$150 Challenge: School Marm

As I've been doing all month, I have taken the final look from Jael Paris' Fall Inspiration post and created a version that only costs $150. Jael creates her looks as a way to give you ideas for colors, shapes, styles and themes that would make great looks. Because these are inspiration posts and she doesn't expect you to go out and buy the exact pieces, she doesn't worry about how much the items cost. In case you do want to create a similar look, I've put together an affordable version. (Last week, I told you my tricks for finding budget items).

$2,000 Version:
School Marm

$158 Version:
Thanks to sales, this version features a cashmere cardigan (which is a bit more versatile than the sweater above) and modal socks. The shiny skirt looks demure with this outfit, but could be dressed up for parties and dates. The shoes are 64% off. The faux leather bag keeps costs low. The glasses are costume rather than real eyewear. The earrings are the same, but the whimsical tea ring had to be traded out for a more affordable, but still cute, bow ring. 
$150 Challenge: School Marm

Cashmere Argyle Cardigan, Kohl's, $56.28
Pleated Jacquard Skirt, Target, $27.98
Twist-lock Satchel, Forever 21, $27.80
Colorblock Bow Shoes, Famous Footwear, $19.99
Modal Knee Socks, Sierra Trading Post, $6.19
Cat Stud Earrings, Modcloth, $9.99
Rhinestone Bow Ring, Forever21, $3.80
Fashion Glasses, Target, $5.99

What do you think of this look for less?


Jennifer Wells said…
I want to go shopping tomorrow for knee socks!

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