year's Eve party, I may forgo my usual heels for party flats. They're more casual for a house party and can be incorporated into other looks later. Since I'm going to be dashing between dancing, prepping food, and snuggling babies, I'd like a relaxed element to my posh.
Clockwise: flower ankle strap flats, Top Shop $50
gold pointy toe bow flat, DKNY "Sofia" on Endless $103.92
black lace flats, Newport News $29
pink patent jewel flat, Sam Edelman "Caper" at DSW $49.95
pewter snake flat, Steve Madden "Karmma" $49.95
peach lace bow flat, Top Shop $90
red velvet flats, Beverly Feldman at Last Call $99

Fashionable Feet Stocking Stuffers

Good things come in small packages, which is handy when it comes to stocking stuffers. It's also handy (foot-y?--sorry) to fills stockings with treats for your feet.Pictured:1.Zipper Flower Shoe Clips, Target $9.99 (sold out online, but some stores have them); 2.Reinventing the Heel Mega Moisture Foot Cream, Origins $20; 3.Hue Opaque Tights, Macys $12.50 (give an assortment); 4.Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats, Amazon $12; 5.Cashmere Blend Socks, Nordstrom $18; 6.Temperature Regulating Memory Foam Slippers, Bed, Bath & Beyond $19.99; 7.Foot Pedals Collection, Foot Pedals $49.95; 8.Smartwool Footspa Accu-Cushion Messaging Socks, Amazon $12.90; 9.Flip Flop Pedicure Set, Sephora $14; 10.Peppermint & Shea Infused Lounge Socks, Bath & Body Works $5

What do you like to find in your stocking on Christmas morning?

$150 Challenge: Office Holiday Party

If your party is set in your workplace or starts immediately after work, take that as a sign to dress more business-like. This Calvin Klein sheath dress ($59.99) would be a workhorse in plain black or grey, but in lace it's perfectly fit to cross from day to night. Wear your normal blazer over it during the day and for the party add a statement necklace ($48) and bright heels ($34.99).

Office Holiday Party by Fashion Me Fabulous on
For the after-hours off-site party, let your hair down and get glammed up. Keep it unfussy with a standout dress with built in embellishments. This lace decorated shift dress ($39.65) is particularly great because it's a slight mini that covers the arms. It's fun but won't attract that perv in quality assurance. Pair it with statement booties ($29.99), a glam ring ($48) and tights for a chic look.

Party With Coworkers by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring peep toe shoes

Etsy Shop of the Week: Anna Popovich

Shop:Anna Popovich

Why We Love It: Whether you're looking for a holiday dress, shopping early for a Valentine's Day dress or just looking for a perfect, pretty dress, Anna Popovich has the answer. Her dresses are delicate, feminine and detailed without looking fussy or trendy. Her ribbon belts are the perfect little touch for any elegant look.

Price Range: Clothing is $395 to $590; Ribbon Belts $15

Favorite Items:Joan Satin & Velvet Hourglass dress $495; Luisa Red Silk Dress $472.76; Marilyn Draped Hourglass Cocktail Dress $450 (pictured); Lawrence Long Sleeved Draped Dress $440; Raimunda Black Floral Backless Dress $410

The Horror: Why Is It?

You'd think Victoria's Secret would be the sole home of a sweater corset (assuming you think about sweater corsets at all), but I've seen this befuddling item in other stores this season. What is this keeping warm? Breasts are fatty, so they stay pretty roasty toasty on their own. Is it for the woman who gets too warm in a full sweater? I'm certain jersey would be a better option in that case. Whoever it's for, Vicky's wants to give you options as they offer four different styles.

Review: Make Up For Ever Lipsticks

I've purchased two tubes of lipstick from this brand, but I can't give it a standing ovation for everyone. I have #42 and #49. They're the truest red and deepest purple imaginable. For once, I didn't buy a tube of lipstick in a gorgeous color only to have it be weak-sauce in application; Make Up Professional's colors are bold and opaque. Trouble is, bold colors are high maintenance. To make this color last a little longer, you need to $17 lip liner layered underneath the $19 lipstick. Without the liner, the lipstick will feather and settle into the lines of your lips. I also feel this product would be better applied with a brush than straight from the tube. For me, the hassle is worth it for the color, but a lover of peony and beige would be better off with a long-wear formula.

