Product Review: Pretty Nails Polish Remover

I love to do my nails, but taking off the polish is a chore. This is why I love Pretty Nails polish remover. Pretty Nails comes in a squaty tub filled with a sponge. The sponge is slit in the middle so you can dip your finger(s) and soak/sponge off the polish. There is also a little fuzzy sponge on a stick for cleaning up stubborn polish on the edges of your nails and removing toenail polish.  It works great, and doesn't require any messy cotton balls.

It's a bit pricier than regular polish remover, but the sponge lasts for quite a while so I dump out the used polish remover when it stops working well, rinse out the sponge and refill it with fresh polish remover. I can do this two or three times before I need to buy a new tub. The only trouble with this remover is that very dark polishes will stain the sponge, but it's mostly just a looks issue. The polish remover still works well.

I prefer the Non-Acetone version (pictured here), but it also comes in Regular (with acetone) and Lemon versions. You can buy it through Amazon for $3.49 a tub or at Rite-Aid or Meijer. (Other places may carry it, but those are the only stores where I've seen it).


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