Pick of the Week: Black Professional Skirt

Some how, I ended up owning zero plain black skirts. That's like not owning jeans or a white tee. (Does a tutu count? I have a black ruffled tutu.) The search for a black, wear-to-work skirt unearthed this beauty from AGB. It falls at the natural waist, a major plus for any woman who is tired of her middle showing when she lifts her arms. It has cute little rows of buttons on the front (squee!). The back has shapely seaming and pleats for movement. The price? Under $30 at Macy's. Happy dancing time! The skirt is available in sizes 4-16 and you can even get it in blue.


Jennifer Wells said…
Oh, gorgeous! It reminds me of something that you'd see at Trashy Diva. Goofy name, lovely clothes. Have you ever checked it out?

Jael Paris said…
I love Trashy Diva. Haven't been by in a while though.
black tutu said…
gorgeous! looks so pretty xx

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