Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Emilio Pucci
What it made us think of: Pucci, the seventies, Italy
What we liked: Pretty prints, knee-high peep toe boots (not practical, but cool-looking),
What we didn't: Peek-a-boo skin, low-cut lace up blouses/dresses, fringe, suede suits, crochet bathing suits
Who: Gucci
What it made us think of: Ways to reference the seventies without completely copying or being boring.
What we liked: Gold belts, color blocking, bright colors, jackets, johdpurs, body-con dresses
What we didn't: high waisted pants, a few random looks throughout
Who: Roberto Cavalli
What it made us think of: How easy it would be to get tangled in all that fringe
What we liked: He didn't do minimalism
What we didn't: The fringe, ack!, pants with lacing
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Anonymous said…
Such a perfect re-cap, thanks for sharing! Love the images you picked!

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