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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sexy Sexy

Last year, I complained about the disproportionate amount of stripper-esque "sexy" costumes available for women. Buzzfeed has already compiled a list of inappropriate sexy costumes, sexy cartoon characters being particularly disturbing. Jezebel's been on this one for a while and proposed an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach with costumes like sexy Antarctica, but comments are where the real action is with readers fessing up to dressing as a sexy platypus, sexy Chewbacca, and sexy founding fathers. Anyone for sexy Albert Einstein? Need more sexy ideas? Check out Nick's Costume Warehouse. (He's a bit of a potty mouth for those of you who sneak us in at work.)


Traci said...

My friend kept posting on her facebook how she hated the inappropriate sexy costume thing. So to make her laugh I came up with two that are perfect. Sexy Fetus and Sexy Mother Teresa. Can you picture it?

Kschenke said...

I'm going as Ramona Flowers... not a "sexy" Ramona Flowers, just the character of Ramona.

I did see a sexy Strawberry Shortcake costume a couple weeks ago.

Oh, and I saw a boob costume... a guy going as a giant boob. It was supposed to be a two person costume, which meant two guys going as one pair of boobs. Whoever can explain the appeal of that costume deserves a prize.

Slutty Costumes said...

I prefer creative costumes over slutty costumes. I can't believe the selection of slutty costumes they have out there!

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