Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Elie Saab
What it made us think of: Hollywood in the Seventies
What we liked: The pretty dress and suits with lovely details.
What we didn't: There wasn't a whole lot new and challenging about the collection.
Who: Dries Van Noten
What it made us think of: Asian inspired art in a white, well-lit gallery.
What we liked: The loose boyish jackets, the relaxed pants, ombre, florals
What we didn't: Sometimes the florals got granny, some of the proportions would be hard to wear.
Who: Anne Valérie Hash
What it made us think of: Girly takes on your boyfriend's clothes
What we liked: Tops, jackets, ruffled and tattered skirts, the swept away look of some of the clothes.
What we didn't: Droopy crotches and stomach folds, overalls, jumpsuits
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Lindsey said…
I am loving that Olive green dress!!! Stunning and perfect color for fall!!

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