Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Emporio Armani
What it made us think of: Too many different things, but they were all fancy-ish, which seemed to be the theme.
What we liked: Sheer underskirts, shoes, jackets, classic purses, lux drawstring pants (they somehow work), necklaces, sheer floating ruffles
What we didn't: peek-a-boobs, bare midriffs, a lot of repetition so 79 looks probably weren't necessary, disjointed
Who: Giorgio Armani
What it made us think of: A mysterious traveling woman with dark, glamorous secrets
What we liked: darks for spring, necklaces, pants, ruffles, sheer, military, the lattice shoes
What we didn't: the really pointy shoes, the evening dresses--they didn't feel all that special
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