Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Versace
What it made us think of: When we build a safari-themed resort on Venus in 2130, the waitress and nurses will wear these clothes.
What we liked: This house of excess can give New York lessons on minimalism. Color!, fringe, subtle cut-outs, sleek hair
What we didn't: Stop the crop tops!
Who: Albino
What it made us think of: The tissue paper layer of a lovely gift.
What we liked: silver with coral and electric yellow, asymmetrical bow shoes,
What we didn't: Some of the proportions were questionable to bloating.Who: Fendi
What it made us think of: Sometimes the story is in the accessories, and sometimes the red leather powersuit is just too much to handle.
What we liked: The color palette, small but interesting details
What we didn't: The clothes.
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Anonymous said…
Love the bold color blocking at Fendi!

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