Love or Loathe: Sweater Leggings

Target's display may have turned me against these leggings before they even had a chance. It looked like Cosby vomit. Sweaters and sweater skirts and sweater leggings all thrown together regardless of pattern or color. Won't someone think of the retinas?!

I suppose these would be cute under a black sweater dress. I can't really think of much else because I hate this pattern so much. It reminds me of sweaters my classmates wore in third grade. However, I'd gladly wear them under my jeans and be the toastiest kid on the sledding hill.

What say you?


Jennifer Wells said…
I suppose someone could make these work. But I would never look at them and covet.
becca said…
I have a friend who would make these look completely adorable. But I think she's the only person who could pull it off.

Otherwise, I can't wait for them to go on clearance because you're right--they'd be great under jeans on super cold days.

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