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This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

November 1st is the last day to enter our $25 T.J. Maxx Gift Card Giveaway!

This Week in Color: We rounded up colorful winter coats, boots and scarves. Also check out this colorful Etsy shop, these unexpected color combinations, vote for your favorite color combos, and tell us if you save or splurge on buying one of each color.

This Week in Shopping: Check out Lola Vintage, unicorn shoes, and an entire outfit on sale (save $100!). Also, Jael Paris reviews a great experience shopping at Sock Dreams.

This Week in Your Opinion: What do you think of this goth glam gown, this week's episode of Project Runway and sexy Halloween costumes? Speaking of Halloween costumes send us a picture of your costume, and we might post it on Facebook. Email us at editor[at]fashionmefabulous[dot]com

And speaking of Facebook, Jael Paris posted some experimental color outfits on our Facebook page.

Project Runway Episode 11: Best of What's Left

Sorry about posting this a little late today, but I kept falling asleep from boredom. This season is draining me. Last night's episode was titled "Best of the Best." Really? This is the best the best have to offer. When doesn't the next season start? Even Tim Gunn looks ready for a new group of designers and rightly concerned about this bunch.

The designers started facing away from the runway only to turn around to see each of their winning looks. Well, Logan hasn't won so he saw his look from the first episode, which the judges decided was the best he had offered all season. They were told to make a companion look for their winning look on a $100 budget. Where did all the crazy materials challenges go this season? Did they choose boring challenges because they knew they had a mostly (Ra'mon excluded) boring group of designers?

Tim Gunn is scoring a lot of screen time this season. This is partly because the model choosing portion has moved to it's own show …

Project Design: Colorful Winter Scarves

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I love lots of color in the winter, but when the perfect winter coat at the perfect price presented itself in black two years ago, I couldn't pass it up in favor of a more colorful coat. This means I rely on colorful accessories to make up for my black coat. This as actually allowed me to switch of colors of my winter look each year just by buying a new scarf, hat and gloves. It's rather fun. Which of these unique and colorful winter scarves would you choose to brighten your cold-weather look?

Deep Purple Necklush by Necklush
Teal Blue Scallop Edged Neckwarmer by beebun
Mustard Spiral Scarf by Trucks & Pearls
Jersey Scarf with Braids by fort & field
Lace Victorian Style Purple Scarf by emma sommerfeld
Flamenco Felt Scarf in Olive Branch by FeltInspired
Royal Blue Cowl Neck Warmer by DayliteAndDark
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Unexpected Color Combinations

What I Wore Today featured a reader letter a while back about what to wear with a purple cardigan. Kasmira gave wonderful advice while my reaction was a bit more face-palm. I love color, so I constantly forget some people (like my mother-in-law) freeze up when it comes to color. They fear clashing. They fear it doesn't look right on them. They fear being too bright. Honeys, it's okay if people notice you. Wear that purple and red. You like it in a flowerbed, why not on your body? If you feel two colors clash, throw in a third to mediate. Yes, three colors in one outfit; they could be different colors or just different shades of what you have. And take some inspiration from the unusual combinations below. You too can match colors.

Lilac and burnt orange

Burnt Orange and Lilac by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Melissa shoes
Neon yellow and dark green

Taxi Cab Hunter by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring MAXX New York bags
Sky blue and mustard

Pale Blue and Mustard by Fashion Me Fabulous fea…

The Horror: New Adjective Please

Mean Girls was right about many things, but I don't want it to be right about Halloween. It may be a time when "girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it," but I'm not one of those girls. I don't want to be a sexy Indian princess, a sexy Spongebob babe, a sexy cowgirl, or a sexy anything else! I just want to play pretend for a night, and I'm neither out there enough nor repressed enough to feel that I need to put myself on display for my one costume party a year. Halloween can happen without miniskirts and thigh-high stockings. (Besides, October 31st is generally cold in Indiana.)

The whole phenomenon is so infuriating, I can't even put it into words. Let's alter course and just for kicks, look at the men's versions of these costumes: Native American, Spongebob, cowboy. They're downright Victorian when it comes to covering the body. Arg!

I don't remember Dan Aykroyd wearing this.

