$75 Challenge: Go-To Outfit

You wake up a half an hour late, and rush to the kitchen for coffee. What day is it? It's Wednesday. You're working late, you have a four hour meeting and you're going to have to go straight from work to dinner with the girls. You need something comfortable to endure the meeting, but you also need something cute for dinner. Best of all, you're way behind on laundry. It's going to be a long day so flats you can flip off in the meeting are in order. A simple gray dress will work for day and lots of simple sparkle will carry it to evening. Best of all, you can stock this go-to outfit for less than $75 at Forever 21.
Pictured: (clockwise from top left)
Cocktail Ring $3.80
Everyday Gray Dress $13.80
Three Strand Necklace $6.80
Blue Lace Print Tights $5.80
Bow Embellished Shoes $22.80
Mini Bow Bag $10.80
Total: $63.80


Laura said…
Great outfit and post! Every fashionably late fashionista needs a go-to outfit!!

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