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Ripe (With Decay) by thedoppelganger on
The set above was the winner of our Alexander McQueen wedding contest on Polyvore. Check out the other entries here.

Dress Up: We've rounded up our top dress picks for New Years Eve. Top off your look with a fabulous holiday hat. Or give your look a leg to stand on with shimmering holiday hosiery.

Speak Up: What do you have to say about Jeggings and celebrity red carpet style?

Buy Up: Get great goodies like these sleek clutches or feather accessories from Etsian, Intrinsic Imagination. Give a unique and fashionable gift with these Cultural Beauty Books.

Christmas is just around the corner. Check out all our gift ideas and a guide to our gift ideas from years past.

Project Design: Holiday Headwear

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Top off your holiday look with a fabulous hat. In fact, your little black dress is all your need if your wearing a fabulous hat. Which hat would are you head or heels for?

Winter Rose Cocktail Hat by Satanica
Mini Felt Beret w/ Curls by designsbyannalisa
Roses Are Red Cocktail Hat by Frigid Couture
Whimsical Elegance Feather Cocktail Hat by lilyladyblue
Royal Blue Feather Fascinator by Hatsbycressida
Raven Feather Hairband by Storied
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Jeggings: Am I Missing Something?

When Jeggings made their debut in stores, I was sure they were such an obvious horror we didn't even need to write about them. However, my time in stores spent Christmas shopping has been confusing. Otherwise sane and fashionable looking women are grabbing them up by the handful.

I suppose a denim look legging makes some sense with all of the "is it a shirt or dress?" confusion in stores, but I haven't seen anyone wear them that way. They're wearing them as pants--even the Jeggings without the little fake (or occasionally functional) back pockets. These things are a visible panty line nightmare (no matter what kind of underwear you choose--and no underwear is painfully obvious).

I understand the appeal of jeans that don't cut, pull, inch downward and have a comfy elastic waist, but most Jeggings end up looking like a cartoon version of jeans, especially if your shirt doesn't come down long enough to hide the top. (There are some pricey ones that look real, …

Top Dress Picks For New Year's Eve

Every year, my college friends (plus a few honorary grads) have a fancy dress New Year's Eve party. My house is dressed it red and gold. The tree is sparkling with glittery snowflakes. The menu's set. (For the record: Philo dough cups filled with brie, sliced grapes and pine nuts; salmon spread and crackers; spinach pinwheels; cream cheese, rye, cucumber sandwiches; veggie tray; sliced fruit; mulled cider; punch.) Now I just have to put on my party frock and heels!Top: purple lace back dress, Victoria's Secret $69
red velvet damask dress, Mod Cloth $244.99
taupe lace dress, Adrianna Papell at Nordstrom $158
ruffle color block frock, Mod Cloth $89.99
Middle: plaid sequin shift, Simply Vera by Vera Wang at Kohl's $78
green satin retro dress, Pin Up Couture $118
metallic leopard mini dress, Bebe $89
Bottom: red print party dress, Urban Outfitters $129
cream trapeze dress, Mod Cloth $119.99
purple satin color block dress, Express $89.60
silver sequin mini dress, T Tahari at Macy'…

Hosiery for the Holidays

If you're holiday dress budget is a bit tight, try dressing up the basics you have with bold accessories. These shiny, sparkly, vivid, and unique tights will make any LBD special enough for any holiday occasion.

Sparkle Tights, Forever 21, $5.50
Glitter Tights, Hue, $20
Bijoux Cluster Tights, Hue, $28
Ornamental Tights, Hue, $20

Tuxedo Stripe Tights, Figleaves, $19.80
Studded Side Tights, Hue, $22
Back Seam Shimmer Tights, ASOS, $13.79
Glitter Back Seam Tights, Urban Outfitters, $14

Sparkle Print Tights, Anthropologie, $20
Diamond Web Tights, Forever 21, $5.80
Sheer Garter Tights, Topshop, $16
Brocade Pattern Tights, Hue, $12.50

What kind of tights make your holiday looks festive?