FMF Reader Poll: Color Combinations

I used to subscribe to the color equation of 1 color + 1 or more neutrals + accessories that are the same color as the first color = outfit. Purple shoes with a red dress? Never. Green dress with light blue tights? That's absurd. An outfit with three colors and no neutrals? As if! (That was a legitimate statement in the 90s when I was making these protests).

Now, I often have to be convinced to add a neutral to my outfits. I don't shy away from green and purple with a pop of yellow or red and orange with some baby blue mixed in. Occasionally this gets me dirty looks from people wearing black and denim at the grocery store, but I'm having fun so I don't really care. What are your favorite color combination? Since I couldn't list them all, tell us any other favorites in the comments.
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$150 Challenge: Sale Edition

When was the last time you browsed the sales rack? It's generally the first place I look in a store, but I've been too busy buying things for my house to really go shopping. In the spirit of bargain hunting, everything below, save the tights, is currently on sale. Full price, this look cost $240.99, but if you hurry you can get it for $140.45.

$150 Challenge: Sale Edition by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Old Navy
dress, Arden B $39.99 was $68
cable knit cardigan, Old Navy $29 was $36.50
neon yellow tights, We Love Colors $12.50
moccasin, Dillard's $14.99 was $49.99
fringe bag, Roxy $21 was $42
ring, Torrid $7.98 was $10
chandelier earrings, Kohls $6.99 was $14
nail polish, OPI "I'm Fondue of You" at $8 was $8.50

Etsy Shop of the Week: Rainbow Revolution

Shop: Rainbow Revolution

Why We Love It: In honor of color week, we bring you this Etsy whop that blends the rainbow into a lovely scarves, wraps and accessories made of a variety of natural fibers.

Price Range: $13-$165

More Info: Visit Rainbow Revolution's website, blog and twitter.

Favorite Items:Hemp Fabric Loop Scarf $25 (pictured); Hand Dyed Cotton Head Wrap $20; Vibrant Open Weave Cotton Wrap Scarf $15; Hand Dyed Light Cotton Wrap Scarf $25; Harlequinn Magic Hand Dyed Tissue Silk Scarf $35

Spot Store Review: Sock Dreams

When it became apparent that I would need arm warmers or fingerless gloves to survive the cold weather at work, I first headed to Etsy. They didn't really have what I needed -- washable, smooth warmers for an "I don't care if they get ruined" price. Then I remembered Sock Dreams. I frequently find myself lusting over the goodies on Sock Dreams, but hadn't broken down and purchased anything from them. Their Harajuku arm warmers were exactly what I wanted, so I bought three pairs in merlot, teal and emerald. Shipping was free and they were sent out that same day. It only took two days for them to get from Oregon to Indiana. They are very warm without being itchy. An excellent e-shopping experience overall.

13 Colorful Boots For Fall/Winter


Lola Vintage on Etsy

Shop:Lola Vintage on Etsy

What: Dresses, blouses, and a little in the way of other clothes

When: 1950s-1980s

How much: Very affordable with prices hovering around $20-$40

Learn more:

Favorites:satin peplum dress 80s $34; green slingbacks 60s $16; gold drape dress 80s $36; colorful bow dress 80s $24

Save or Splurge: One in Each Color

When I find pieces I love, I'm always inclined to buy on in each color. However, I don't want the temptation to wear the same things all the time. Usually I resist buying multiples of one item and end up regretting it.

Next time I find basic mary janes or a basic layering tee that I like, I'm splurging on all the colors. Same goes for the next pair of jeans that fits, the next cardigan sweater and the next pair of dress pants. Yes, it makes for a redundant wardrobe, but that's what statement pieces are for. When I find a truly fabulous item in my price range that fits, I think it's wise to buy each color. I've done this only a few times with my favorite cardigans, tights, camisoles and my favorite layering tees. I'm so glad I have two of each of these things. It makes my currently limited wardrobe go a lot further.

Plus, more color options can add more fun and interesting pairings to my outfits. I love adding a pop of color to a dress with a pair of purple ti…

Love or Loathe: Goth Glam

In junior high I went through a phase wherein I always wanted to wear black velvet or items covered in Victorian style lace. I was a little gothic princess and didn't even know it. No doubt middle school me would love this corseted, laced, ruffled gown from Bebe. I'd originally clicked on it because the look book image made it look like a sexy off-the-shoulder mini dress. Alas, it seems to be a mourning dress for the World War I bride. Seventh grade me covets it; adult me wants to gag. You? And if you love it, where would you wear it?

