Denim Review: Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans

A while back, I reviewed Gap curvy fit jeans. I've never had a better fitting jean, but they cost $80 and lasted less than 4 months before wearing through in various places. I started searching for cheaper alternatives in the curvy fit denim market.

Last year I picked up a pair of Old Navy's Sweetheart jeans for $15 on sale. They sit a little higher than I like so I nearly returned them, but my other jeans fell apart leaving me wear the only pair I had. After several months of wear, these jeans are holding up better than any pair I've owned since the $120 Silver Jeans I bought in high school. They wear so well I went back during a recent Old Navy sale and nabbed another pair for $19 (which came with coupons for three more pairs at the same price).

  • These jeans wear for months. They hold up to all sorts of activity.
  • My curves are too curvy for most "curvy" fit jeans, but these fit well.
  • They come in boot-cut and skinny.
  • They come in three washes in boot-cut and three colors in skinny.
  • Sizes 0 - 18 in petite, regular and tall are available in the store.
  • The "label" is embroidered so there's no scratchy tag, a surprisingly nice feature!
  • Even at the full price of $29.50, they are reasonable. Plus, they go on sale frequently.
  • These are really classic, basic jeans with out any crazy embellishments.
  • They only have a slight stretch so it doesn't feel like you're wearing spandex.
  • They are really soft.


  • The fit can be irregular and varies from wash to wash. I noticed even a slight fit difference among pairs of the same size and wash, but it was minor. I just tried a bunch of pairs on.
  • They have a tiny bit of distressing on all washes, but not too much.
  • The boot-cut doesn't come in a true dark wash, there is some fading on all the washes.
  • The skinny version doesn't fit as well as the boot-cut, and they gap more in the back.
  • The rise is higher than I'd like (I love a low-low rise) for a basic jean like this, but it's not mom-jean high so it's OK.

The pros greatly outweigh the cons. I'm even thinking about using my coupons to buy a pair in a light wash and experiment with dying them. What's to lose?

Has anyone else tried these jeans? Do you have a favorite jean recommendation?


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