This Year on FMF: Our Top Posts of 2012

It's year-in-review time. I love all the best, worst, top, bottom, funniest, weirdest lists that people come up with this time of year. Because it's fun to look back, I have collected some of our most viewed and commented posts of 2012.

We do a lot of shopping here at FMF, and you seem to have some favorites, the things you searched and view most were our posts for dresses to wear to work, cute Mary Jane shoes, spring dresses and winter coats. It seems work-wear is a top shopping problem because our most popular Pick of the Week was for this black professional skirt. And our post about how to wear pastel pants received a ton of traffic.

Our most popular $150 Challenge was this School Marm look based on a fall inspiration Jael created. Our top Etsy Shop of the Week was Twigs & Honey, a lovely accessory shop focused on bridal-wear.  While our "most watched" Project Design was the one in which I confessed that I watch too much TV.

Speaking of TV, our Project Runway posts were probably our most viewed section on the site. We covered parts of three seasons in 2012. Of the first All Stars season, you all loved seeing Mondo take his rightful spot in the winners circle. During season 10, the Rockettes challenge kicked up the most buzz. So far, this second season of All Stars has been trending androgyny.

It's not just our reviews of Project Runway that have been getting attention. Our top reviews of the year were for Revlon Colorburst lip gloss, Old Navy's sweetheart jeans, the Vidal Sassoon film and the AngloMania book.

Let's not forget our fashion show reviews. The most viewed fashion show coverage of the year was the Alexander McQueen FW12 show. However, you also love the horrifying side of fashion because our fashion week horrors topped The Horror section. The most popular Love or Loathe of 2012 has been a discussion of these sweater leggings.

Everyone loves looking and pretty things, this year you loved looking at some of the most memorable red carpet dresses as well as our makeup is awesome photo post. Our most popular beauty-related post was our call to keep calm and age gracefully.

We hope 2013 brings even more fun and fabulous fashion. What were your favorite posts of 2012? What are you hoping to seen in 2013?


Anonymous said…
I love this!

I know I've said it before, but I'm so impressed at how hard you two work on your fashion blog. So many fashion blogs consist of a handful of posts and then kind of disappear. I'm sure there are days when maybe you just don't feel like posting, but you do it anyway. Thank you, I enjoy it so much.
Jael Paris said…
Thank you, Nora. 3,413 posts and counting!
Appropriate a great way of Being Introduced to this topic This Year on FMF: Our Top Posts of 2012 material. It was great catching up is this? be grateful you gently for the conclusion,

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