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Pick of the Week: Blouse Rave

I just bought this blouse in a black and white stripe from Target. It's so lovely and comfortable. Perfect for layering. In fact it's one of my favorite things. If I were Oprah, I'd be all "You get a blouse! And you get a blouse! And you get a blouse!" and that nice lady in Utah who reads us would be all quivery and have heart palpitations and she'd be on the floor before I could remind her that while lovely in both a monochrome print and solid yellow, it's just a blouse. Sorry, y'all aren't getting diamonds and cars out of this media mogul.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Downton at New York Fashion Week by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring sleeveless tops
Warm Up: Fend off the cold with our top leggings picks, cheerful dresses and great ideas to brighten up your coat.

Dress Up: Tune into our tips for updating your professional wardrobe and what to wear when meeting his parents (for under $150!)

Pick Up: Grab some great finds like maxi skirts, unique neck accessories, elaborate dresses from Kambreil on Etsy, and quick drying towels.

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Weeken Fashion Find: Quick-Drying Towels

While towels don't seem like an obvious fashion find, they are an important part of our daily beauty routines. If you have a small bathroom, too few towel racks or too many people sharing a bathroom, it can be a challenge dry towel properly and avoid the musty, wet towel smell. Plus, on a cold winter morning the time between turning off the hot shower and getting dry enough to be warm feels chillingly long.

These Quick-drying towels not only do as their name says, but they are also super absorbent so they dry both themselves and you quickly. A friend recently told me about some she received for Christmas and loves that they remain clean smelling since they dry so quickly. They are available for almost any one who makes towels, but since I have a fondness for my Kohl's towels, I've posted their version here. The Apt. 9 Quick-Drying Pima Cotton Textured Towels range in price from $13.99 to $17.99 for wash clothes, hand towels and bath towels

Project Design: Necks

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

When taking risks, we stick our necks out. Close races are neck and neck. Miss Tyra wants to make sure you have a neck in all photos. You might even be a redneck if... Of all female physical features a long neck is the only one that has been considered beautiful by all cultures throughout all history. It is probably for that reason neck's are very often the most adorned part of the body.

Champagne & Pearl Statement Necklace by LiatFineJewelry
Stay Put Bow Scarf in Oatmeal by PhylPhil
Small Elizabethan Ruff by costumerenaissance
Ruffled Rococo Inspired Choker by Felinus
White Ruffled Felted Shawl by JurgitaMi
Satin & Beads Necklace by stavroula
Dookie Rope Knit Chain by Yokoo
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6 Dresses to Beat the Winter Blahs

The sky is grey, oppressively so. It's day time, but looks like perpetual dusk. There is a dusting of snow falling on the partially melted puddles trying to make the roads a slippery death by rush hour. Even sadder, the Amaryllis flowers that have been providing me cheer are dying. Since I live in Michigan, I can expect a lot more of this. I need some sunshine or at least some dresses in bright colors and pretty prints.

Sea Shell Dress, Lilly Pulitzer $154
Lotus Flower Obi Dress, Anthropologie $198
Watercolor V-Neck Dress, Bluefly $79.99

Blue Rose Dress, Betsey Johnson $201
Floral Bodycon Dress, Forever 21 $14.80
Snow Pea Print Dress, Bluefly $99.99

Updating Your Professional Wardrobe

My mother-in-law has been a teacher for 30 years. She travels the world speaking on educational development and sits on councils that pass new learning initiatives. She works long hours and barely has time to think about her clothes. She has so little time to think about her clothes, she showed me a picture from a magazine and asked if she could wear that outfit. Ladies, this confounding ensemble was black pants and a white sweater.

MIL doesn't dress poorly. Her wardrobe is professional and serviceable, but it also leans toward monotone and monotony. Here's my attempt to break her out of her fashion rut and launch her from good to better.*

This suit look is both perfect for an interview, and if you're in a conservative position, a great everyday look. Both if you want to (and can) have a little more fun, you have plenty of options with this base. First of all, you can add color. I'll say it over and over. Color adds interest and makes you look more alive. If you are afra…

Etsy Shop of the Week: Kambriel


Why We Love It: I first stumbled upon Kambriel while looking up party dresses for a Project Design post. It almost seemed too trite to include this fantasy filled shop in a post for party dresses. These pieces are artistic, dramatic and even epic. Each one evokes a story and calls out to be worn. They also make me wish for days when women really dressed so fabulously.

