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Thursday, October 14, 2010

12 Leather Bags Under $100

The hunt for the perfect bag is a troublesome one. So many things must be considered--the strap, the material, the color, the number of pockets, the type of closure, the size, the way it looks on your arm, and the often devastating price tag. Purchasing a bag that you will actually love carrying everyday could be a lifelong pursuit. Here are 12 affordable leather bags to help you on the search.
Metallic Messenger Style Bag, Endless $94
Buckle Breifcase Style Bag, ASOS $84.25
Zipper Detail Bag, Topshop $70
Black Crossbody Bag, Fossil $98 (5 colors!)
Suede Zipper Crossbody Bag, DSW $59.95
Classic Crossbody Bag, Fossil $98 (7 colors!)

Navy Tassel Barrel Bag, ASOS $84.25
Python Stamped Brown Satchel, The Outnet $99
Metallic Buckle & Zipper Satchel, DSW $89.95
Glazed Buckle Flap Satchel, Macy's $85 (7 colors!)
Metallic Front Pocket Crossbody Bag, Macy's $78
Black Strap Bucket Bag, ASOS $85.94


Jill Marie said...

Hey! Love your blog - thrilled to have found it! Just thought I'd let you know about a small company called Aqua Madonna out of California. They make gorgeous handbags (well, she does -it's a one gal show!) Anyhow, check out her site - they are well priced too! (Her marketing budget is small, so I'm sure she'd love some coverage!)

becca said...

Jill Marie,

Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out.