Summer Sale: Shoes!

Earlier this week, Jael Paris posted summer sale items. As she said, we advocate stalking. I've scored many a bargain by visiting my favorite items again and again until I see a sale pop up. Sure, I've missed out on some purchases that way, but it frequently pays off. My favorite items to stalk are shoes. I have big feet. This means that bright colors and crazy styles are usually left in my size so I get an amazing deal. I recently stalked an $80 pair of silver oxfords until they reached $28. My entire summer shoe wardrobe for this year was purchased over the last two years on end of season clearance--mostly for under $30.
Summer Sale Shoes

Classic Red Sandals, ModCloth, $61.99 (from $87.99)
Navy & Orange Colorblock Heels, Zappos, $48.99 (from $69)
Yellow Strappy Bow Sandal, Endless, $35.98 (from $89.95)
Red Multi T-Strap Wedges, Naturalizer, $29.99 (from $75)
Champagne Flower Sandal, DSW, $39.94 (from $85)
Metallic Colorblock T-Straps, Naturalizer, $39.99 (from $99)
Metallic Slingback Pump, DSW, $44.94 (from $89)
Wooden Open Heel Wedge, DSW, $39.94 (from $79)


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