You Can Do So Much Better

Christina Aguilera's red carpet showing for Burlesquehas been less than fabulous. To be honest, I was expecting something a little more on-the-nose. Garters and a bowler hat maybe. It's not that she looks bad in any of these dresses, it's just that she looks forgettable. She's one of the celebrities I count on to try weird trends and wild designers. Too many famous women live in fear of the worst dressed list that I miss it when the brave ones tone it down.
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Etsy Shop of the Week: Intrinsic Imagination

Shop:Intrinsic Imagination

Why We Love It: Feathers! We love feathers, and this shop supplies feather earring, feather hair accessories, and, best of all, feather eyelashes!

Price Range: $9 - $48

More Info: This Etsian also runs a shop full of handmade hats and accessories--Captured Imagination. You can follow both shops on Twitter and Facebook.

Favorite Items:Feather Eyelashes $22 - $38; Peacock Feather Earrings $18 - $22; Spiked Elegance Feather Earrings $20 - $22.50; Pictured: Spottaneous Fancy Feather Eyelashes$34

Pick Of The Week: Sleek Clutch

My studded clutch was one of my best accessories purchases. It's slim with clean lines and alternating silver and gunmetal studs. I can either throw it in my big bag as an organized wallet or take it out on the town. Best of all, it's the perfect touch to my ruffly evening wear. Steve Madden "BBullet "clutch has a bit more room than the credit card and lipstick space of mine. The soft rectangle offsets the studs which aren't so studdy that the bag will look dated in a few years. Plus it comes in six different colors!

Gift Idea: Cultural Beauty Books

As I learn about fashion, I've become more and more interested in what is considered beautiful in the non-Western world. The non-hourglass figures, the clashing patterns, the wild colors all serve as a reminder that the fashion "rules" perpetuated by magazines are very subjective.

When most people think of traditional Asian dress, they think of a cheongsam or a kimono, but Asia has much more breadth and depth as Tribal Asia: Ceremonies, Rituals and Dress demonstrates. Lesson learned: You don't always have to take off one accessory.

Along the same lines, Vanishing Beauty: Indigenous Body Art and Decoration and Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa feature people in remote tribes all gussied up in their festival best. Lesson learned: Perhaps blue eyeshadow and red lipstick aren't as bold as you thought.

There are several books featuring the Native American-centric photography of Edward S. Curtis, but my favorite is The Women. Not only is it a lovely look at …

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Winter Template by MangoExotic on
'Tis the Season to Give: Jael Paris shares some of her favorite charities. Project Design features cozy sock gift ideas. And we have a way to throw a party and give presents on a budget: A Christmas Clothing Swap.

'Tis the Season to Sparkle: We have sequins for every price range, a $150 dollar party outfit for pants lovers, and a glittering satin bootie made for party season.

'Tis the Season to Layer: Bundle up with ten cute coats for under $100. Draped dresses from JoDemontis on Etsy make dressing effortless, even when it involves wool tights and cardigans.

Project Design Gift Guide: Cozy Socks

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Cold feet are one of the worst things about winter, which is why luxurious, cozy socks make such great gifts. Everyone with feet in a cold climate needs socks, but most of use won't splurge for really nice socks. After all, we were them everyday and they get expensive. Treat your friends to special socks in their stockings this year.

Knitted Socks with Knobs by ArmGirl
Grey Heart Slipper Socks by TheScribbleGroup
Black & White Crochet Socks by lanakinbuddys
Polka Dot Fleece Socks by FoxyFleece
Midnight Ballet Socks by SockBox
Wool/Acrylic Blended Socks by TheHappyFeet
Long Cable Socks w/ Silk Ribbon by Zarina2009
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Etsy Shop of the Week: JoDemontis


Why We Love It: This designer cites Yohji Yamamoto, Haider Ackermann, Dries Van Noten and Anne Demeulemeester as inspirations and it shows in the lovely, detail driving clothing in this shop.

Price Range: $95 - $370

Favorite Items:Silky Jacquard Cowl Necked Dress $370 (pictured); Draped Sack Dress $175; 50s Satin Prom Dress $305; Twist Dress $370