This Week (And Last) On Fashion Me Fabulous

Project Runway: Two weeks ago the designers made clothes for Heidi's new line. This week they drew inspiration from NYC, and we got four finalists. Based on our Project Runway Finalist Poll, they weren't all who you expected. In other PR news, Tim Gunn has been speaking his mind--speak your mind by telling us what you think of this outspokenness.

Halloween: The spookiest of holidays is almost here. We have costume ideas aplenty (go as a bad unicorn!). We also have a round up of horrible sexy costumes. Project Design features some scary and not-so-scary spider jewelry. Check out our Etsy shop pics for fanciful head coverings from Janine Basil (Be a super hero!) and leather harnesses from Zana Bayne (Be a super villain).

Shopping: We've found military boots, leather bags under $100, green dresses, an edgy sweater from Kohl's and a go-to outfit that costs under $75. Also, check out our review of Urban Decay's eyeshadow transforming potion.

Milan Fashion Week:
Paris Fashion Week (So Far):


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