Price Range: $20 - $700

More Info: Visit Kambriel's website for more about these stunning creations.

Favorite Items:Moire Midnight Bustle Ensemble $700 (pictured); Red Chiffon Dracula's Bride Gown $300; White Lace Filligree Ghost Cape $250; Striped Cabaret Bustle Ensemble $500; Black Spiderweb Lace Choker $45

Trend Shopping: Maxi Skirts

Full disclosure, this post is for becca. Unlike becca, I seem to have not recovered from having to wear long skirts in high school. At 5'4" the return of ankle skimmers means dirty hems and tripping. Nevertheless, I do like the look (and having an option that's not a mini). I like the long, lean lines with a pussy bow blouse and rich vest. I like the fuller iterations to live out my harajuku steampunk dreams.Top: stripe fishtail hem, Arden B. $39
maximum ballerina, Forever 21 $26
yellow and grey print, Spiegel $34
Bottom: full jersey skirt, Anthropologie $69.95
stained glass, Topshop $50
black lace skirt, Forever 21 $19.80

How do you feel about maxi skirts?

Top Legging Picks

Baby it's cold outside. Right now, tights and boots aren't cutting it for warmth. I'm all about my leggings. In fact, I have unexpectedly become the owner of several pairs. Staying warm has a strong draw for me.

My number one all-time favorite leggings are the Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's leggings (they're $20 a pair but always on sale). I got these several years ago and fell in love. Sadly, I only had one pair, which I eventually tore. They didn't carry them last year (prompting a long search for leggings). They're back now though, and I'm stocking up!

Hue makes my favorite tights so it's only logical that they'd leggings ($25 at Bare Necessities). They are very similar to the Vera leggings but come in more colors. Best of all, you can usually nab them for a half the regular price at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. (I got purple ones this weekend for only $10!).

While I swear by Vera's leggings, I've read that Vera swears by Danskin leggings

$150 Challenge: Meeting His Parents

Tips my co-worker's girlfriend could have used when meeting his conservative parents:

- Remember when you and their son were doing donuts on the ice? Don't share that.
- That time you helped the cops solve a murder may not be the best way to impress.
- They don't really want to see your roller derby bruises.
- Don't let them know your bedroom is decorated like a crime scene.
- Maybe save the drag racing stories for next time.
- If you're worried your nerves will get to you, dress cute and patiently listen.

I'm harmless. I swear. by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring metal rings
dress, J. Crew at the awesome clearance price of $69.99
floral cardigan, Old Navy $29.50
nude heels, Rampage on Endless $38.95
flower ring, Topshop $15

Change Your Coat Without Changing Your Coat

Most of us have a black wool coat for winter. Coats are expensive to change every season, but that doesn't mean we can't swap accessories to liven things up. Since scarves and their ilk are on clearance, now's the perfect time to stock up.

Of course, you can always brighten things up with summery colors. Or go the opposite route with monochrome.

Try out a dash of animal print here and there. Or go ultra chic with a formed hat and other lux goods.

Let your inner child out to play with a silly scarf or hat. Classic fair isle knits are still bold and fun but not so childish.

How do you change up your black winter coat?

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Red Carpet, Golden Globes: Check out our favorite Globes dresses, rate the looks celebrities chose and vote for your favorite dresses by color.

Love and Loathe: We love these casual and dressy coats as well as this great green dress from our $150 Challenge, but we aren't so crazy about this horrible scissor-induced mishap.

Found It!: We've found an Etsy shop, DMetal, which features amazing harness jewelry. We also tracked down automotive inspired fashion and some candelabra jewelry holders.

Weekend Fashion Find: Candelabra Jewelry Holder

Target has an adorable Candelabra Jewelry Holder for sale right now (but has failed to post it on their website). My search did lead me to the black variation Modcloth is selling (for $14.99), but Target's was far superior. It almost seems functional as a candelabra as well as a jewelry holder. The places to hold candles were designed to display rings, cuffs and other unhangable jewelry. Plus, it's made of metal mesh earrings and pins can be placed almost anywhere on it. Necklaces and bracelets could be draped over the curls and flourishes that made it look like any ornate little candelabra, which got me thinking...