Editor's Pick of the Week: Unicorn Shoes

Jael Paris showed me these stunning Jeffrey Campbell unicorn shoes and now we are both coveting this mythological footwear. Not only the heel look like a unicorn's horn, but the shoes are suede with a lovely ruffle around the foot. They're a bit pricey at $114, but that's really not bad for such a unique shoe.

We only found the black suede in stock right now, but keep checking here to see if the gold, nude (my favorite) or black patent get restocked. This illusive creature is worth the hunt.

Update: Nordstrom has them in pewter and black leather.

15 Colorful Winter Coats

Every year we do a few posts about colorful things to wear in the fall and winter. This year we decided to put them all in one week -- ColorWeek2009. Today we'll show you some colorful winter coats, and later this week you can expect a rainbow of boots and outfits in lovely color combinations. In years past, I had to scrounge for colorful coats, but since summer colors are in for this season, I had a hard time paring down to 15!
Top: coral toggle coat, Anthropologie $178
plaid sweater coat, Betsey Johnson $450
blue quilted coat, Calvin Klein at Nordstrom $98.90
Middle: yellow band jacket, J. Crew $245
teal zipper coat, Top Shop $170
pink folklore detail coat, Plenty by Tracy Reese at Anthropologie $298
Bottom: navy trench with patent trim, Miss Sixty at Nordstrom $168
drop waist peacoat, Guess at Nordstrom $138
purple puffer, Soia & Kyo on Bluefly $129
Top: green coat, Fred Flare $112
maroon wool trench, VIA at Victoria's Secret $149
pale blue coat, J. Crew $298
Bottom: red ruffle neck…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Don't forget to enter our $25 T.J. Maxx gift card giveaway!

This Week In Shopping: Jael Paris rounds up fingerless and driving gloves and Emma Pillsbury-like cardigans. We've also found edgy jewelry on Etsy and a vintage shop with a bit of everything. Also, check out these lovely winter boots and a romantic Victorian outfit for under $150. Shop for your body type by looking back to eras when your body type was popular.

This Week in Your Opinion: We want to know what you think of this McQueen mistake, if you save or splurge on emergency shopping, what you'll be buying from Rodarte's upcoming Target line, what your dream boots would look like and which spider web-inspired item you love most. Was this episode of Project Runway better with all the judges back?

Body Image Through The Ages

Countless blogs and magazines write about how to dress for your body. Here's an idea, take dressing cues from a period when your body was the fashionable ideal. The following list of Western fashion is broken down by body part, like in Extreme Beauty. If an era isn't mentioned, then that body part was virtually ignored and unaltered in that time. Of course you can expect more in depth looks at these periods from me and my Polyvore magic.

Small breasts: Regency, 1930s, 1960s, 2000-present
Large breasts: Eighteenth century, Victorian, 1940s-1950s, 1990s
A flat chest: Late Renaissance, 1920s

Wasp waist: Eighteenth century, late Victorian, 1950s
Rounded belly: Late Tudor, Regency, early Victorian, 1960s (trust me)
Flat abs: 1990s-present

Large hips: Eighteenth century, Victorian (and derriere!), 1950s, present
No hips: 1920s, present (Yes, now has a confusing view of hips so embrace what you have.)

Project Design: Tangled Web

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Halloween is hauntingly close and October is a goulishly good time to stock up on macabre accessories for the rest of the year. I love the intricate design of spider webs. (I just hate that they signify a nearby spider. eek! eww! yuck! kill it! kill it!) These web items have the beauty of the web without even a fake spider close by. Which of these tangled webs would you weave into your wardrobe?

Brass Spiderweb Necklace by roundabout
Fishnet Thigh High Stockings by GlorybyJeannieLee
Triangle Shawl by sweetknitting
Spider Web Ring by BrighidsForge
Spider Web Fascinator by laurenandgrace
Spider Webs Headband by gfigueroa
Some Kind of Stranger Hood Scarf by iheartfink
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