Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Prada
What it made us think of: Tropical rococo wallpaper.
What we liked: color, green!, the platforms heels, fingerwaves, the sunglasses, strappy shoes, stripes
What we didn't: Some of the tops were cut like scrubs. Either the models were carrying garish fur coats or garish fur bags. Monkeys and bananas?Who: Alberta Ferretti
What it made us think of: Anna Sui + running naked through a field.
What we liked: Summer dresses reminiscent of tablecloth lace, floral prints, sandals
What we didn't: An inch of fabric doesn't make hot shorts better than granny panties.Who: Francesco Scognamiglio
What it made us think of: This is what you wear when you work accounting at a brothel. I mean that as a complement (mostly).
What we liked: the white suit, delicate feminine blouses, big soft bows, the shoes, metallic belts, crazy sleeves, lace
What we didn't: Gaga, what hath you wrought? Must we wear sheer pants and granny panties? Ick.

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