A vintage Candelabra would be the perfect jewelry holder. Any version with little metal loops that work like hooks could do the trick. The candle holders could be used for holding things that won't hang. If they have little spikes to hold candles in place, these would make perfect ring holders. The lack of metal mesh makes earrings a bit tricky, but creativity c…

Project Design: Detroit Auto Show

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I'm off to the Detroit North American International Auto Show today. As a former automotive editor and a lifelong lover of cars/Detroiter (those two things are synonymous), I love the Auto show. I grew up tagging along to classic car shows with my dad and brother. I dream of retro attire to wear to the Woodward Dream Cruise each year. I just love cars. My love for fashion only slightly trumps my love for cars (probably because I can afford several pairs of shoes, but have to live with just one vehicle). But finding automotive inspired fashion? Now that gets me revved up.

Felted Key Chain Car by StormsHandicrafts
1953 Caddy Eldorado Grille Ring by hioctanejewelry
Gearshift Sweater by fastfastfast
Carbon Fiber Cufflinks by qacreate
1908 Ford Brooch by nesrinduganjewellery
1950s Car Hop Apron by loverdoversclothi…

$150 Challenge: Green Dress

We were thrilled to see all the green at the Globes Sunday. Hopefully, that will morph into a trend, because (as we've lamented several times) green's become slim pickin's on the racks. But I found a dress for you, dear readers, and it's not even olive and army inspired. Be easy in green (oh, I went there) for $145.03.

Can't See Me by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring a ruffle cardigan
dress, Urban Outfitters $59
cardigan, New York & Co. $19.99
hat, Mod Cloth $29.99
boot, Endless $29.25
cuff bracelet, Forever 21 $6.80

Etsy Shop of the Week: DMetal


Why We Love It: I love statement jewelry, and the creations at Dmetal go beyond the confines of typical jewelry with harnesses and epaulettes. After seeing Black Swan and becoming ennamored with the black swan's costume, I'm even more in love with the feather epaulette pictured here.

Price Range: $63 - $79

Favorite Items: Pictured Above: A night in Paris feather epaulette $79; Pictured Below: A walk on Champs Elysee shoulder jewelry $62; Belle ile en mer harness/necklace $65; Montmartre harness/necklace $75; Eiffel harness/necklace $65

The Horror: I Thought This Trend Died

If you're going to wear a slashed crop-top tee, at least commit to the look. Put some plastic beads on the bottom of those strands so you clack when you dance around at the Phish concert. How would you make this top more arts and crafts gone wrong?

Our Favorite Golden Globes Dresses

This year's Golden Globes didn't provide any one amazing 'WOW!' dress for either of us; although, we were happy to see more women playing with clothes even if it didn't always work out for them. So this crop of cream falls in to two camps: most aspiring and most personality.

becca was drawn to Scarlett Johanssen's dress because it looks like something she would wear as a wedding dress. It has a vintage-y feel, but still sparkles. She loved the cut for it's effortless look (and feel--most of becca's dresses are cut like this and are so very comfortable). I felt it was a nice change from her usual sex bomb look (which she also pulls off well). We were torn on the hair, but at least the hair doesn't ruin the dress.

Olivia Wilde's foofy star of a dress is the sort of thing every girl dreams of dancing around in. Many people complained about the hair, but I loved how relaxed it was compared to the dress. Normally, this isn't the sort of thing w…

Rate the Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2011

Last week, Jael Paris dressed several Globes nominees with interesting, fashion forward looks. Now that we've seen what they actual wore, we want to know which you like better--their looks or our picks? Vote below, and do forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Helena Bonham Carter never blends in, and this year's Golden Globes was no exception. Carter wore a Vivian Westwood frock that captured her personal brand of crazy and paired it with two different color shoes. We liked that she stayed true to her quirks. While we would have loved to see her wear our pick since it would have landed her in better standing on the high fashion best dresses lists, we can't fault this women for being so thoroughly herself. poll by
For her first big appearance on the red carpet since her teen star days, Jael and I both hoped Julia Stiles would show us she isn't that girl from our high school movies anymore. But she disappointed. The dress is fine, I guess. I haven'…