This Week (And Last) On Fashion Me Fabulous

Lemon and Orange

Would You Wear: Tell us what you think of trendy hair chains, the horrifying state of shorts, and crop tops.

Back to School: Go back in on a budget with this week's $150 Challenge. Check out these great backpacks from Etsy. And get the back to school style even if you're beyond your formal education days with this Prep School Blazer.

Get Stylish: Learn how to wear yellow pants and find chic pony tail alternatives. Keep switching up your nail up with Pretty Nails polish remover. And lounge in style with cute PJs.

Summer Sale: We've rounded up sale clothes and shoes.

Auto Fashion: Grab a pair of Prada-inspired flame shoes or car-inspired jewelry from Hi Octane on Etsy.

Runway Report: Last week on Project Runway we suffered several drop outs, and this week we suffered yet another group challenge. Tell us what you think of each. 


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