Pick of the Week: Edgy Sweater

I have a hard time finding sweaters I like. I refuse to wear turtle necks, typical sweater-y prints and bulking cable knits so that really narrows things down. My sweater collection mostly consists of scoop and cowl neck sweaters in solid colors. Boring.

This Embellished Sweater by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's is the opposite of boring. The open back is unique for a sweater, chains are woven in to front, sleeves and back neckline. The three-quarter length sleeves will work great with my elbow length gloves. It's on sale for $45 from $60. (The website says it's machine washable, but the tag says dry clean. I'm not sure which it is, but I hope it's machine washable.)


Laura said…
Ohh I really like this!! It is such a beautiful, unique sweater. Thanks for sharing!

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