How to Wear Pastel Pants

Despite not having a problem matching bright colors and having spent all of high school wearing khaki, I get completely confused when I have to match a pale bottom with anything. I think this is because I associate pastel pants, powder blue in particular, with retirees. Since this spring is all about colorful pants, this is a particularly sticky wicket. But here are a few ideas that will pull pastels out of grandma's closet.

Whenever I'm not sure about something in my closet, my first response is to pair it with black. A casual tank or a structured moto jacket paired with oxford flats keeps things fresh.

Summer Pants

Tough Bird

Did you get pants in a shade you really, really love? Do you have similar shades in your closet? Try a  monochrome look with your new pastel pants. Remember our rule of three. When mixing shades of the same color, incorporate it at least three times to make it look intentional.

In The Pink


You know what your grandma never wears? Military influenced clothing. Throw some army green or combat boots in the mix.

Pastel Pants Enlist

Since pastels are pale (Captain Obvious saves the day!), add a bright. Maybe just a bright top or bright jewelry or you could go bright with everything save the pants. The closer to neon, the better.


Did you hear?!

The devil, the devil being not your grandma, is in the details. Think sky-high heels, funky sunnies (Although, maybe your grandma's funky. I don't know her.), odd ball jewelry, wild manicures and modern cuts. Just avoid cat sweaters or anything else too kitschy.

Hyper Color


Jennifer Wells said…
Bonus points for using the phrase "sticky wicket!"

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